A cyborg in the Wasteland

Author: SpiraSpira
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What is A cyborg in the Wasteland

Read ‘A cyborg in the Wasteland’ Online for Free, written by the author SpiraSpira, This book is a Video Games Fanfic, covering WEAKTOSTRONG Fanfiction, DARK Fan Fiction, SURVIVAL Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: This is technically a crossover between the universe of Fallout and the niche tabletop game Eclipse Phase, which is desc...


This is technically a crossover between the universe of Fallout and the niche tabletop game Eclipse Phase, which is described as a world of 'transhuman horror.' The main character is a combination of the memories of a random isekai and the memories of a transhuman scientist from Eclipse Phase. I originally published/am publishing this on the site Sufficient Velocities, but decided to cross post here. However, you don't need to know anything about Eclipse Phase to enjoy this novel. I suppose you don't even need to know anything about Fallout, but that would help a lot more.

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A rare Fallout fanfic on webnovel that is well written and has an interesting premise. The author takes the lore and weaves it pretty well into the story they are telling. Love it and hope the author is able to complete it. Many thanks for using your talents in an area I enjoy so much.


I am, of course, going to rate my own story as 5 stars. If I didn't like it I wouldn't be writing it! But I definitely hope to see some other reviews by other people, feel free to tell me where I've gone wrong. If you hate it, I'd appreciate knowing what parts and if anything changed would change your mind! Thanks!


Just finished the 1st chapter I find this incredibly interesting. For most of the 1st chapter it did sound like 2 computers talking to themselves. My only criticism would be space out the word/paragraph density more So they'd be easier to read in the app.


An absolute gem of a novel. Clearly thought out story progression, the MC is well balanced and actually feels like a person instead of a pure wish fulfillment insert. The writing quality is among the best on this site and the release schedule is never fast enough with stories this good but I'll admit it is more than good enough if I take away my never-ending need for infinite chapters. I hope the author never drops this and I look forward to where they go from here!


One of the most well researched and written fallout fanfictions I have had the pleasure of reading you can tell the author put a lot of work into it.


Chapter 39 now and still an amazing story. A lot of medical and science shenanigans. Engineering, Yuri goodness, and fallout savagery. What else do you need?


I mean what can I say this is pretty good 👍.,its well written plot of a mc, from a high tech civilization later in the dystopian world of fallout. Mc follows the path of a scientist and a well design character design.Its worth a read.


Good story cant wait for more. ....................................,.,,.,,.,,,,,..,,.,...,.,........,......................................


Read all 99 chapters over the course of 3 days and loved it. I love skitterdoc and hope you come back to this story eventually. Thank you so much for writing such great stories!(BTW I'm sure a lot of your readers would donate to you if you had a link, I definitely would)


Honsetly a legit 5 star book, has enough details to Paint the picture while also going down rabit holes of science, its a fantastic take on the fallout universe and had to binge it all after i found it, would recomend to anyone who likes a smart mc, heck most the time i dont like female leads, its usually too much drama and emotional for me, like can appreciate a good romance but all romance aint for me, rambled a bit there but honestly just give this a read it a wonderfuly balanced books super fun to read!


I don’t really go out of my way to write reviews as the book and it’s first few chapters speak for it’s quality. However, the amount of attention this fic has gotten isn’t nearly enough for how good of a story this is. And if the author reads this if I may suggest: change the genre as even though this is a video game based fan fic that genre doesn’t have nearly as big as a readerbase. Anime and comic’s or movies have more people and most authors tend to use them even if their fic doesn’t fit the genre. Keep up the work!


Honestly very, very good. as of writing this it's already longer than most of the fallout fics I've seen started on Webnovel, and I hope the author has the inspiration to finish it. it builds up on the fallout world and lore in a lore friendly way, characters are well written for their roles and well written just in general. And the main character is lovely and perfectly -just- unhinged enough. 5/5.


I like the idea, and I always appreciate a well written book about fallout or anything interesting like this one .,.,.,.,., ,.,, . . . .,.,. .


this is one of those stories that you find yourself accidentally reading 20 chapters during break and having to explain why you are late. it's so easy to get lost in the scenario the author is providing


a good fallout fic, well written and with interesting characters, although the premise is very rushed and is not well understood but it is not very important for the story beyond explaining their skills and knowledge.


Its a great story, i definitely recommen reading. the ideas are original and well thought out as well as one of the best fall out fanfics I've read and i really hope the author continues to write the story and can not wait to see her finally become SpiderWitch 2.0, its also a great morally grey mc with sci-fi technology and ideals mixed with modern ones and by far my favourite fic currently


Very well written, it’s a shame by brain can’t comprehend half of it.


A very well written story with a lot of well written science lore that I have no idea what is actually science or not but reading it makes me feel like it plausible because it's written so well


on Chapter 19 now and it's a great story. The MC is genius and funny. An amazing fallout story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Very fun, always a fan of transhumanism stuff. looking forward to seeing more. I seriously dont understand why webnovel makes me write so much.


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