3 Chapter 3

It had been over a month since I died and was transmigrated to the world of Planetos. I was paranoid over the thought of a search party on the lookout for the four Ironborn I'd killed. For the first few days, I would spend hours on monitoring the coastline.

My nerves settled only after two weeks of being in constant paranoia.

I was adapting well to the harsh surroundings. With the axes I had looted and the added strength by leveling up, I was able to fell some trees and cut them up to make some crude wooden planks. I used the planks to make a tree house for myself. It wasn't the best, but, it served its purpose.

I was in the Riverlands and it rained quite a few times. Without my tree house, I would have gotten severely ill.

The four Ironborn were a boon for me as I hadn't been able to level up in the past month. Without their unintentional sacrifice, I would have been dead a long time ago.

Game of Thrones never really explored the wildlife of Westeros. The only thing I knew about the predators of the wild was that they could either be shadowcats or wolves, given the part of the world in which I had landed. And, I was being chased by the former.

I knew that I couldn't outrun the beast. It would have been foolish to even think that I could. I looked back and saw it getting closer. There was nothing I could do to successfully escape from it.

So, I did the only thing possible. I stopped and started running towards it.

The beast jumped towards me with it claws ready to rip me open. I fell on my knees and let my momentum carry me forward. I ignored the pain of the abrasive forest floor and took out 'Heartsbane' from my inventory.

Fast as a snake, I struck the shadowcat in the chest, letting the cut extend from the combined momentum of the two of us. I knew I had struck true from the blood gushing out of its wound. The shadowcat fell immediately. It was unable to move and it moaned in pain. Moments later, the beast breathed its last.

My heart was hammering against my chest as I finally looked at my kill.

[Shadowcat killed.

Exp gained: 12000

You have leveled up.

lvl: 36 ---> 37

Stat points: 165

SP: 4

You have learned the skill 'Quick strike'.

Quick strike: lvl 1

Attack your foe with a strike so fast that it's unavoidable and deal damage.

Stat: Dexterity

Energy: 4

You have learned the skill 'Expose weakness'.

Expose weakness: lvl 1

Get a keen sense of your foe and know the weak points in its body or in the guard.

Stat: Dexterity

Energy: 3

Name: Allan (Human)

Class: Assassin

Level: 37

Health: 120/120

Energy: 90/120

STR: 14

DEX: 17 (167)


VIT: 20

Unspent points: 165

ATK: 261

EVA: 260

SPD: 262

DMG: 273

PHY DEF: 259


Reflexes: 286

Willpower: 234

Fortitude: 243

Vigour: 239

Cunning: 298

Hand to hand: 127

Dagger skill: 315

Beginner Silat (43%)

Beginner HEMA (32%)

Intermediate survival (42%)

Intermediate hunting (32%)

Intermediate crafting (23%)

Intermediate cooking (3%)

Intermediate free running (8%)


Intermediate common tongue (65%)


Sneak attack: lvl 10

Hide: lvl 10

Pummel: lvl 4

Assassinate: lvl 8

Fast reflexes: lvl 2

Quick strike: lvl 1

Expose weakness: lvl 1]

I learned 'Fast reflexes' after a snake snuck upon me and I reacted quickly to behead it. Thank to my paranoia, I was hyper aware of my surroundings and was able to stay alive for the first month.

Fast reflexes hastened my perception and reaction time. It was similar to Max Payne's bullet time and so far, it had proven to be a very useful skill.

Immediately, I added two SP to 'Expose weakness' and the remaining two to 'Fast reflexes'.

I hadn't made much progress in Silat and HEMA as I had no sparring partners. I gained more strength after spending days cutting down trees. The free running was also a boon for me as it allowed me to hunt and run away very quickly.

With great difficulty, I dragged the corpse of the shadowcat with a rope tied around it and made my way to the nearby settlement. It was a workout on its own and by the time I reached the settlement, I gained two more points in strength.

The settlement was small consisting of barely seventy people living around a pond that was connected to a small tributary.

"Seven hells, Loren! How the fuck did ya manage to kill a sodding shadowcat?!" Asked the butcher. No way was I going to tell them my real name. I had been selling my game to him for some coins that I then used to buy some cheap clothes. Getting your clothes torn is incredibly easy when you live in a jungle.

Also, I had no soap to wash my underwear and there was no way I was going to wear dirty underwear for more than two or three days. That was already gross.

"I got lucky!"

"Of course ya got lucky, ya little scamp! Knights with spears can't kill a beast like that! Here, take this, Hildi baked a kidney pie for ya."

"Thank her for me!"

I got the pie and a few silver stags before I made my way to the tavern. Even though it was a secluded settlement, some travellers would come from time to time and they would become my source of gossip and information.

Aerys was still the king and had been recently imprisoned by Denys Darklyn. It had created an uproar in Westeros. Denys had played well given the rift between Aerys and Tywin and fooled the king into going to Duskendale by himself along with a small entourage.

Aerys payed dearly for his foolishness.

I had five years before Robert's rebellion would begin. Over the past month, I had learned that in order to level up, I would have to defeat or kill people and other animals.

'I'll have to go out of my way to look for bandits and what not. I'll be fifteen when the war starts and I have to make sure that I'll be fighting for either side to farm experience points.'

No matter where I lived, I wouldn't live a happy life without being strong enough to defend myself. I had to get strong.

And thus, my decision was made.

For the next month, I rigorously trained against the makeshift training dummy I had built and hunted in the wild. From deers to wolves and even snakes, nothing was spared by my merciless dagger. I cooked a lot of meat for my journey and collected a lot of wild berries that were nutritious and safe for me to consume.

Also, I extracted the poison of the snakes I'd hunted, found Strychnos nux-vomica seeds, ricinus seeds, death caps, amanitas and curare plants. I couldn't think of any ways to use them, but, it never hurt to be prepared.

'Hail the god of paranoia, Bruce Wayne.'

With 'Hide' active, I stalked a boar until I was close enough to land a decisive attack on it. With an axe in my hands, I swung hard and jammed the axe through the beast's spine, severing its body to the middle.

[You have leveled up

lvl: 39 ---> 40

Stat points: 180

SP: 3

You have reached the first milestone of your journey to be the strongest.

Reward: Select two abilities of your choice.

Intermediate mining

Intermediate healing

Intermediate fishing

Intermediate farming

Intermediate tailoring

Intermediate smithing]

'... What bullshit is this?! That's not a reward!! Is this a prank?! Oi! Stupid system!! Give me something useful, you shit!!'

There was no response from the system.

I could only sigh and accept my fate. In the end, I chose mining and smithing for the new abilities and I could immediately see the effects.

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[You have gained:

Iron pickaxe x 2

Iron hammer x 2

Whetstone x 5]

Looking at the rocks around me, I could 'see' the trace amounts of rare elements mixed with silica and calcium. There was some iron ore in majority of the rocks in the jungle.

'Intermediate mining, huh? Aren't you a sweet skill.'

I wasn't going to mine for the ore any time soon. But, it was a good alternative to felling trees to gain strength in my arms and my back.

'It's time to leave this place. Watch out, bandits, here I come.'


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