408 CH. 420: Ddraig vs Great Red

420 Let's gooooo.


In the endless flow of the Dimensional Gap lived a bad red dragon with a horn. The dragon had stolen the home of its peer, the black dragon. The dragon was wild and noisy, and never let the black dragon sleep in peace. Ophis described her situation to Ddraig in a childish, very fairytale-like way.

"You should beat her yourself and claim your lair." Ddraig being Ddraig, failed to empathize with Ophis.

She never restrained her thoughts. Great Red or Dragon God of Infinite didn't make her cower, more so when she was already a soul.

"Stupid," Ophis muttered under her breath.

Asahi chuckled at their exchange. The dragons' fight didn't continue as another one of their kind emerged.

"Back to play?" Great Red said playfully. "You're here to beat the bad old me? Wait… who are you?" Great Red narrowed her eyes on Asahi. "Ophis' friend… your aura is vastly different. Did you get your hands on some ancient potion or what?"

"Nope, a secluded god trained me."

"That's great," Great Red said with a chuckle.

Ophis pointed at Great Red. "Your reign ends today."

The dramatic declaration startled Great Red for a moment. She responded with a light chuckle, "Forgot the beating I gave you last time?"

Ophis stared emotionlessly at Great Red's bullish behavior. "I have Asahi…"

She created serpents that boosted powers and hurled them in Asahi's way. "Take."

Asahi shook his head. "Never." He turned to Great Red. "Fight me."


An instant denial. Great Red snickered as she narrowed her eyes. "Why should I fight you? You and I have no grudge. You don't belong to the dragon race, which gives me all the more reason to not show my dominance." She casually went back on the promise she made last time.

"And here I thought Great Red was the mightiest of them all." Asahi shook his head in disappointment. "You have less courage than my friend Ddraig."

"Yes," Ddraig said as she materialized in her complete form. Even then she was less than half of the hundred meters Great Red. Ddraig turned to Asahi. "Mind if I fight her first?"

Asahi shrugged. "Go ahead."

Ddraig's soul was linked to him. She wouldn't face any danger unless he died. She could rampage without any care in the world.

Ddraig stretched her wings, feeling free like a bird. "O spineless dragon god, I challenge you to a duel."

Great Red's golden eyes glowed. "Can't rest even in death. Stubborn like my little friend over there."

"I can't fight strong people if I die." Ddraig flashed her fangs with a grin and darted toward Great Red.

Ddraig's claws imbued with the Penetrate trait drew a vertical line in the air. Great Red's body turned ethereal, rendering Ddraig's attack useless.

"Your trait is inferior," Great Red said with a mocking laugh. "You cannot hit what isn't real."

Ophis teleported to Ddraig's back and patted her scales. She knew better than anyone how annoying Great Red's illusory state was. Nothing could hit Great Red in this form.

"Enough fooling around."

Great Red decided to get serious. A white aura enveloped her massive pair of wings. Her trait 'Dreamless Epiphany' created a translucent domain around Ddraig.

Ddraig's jaw opened with a soundless cry. Her sense of reason crumbled under the oppression of a Dragon God. Primal fear pervaded her entire being.

Asahi narrowed his eyes on Great Red's skill. The domain was more than a simple projection of aura as it had a similar signature to Klyscha's residence.

Ophis released snakes that latched on the boundaries of Great Red's domain.

"Damned aura," Ddraig cursed.

Great Red laughed like a maniac. "Let's fight without aura then."

Great Red was a flesh and blood dragon more than capable of overpowering Ddraig. She threw herself at Ddraig. As the two behemoths clashed, Asahi pulled Ophis away from the chaos.

Ddraig's fangs failed to harm Great Red's flesh. Contrarily, Great Red effortlessly sank her teeth into Ddraig's neck and took a massive chunk of flesh. Blood sprayed from Ddraig's newly manifested body.

Slowly and viciously, the dragons battled. Ddraig was on the losing end as she couldn't get past Great Red's tough scales. Great Red wasn't using any abilities, so Ddraig also refrained from using the penetrate trait. That turned out to be a mistake, however. Great Red tore Ddraig's wings before squeezing her throat with massive claws.

As Great Red went to pull Ddraig's head, Asahi teleported Ddraig to his side.

"That's enough," Asahi said, unwilling to watch Ddraig getting maimed before her eyes. He lightly slapped Ddraig's face, making her groan in agony.

Asahi deadpanned. "Stop acting, you damn masochist. You can repair your body any time."

Ddraig chuckled and healed her injuries with a thought. The Soul Manifestation allowed her to literally come to life as long as her soul was intact.

Great Red stretched her wings and closed her eyes. "Fighting is less fun than swimming in the Dimensional Gap."

She didn't need to hurt anyone to have fun in the Dimensional Gap.

"You three are a unique bunch," Asahi said, shaking his head.

One was crazy for fights, one yearned for peace, and the last one just wanted to glide endlessly.

"Dragons have always been one of a kind," Great Red replied. "And, don't challenge me. I don't want to fight you, little one."

Great Red read his mind like a book.

Asahi frowned. "Why?"

"You're far stronger than Ddraig, and your skills are uncommon. Defeating you will consume a lot of time. I am busy...and lazy."


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