389 CH. 400: Tyrant

400th chapter wooooah. That's way more than I had ever imagined. Thank to everyone who stick with this cliched story for so long :)


Asahi frowned, finding a familiar black-haired devil approaching while casually breaking the sound barrier.

"Serafall won't let you harm Ajuka!" Serafall Sitri flew between Saeko and Ajuka. She glared at Asahi with her big black eyes. "You, fight me if you want the Underworld."

She had heard Asahi's declaration from her mansion in the Sitri estate. she remained strong in the face of his tyrannical aura that threatened to burn everything down.

Asahi never expected to meet the future magical girl Serafall Leviathan in this way. Well, he already burned the bridge with Sirzechs's death.

Shiori grinned. "Thou darest doubt mine emperor's authority. My blade shall strike you down in one strike."

Saya cringed, burying her face in Asahi's back. "Save me, Asahi… Shiori has gone insane. Chuuni, so chuuni."

Saya didn't read the heavy mood, or she focused on her family alone. The devils of the Underworld were no more valuable than ants in her eyes.

Asahi was glad that his flames didn't harm Saya. She had Phenex as her Diva, so his flames were nothing but warmth to her.

"Way to ruin the mood, Saya," he muttered and concealed Saya in the cover of his giant wings. With a loud cough, he regained his dignified aura. "Serafall Sitri, the Underworld has only suffered under the Devil Kings' rule. They put your race on the brink of extinction. Grayfia doesn't want to see devils perishing like this. She wants peace most of all. So—I'll crush everything that stops the Underworld from returning to its peaceful state."

He was more than happy to be the villain if it meant granting Grayfia's wish.

Serafall gritted her teeth, finding Asahi's resonating with her own. She wanted to see her race thrive in peace rather than dying in superficial wars.

"Why did you kill Sirzechs?"

Asahi crossed his arms on his chest. "He attacked me first with killing intent. It's only fair that I return the favor. You can ask Rizevim here… wait, he is dead."

He killed the only witness.

"I can attest to My Lord," Grayfia said, stepping forward. "Sirzechs Gremory had feelings for me. He attacked My Lord in jealousy…"

"He is your husband…" Serafall frowned. "You could be lying to prove his innocence."

Asahi's hand swelled into a massive claw. He pulled the Devil Kings, including the now dressed Leviathan, with his telekinesis and crushed them in his fiery claw.

Serafall was overwhelmed to see the rulers of the Underworld die just like that. She, Sirzechs, and Ajuka planned for this result for so long. Yet, the man before her effortlessly achieved it with a wave of his hand.

Lilith sweated bullets, feeling lucky to be on Asahi's side instead of the now-dead arrogant devils.

With a smile, Asahi eyed the Sitri's heir. "You think I need to lie, Serafall Sitri?"

The role of tyrant came naturally to him. It was just teasing and bullying people, just on a different level.

Serafall shook her head. Even if she was strong, she was in no way capable of fighting four Devil Kings, much less wiping them out in one moment. And with powerful women no weaker than a Devil King, Asahi was a force that could beat down Heaven and Biblical God.

'Where did he come from?'

"Do you still wish to fight me?" Asahi asked. "Your friend over there will die if you choose to fight."

Asahi didn't hate Ajuka. Rather, Ajuka's unique ideas would help the Underworld become better. If Serafall chose to fight, he was going to crush them. If not, he was going to manipulate Ajuka's memories.

Serafall lowered her head a bit. "I don't…"

Serafall's submission meant the end of the world for the devils.

They were hopeless with no one to fight for their rights. They were at the mercy of the faction their ancestors wished to dominate.

Grayfia sighed, feeling a tad emotional. "My Lord… no, My Emperor."

Asahi couldn't help but sigh. "I'll have to get used to another title. What do you have to say, My Empress?"

Grayfia blushed a bit. "It's so… weird."

Asahi's cheeks loosened at the sight of her blush.

Shiori leaned into Saeko's ear. "Look at these people shamelessly roleplaying in public."

Shiori's whisper was meant for Saeko, but everybody in Asahi's family had supernatural senses.

Grayfia, especially, couldn't keep a calm face. Enduring the embarrassment, she glared at Shiori. "Stop it, Shiori."

"Don't we always roleplay though?" Shiori pushed the maid even further. "Did you forget the sensei one?"

Asahi coughed. "Ahem, let's keep that talk to our bedroom."

He looked at Lilith, who was somehow keeping a straight face amidst his family talk. "Lilith, send an invitation to all the leaders of 72 Pillars and Extra Demons. Let's have a test of allegiance."

Not all the pillars were present here. The Gremory Clan, or whatever was left of them, won't stay silent since he killed their heir. Some of the pillars will also find it beneath them to serve someone from the Heaven faction. The war will not be over until the resistances were weeded out.

Lilith bowed her head. "Yes… My Emperor."

She was once the Queen of the Underworld, now she could only listen to someone else's order. Her husband had sparked the war. Without his intervention, she wouldn't be serving to someone's whims.

'I'm done here…'

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