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This novel is trash like its stupid MC. If you don’t want to let your brain cell die then dont read this. I gave 5 star because author delete low star actual review of the novel.


First of all, do ignore all the comments while reading. It's funny how people are okay with even worst plot holes in your standard xianxia but are complaining about it in a Original. He's a 15 year old sheltered kid. And you all bloody expect him to be some sort of strategic genius? He is basically sentenced to death and is somehow managing to etch out his livelihood. What are you even expecting? You expect him to live in forest and like all Xianxia MC earn multiple level ups? He's 15 years old. It's that age when you were not even out of school. He should have stayed in the forest as he was ready to do so as a guardian? He was indoctrinated to believe that they are protectors. He himself claimed that he didn't knew that even demons had hierarchy. He realised that he was unprepared. Above all, earlier he was ready to give his life because of his wish to protect humanity. Why should he do so when he himself has been betrayed? And would he really be able to cultivate properly in a forest? Use some common sense. And everyone asking about his hate for humanity? It might have been exaggeration or something planned for the future. Why are you expecting something that was mentioned in the summary to happen with first few chapters? And then you complain that his hate was too sudden. Now author is trying for a slow build, and you idiots are questioning it every single chapter. The Synopsis is supposed to be for the whole story and not just the prologue as many people here seem to think. If you have problems, tell the author about it, instead of complaining and whining every chapter : What do you think went wrong, what could be corrected, what did you expect. And once again he is a kid, not a superman hunter. He is doing what he could. And yes, his plans for revenge seems half-hearted, but what does he even has to lose? People believe him dead or want him dead, basically a carte blanche to kill him. He can't just go back to the academy, and live there. Of course he will plan for revenge! Anyway, I am barely 20 chapters in but all the mindless idiots were annoying me with half though comments every chapter. And if you all have so many problems, fucking write your own story, instead of complaining of what YOU want. It's his story.If he wants he can make the MC a girl and kill him be dropping the moon on him. You can't do ANYTHING. It's his property. So stop acting like it's his previlage to wrote for you. So signing off And sorry for the rant. Will give a proper review after 100-150 chapters in. And don't mind the idiots. Just write what you want. But do read the comments for ideas or two. Some people honestly want to help you and criticise for a reason. Others just want a reason to complain.


Dropping this to make it the 10th review! I actually have no idea what to write here since I think whatever I write is going to be subject to author's bias, making it not too believable. But if there are any obvious mistakes that I made, feel free to reply here as well since there are no alerts for comments in chapters. Hopefully you guys enjoy the story!


I’m looking forward to how you make formations relevant to our mc cultivation journey. A interesting way formations was utilized in a novel I’ve read in the past was that instead of having to be set before a conflict to have effect the mc could set one up in seconds as his skill peaked. Also Ik mc usually master multipleskills like pill crafting and weapons forging but I believe it would be refreshing to see our mc specialized in formations only and it would be more realistic.


the plot is very good for now and the characters are very well described and original (like Xihuang Yuanfeng). I hope this novel can reach the heights of Martial World that I consider the top. Congratulations to the translator


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This is not a cleverly written novel. For people who read several Cultivation novels, this is will be unbearable to read, as the Mc is not smart, unnecessarily stubborn and always intivites calamities(problems) upon himself. This novel is also slow paced. So, Mc's actions are even more irritating with this pace. Those people who just started reading Chinese Cultivation novels, they might find this novel likable as it has proper progression of story.


I voted everything 5 star except for stability of updates. The whole storyline itself is amazing for me and I don't get how others see otherwise. The MC isn't stupid like others said. I loved this novel so much that I even unlocked the entire book! The only bad thing is the inconsistency of the release of chapters. Sometimes the author gets 2 chaps done in a day and sometimes I had to wait 5 days for one chap. Hope that you would fix that but other than that the story has been amazing so far keep up the good work author! :)


I would like to start off by saying that I have no clue as to what Giant plot holes these people are talking about. At this point I have read over 250+ chapters of this LN. It is a fun and well written LN. The side adventures don't seem like side adventures and feel more like they are a part of the whole story and progress the story forwards. All and all it is a great Original work!


I’m gonna do this without spoilers so sorry if I don’t put in enough detail. Honestly I love this novel so much. I like the mc and in my opinion the female main character is done very well and I actually like her. Plus she’s also useful unlike some other female characters... *cough* *cough* *Sakura* anyways if I had to gripe about one thing it would be the update pace but honestly even then I’ve seen much worse. We get a chapter once every 2 or 3 days which isn’t bad. Overall you should give this novel a chance as overall I think it’s a good read.


I am very happy with the fact that our mc talents lye in formations instead of pills or weapon forging. I believe those have already been done and overused by other authors so this is a great divergence from the norm. Thanks for the hard work so far keep it up.


Great story....I read way to much so I know when a story is good or not and this one is great. I don't really have much to say but keep up the great work.


Nicely written. Interesting to read. Even though there are some hard to digest story turns, generally it is great. Hopefully it will get even Better in the future.


This is a well written, if slightly plain story so far. I like it. It's a nice casual read. This is a well written, if slightly plain story so far. I like it. It's a nice casual read. This is a well written, if slightly plain story so far. I like it. It's a nice casual read.


I am really enjoying this story I wish it had quicker updates but the story is highly enjoyable I'm ready for the mc to start gathering more slaughter essence and **** the humans and demons up so plz faster and more!!!


the story is better than most of the top 20 novels here the MC is smart and thinks before doing anything different from most novel MC's if the updates were faster it would be in the top 10


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Overall this is still considered a good novel. The storyline might be different than standard novels but still worthwhile reading in my point of view. The starting chapters may seem boring. The MC is young and inexperience. Even though he is righteous to protect the human species but sadly he was betrayed. He was taken in as a disciple of a Demon Master and to further temper his skills, the Master encourage him to visit the Demon cities thus beginning his adventure