9th Master's Little Darling is Trolling Again! Book

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9th Master's Little Darling is Trolling Again!

Listening to the Cold Rain

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After her rebirth, Qin Yiyi became the daughter of the Qin Family once again. It's just that her parents didn't love her. It's alright. I've always relied on myself. What? She had no education, no ability, no brain, and was not as smart and clever as Second Miss Qin? Qin Yiyi chuckled and turned to leave. Over the past year, she had gotten sick of being a top student at the piano and accidentally became an ancient cultural endorser while also somehow receiving a doctorate and accepted a professor as her disciple… A top-ranked medical professional said, "What, Master Qin isn't here? Sorry, we're leaving too." Ancient martial arts family had this to say, "Qin Yiyi is my little grandaunt. If you bully her, you're going against the ancient martial world!" 9th master chuckled. As he looked around, his thin lips curled up slightly. "Everyone, do you think I'm dead?"


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