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Hah...a good novel dropped because of popularity problems. What a shame. So many good gems have fallen.


Wtf? Why are so many people reading trashy r**e novels when they can’t give this a chance. Ughhh this novel is so much better than Hidden Marriage it makes me sad. Thank you so much for translating thus far...


Oh no no no! So this is the final chapter I get to read here?! This shouldn't be happening... It's such a hidden gem! My true love ever since I started reading this... This should actually be in the top ten list yet it lacked popularity? How can that be? What are people out there? Deaf and dumb? I just took a break and it's already over? What do I do now?!💔😭 Is there any way to get it back on road? Plz let me knw...


I was taking a rest from reading this novel because of cliffhanger and stock piling chapters but then I come back finish reading all the updated chapters but it was dropped still THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING...


Thank you so much for all the hard work. Ever since I've picked this up in November 2017 it has always been one of my favorite novel here and have always recommended this to anyone I come across with. It's sad that the translation will stop but I still hope that someone would pick this up. Please readers show this story some love. It really deserves it.


Aww,will there be someone willing to pick this series up?.tis is my fav novel here and it a waste to see it dropped permanently.


Guys please check out PLAGUE DOCTOR in trial read if you like this novel and my house of horrors then chances are pretty high that you will like it..... Please give it a chance..... Horror fans..


OH GOODNESSSS!!!! THIS IS MY TOP FAVORITE among the thousands book out there. The quality, the characters, the plots, everything is here damn good. Sadddddd..it doesn't receive the fame it deserves. But I still believe this one would shock the world soon. Damn this is my favorite 😭😭 if I am just rich I will donate a whole bank for this.. Huhuuhuhu..THIS IS THE BOOK THAT I CAN READ FOR THE THIRD TIME FROM TOP TO BOTTOM WITHOUT STOPPING. Goodnesssss. I can't let you go, Mtl will mess my brain sighhhhh 😢😢


This is one of the best novel I have ever come across.........it is way better than those ****ty novels where female lead have to wait for the male lead in order to be rescued........ really people have to give this novel a chance ...it is really worth it ......at the end of every chapter it makes us feel like we are hanging from a Cliff......I love it🤧🤧


wait, did i somewhere miss the announcement that the tl is dropping this?


Thank you for all the chapters up to now :)


The tea leaves are just adorable 😍💕


Whatt?! I was wondering why it doesn’t update some chapters anymore until I realized I haven’t read the comment section and ☹️. This is one of my fav novels because in this app, the horror/thriller genre novels is still lacking and many of them got dropped by the translator, like Dreadful Radio Game and now this novel😫. Anyway thank you for the beautiful translation. I know Chinese language is so freaking hard to learn. But aishh😔


Thank you all so much for all of your hard work! I know it hasn't been easy to translate this novel considering the complexity and sheer amount of left-field items being introduced every single chapter. And new characters that need to be Latin-ized. I'm sorry this novel fell victim to the axe. Truly, thank you for this novel.


The thing is, after webnovel dropped the amount of free chapters you could read by doing daily tasks, a lot of people had to prioritize. Myself, too. I wanted to catch up with another novel first before I could spend all my daily passes on this one... but it seems I was too late. This novel was actually the reason I was introduced to webnovel so I'm not quite sure what to do now...


Thank you for the good work! We appreciate it ❤


I'm just back here to express how much I love this, and also apparently someone picked this up and is translating it for fun. Currently have chapter 856-859


No new chapters still! 💔💔💔💔 But I'm still voting 2 of my daily allotted quota. 😖😖😖 This must be true love.😩😩😩


Guess i have to find another machine translated again T_T. Why does it feel that this sight is just trying to get rid of all the horror themed novel both the good and the bad... so hard to find them nowadays


This makes me so sad. This is one of my favorite novels 😭


For anyone who is checking back now, the story is being continued somewhere else. Search this novel on Novel Updates for the links.