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i gotta say, the story is dragging way too much lately. the last like 50 chapters or so have just been POV switch after POV switch after POV switch, jumping back and forth between characters, dates, places, times, etc. its drastically affecting my enjoyment of this novel. i was really enjoying it up until this Dark Gathering and Dungeon Raid started, then it really stared to nose dive. you said we were getting to the climax of this arc how many chapters ago? like 20 or something? it shouldn't take that long from when you said it. if this is how the novel is gonna be from now on, im probably just gonna drop it soon, which sucks because i actually really enjoyed it, which is rare these days. i think you need to find a balance between character development and story progression because you seem to just get lost in excessive chapters on side characters that don't need to exist, could be cut down, or just done at a later time. i was originally hyped for the Dark Gathering but now its been so long that my hype is gone and now i really just don't even care anymore. thats not a good way to write a story.


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Dude, I thought it was the replica that was enjoying a good time with Alicia in the room