Comments of chapter undefined of The Transmigration of Aizen Sōsuke

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Interesting, I can't say anything yet due to only having 3 chapters. More chapters pls.

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gracias por el capitulo

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Alright, first off, thank god for an aizen story where he doesn't behave like a chinese mc.Here us a suggestion to improve the writing, imo the current flow is kind of fast, for example before the paragraph about him starting to manipulate the people, it ia best to have a monologue and explain his thoughts, and then proceed with that. This should be done often as aizen is efficient at what he does and the story feels too fast. By explaining his thoughts, you help the reader understand what his temporary goal is, and as mentioned, slows the pacing a bit. Also, word count.I have some expectations for this, i will add to library and come back when there are more chapters, good luck