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I would really like it if Rosetta and Eve become really best of the best friends. I really adore the cute and powerful bond between sisters, brother-sister or between friends........ Rosetta + Eve = Power Package or Power friends( it might sound little gibberish, hehe) as in Power Couple. I really love it when there is trust and loyalty is shown between characters. Hoping that Rosetta doesn't have any Ulterior motives (now or any in the future) So that we can see a journey of a very strong friendship between the two.


I wonder how genuine Rosetta’s friendship offer is? 🤔 She appears really naive and sheltered. If I remember correctly, she’s an introvert who enjoys staying in her room. She doesn’t really wanna get married yet anyway. It wouldn’t be so bad if Eve and her develop a good friendship. Eve will need some allies in the future, too! 😉 Although it’ll definitely be frowned upon by the vampire society.


Well that escalated quickly. 🥴 They can be friends but smg fishy about Rosetta... There is smg about her character that I can't point what it is.. Eve, make sure if you meet Rosetta again. Stay low with her, because she seems too eager to be acquainted with you not because you're nice or as a governess, but special of who you are. (Mermaid)


I feel like rosetta is that one person that doesn’t like the society shes in because she knows what kind of people they are from the inside. Also the way shes introverted and not the type that likes marriage and such, I think she would be a good friend that can teach eve about how dangerous these people in that society are, and maybe MAYBE she is an ‘accepting’ kind of person that will develop a good friendship and keep eve safe Remember I said MAYBE, I’m not so sure yet of course but thats what I can think of


Rosetta seems to be on a kinder side, just that dhe was brought up in such a way where she was taught to look down on people with lower status. Though she has a bratty temper she seems good from deep within. I hope that they will become good friends.


Rosetta gives me the "only child" vibe. Never having a true friend however desire for one. At the same time, she may be quite the opposite. Time will tell.


What an awful day for Eve to be have two rich vampiress hovering around her and trying to be nice to her …


OK... I don't know what to think. Rosetta is definitely a brat, but deep down you see that she suffer the condition to be a noble woman. I mean, you lack of all kind of affection, you have to be only with "your kind", and when you reach "maturity" your own parents sell you like wagyu in auction house. I think she looks for a bit of freedom with this "friendship". That's sad 😓


i hope Rosetta is a good person. there're enough bishes around Eve already😮‍💨


what a troublesome friend did eve get here I hope they will be alright in the future ooooohhhhhhhnnnnnooooooooo


Lady Brat is desperate, lol. Bless her heart…


Eve has had quite the experience with people in Skellington Town: sweet Allie, odd VIncent, weird and stuck up rest of the Moriarty family, dangerous brother (whatever his name was), the dad that needed slapping and his miserable wife, Mr. Morris…. And now Rosetta… I’d sigh when I got home as well after all that!


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Awe! I feel like Rosetta is a lonely girl who is treated harshly by the majority of her family! The fact that Eve was only the 2nd person who had been kind to her, she feels she can be friends with her and she does not care about living place or status! The problem here is everyone else does! 😬 Now, I am not so sure if I completely trust Rosetta! I guess I have my reservations as does Eve! She seems like the type who would change her mind at the drop of a dime! Continue to stay weary Eve! You are definitely right not to trust any vampires except Vincent and Allie! 😉 Now just to watch and see if Rosetta is being sincere or she has something up her sleeve? Is she really naïve or is she cunning? Time will tell! 😏 Thanks Ash! Loved this update today! ❤️Hope it is a budding friendship and not a conniving betrayal!


Ok ok, Rosetta is still on the up and up… still snooty but that’ s expected because of how she ’s brought up. Eve you sure got your hands full. Vincent I expect you to do your job and look after her, you’ ve caused her many enemies Sir. Forcing her into your world.


Rosetta is definitely bratty but I see a lonely girl who is in need of good companion and friendship. But Eve should be weary of this friendship considering the fact that Rosetta maybe interested in Vincent when she will find out that all he said to her was actually lies about his family. She is ready smitten by his handsome looks . And I wonder what she will pull off to get his attention when Vincent will focus on Eve.


I really want Rosetta to be that fun quirky friend who is part of high society but doesn't really believe in it all and stretches the boundaries. Eve needs a good friend!


I am hoping that they can be friends. But knowing how bratty she can be, Eve needs to be extra careful. I wonder what her reaction is when she finds out about where Eve is working? How I wish our dear author San will create a girl friend for Eve. Just like Julie and Melanie.... ☺️


Eve you need to be careful


Poor eve Ross want her to be friends to her it would put eve in more troble