100 days with the Grimm Reaper

Author: Adira_Hikari
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  • 42 Chs
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What is 100 days with the Grimm Reaper

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"Hello there, Mary. I am here to collect your soul." Annemarie Ortega appreciates the quiet life. As a waitress in a small town, she rarely keep out of her comfort zone. Not until she attempt suicide and survives only to meet a strange man named Heath. He claims he is a grim reaper and tells her that he has come to claim her soul in 100 days. Mary remains skeptical until Heath is able to prove to her that he is the real deal. When that happened, Mary realises that her life would never remain as it was. Her peace of mind and innocent life becomes shattered as she crosses her threshold, burning her metaphorical bridges as there was no turning back. Disoriented, Mary begins to navigate to goal, facing unfamiliar challenges and new rules while adapting to her new life especially the fact that cancer was going to kill her in less than 100 days. An unfortunate scenario occurs and Mary finds herself tangled up in a world of deadly conspiracies and a thousand years of supernatural intrigue. Will she be able to change her fate? Will she be able to survive 100 days? Mary addresses her flaws and refuse to hit rock bottom but behind the scene are other grim reapers who plot nothing less than wanting her very own soul.

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The story is a good one over all but their are little punctuation errors here and there and also I feel the book is too rushed.


I admire the author's writing skill. This novel is top notch. I can't wait for more episodes


I love your book (it's me Victoria course mate)


I like the Authors writing skill, though the story development is a bit notch, I found it fluent and nice. The characters development are not that visible and I think you have to work on that.


I've read the novel and I must say that I like Heath's character. He's your typical book boyfriend 😁


I'm excited to read this story. I'm ready for future works


I really enjoyed chapter 1. From what I've seen. The novel is fast paced and kinda draws everything together but writing is never easy. kudos to the writer.


What a beautiful story for everyone to read kudos to the author


Reveal spoiler


Reveal spoiler


It's a great book with a good plot. I really enjoyed it waiting for the next chap


This is a great book, I love it. Although I noticed some grammatical errors and I hope you correct it soon.


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