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(COMPLETE) Jester~


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Lusia Abel was a normal(slightly insane) girl living a normal life, until she went through the worst day of her life and became something more, something dangerous. Now she sets out to live her life and have fun doing it, no matter how many people have to die along the way. After all, what's life without a little chaos? --- Its a Worm/Tokyo Ghoul crossover btw I have a discord if you're interested, https://discord.gg/Pj3Dttwses Also, If you make any fan art, I'll cum. There is also a Patreon if you want advance chapters or to just support me, I'd appreciate it greatly, but you don't have to, nothing will be exclusive to those who donate, just advanced by a few chapters. The links are below. patreon.com/user?u=41732867