1 Scared to death

Prologue: Scared to death!

The year 1022 :

Centre of the earth.

Thick killing intent filled the air as Earth-shattering battles spanning several miles causing the heaven and the earth to tremble were ongoing.

The forces of earth were desperately fending off the foreign invaders

They battled ceaselessly until several cracks appeared on the ground and the void.


mountains shattered and tsunamis occurred, powerful fire blasts and lightning kept raining down, as everywhere crumbled under the impact of the battle no the devastating beating we were receiving here.

A powerful middle-aged man clad in matchless golden armor that was covered in blood, it was unknown whether they were his or his enemies.

This man was known as leinad Cirfoel!, earth's protector, a leader of the Grand earth alliance, and the strongest man on the planet.

Currently, he didn't have the bearing of an unstoppable war god but that of a defeated general.

He strode through the battlefield with his black sword reaping the lives of his foes, his face was filled with a myriad of emotions: rage, bloodlust, and mostly helplessness

more and more bodies add to his kill count as time passed, but he had no intention to stop even though it didn't matter anyway, the battle was lost and all that was left was to die killing.

A Death filled with regrets

"I failed again," Leinad said with a voice filled with bitterness

"If only I was more daring perhaps this wouldn't be happening"

he could hear the screams of his comrades as their bodies were ripped to shreds and life leaving their bodies

Despair welled up in his heart as He helplessly watched his comrades fall one by one with eyes filled with unwillingness.

They knew even their deaths were in vain, they couldn't protect anyone their families and loved ones would be next, it was only a matter of time.

Drakes, centaurs, giants, vampires, orcs, and werewolves went around happily killing the humans gathered to defend the earth in the most gruesome ways.

The whole world was crumbling ..... again, right before Leinad's eyes.

He was too weak!

"I wasn't even close enough this time, 'they' are just too strong" leinad wailed in despair my whole body crumbling under the attacks of numerous monsters.

"I thought I could win this time, I thought I was close!, I have lived a very long and painful life filled with slaughter leading up to this moment".

this time he even manage to kill the top vampires of their royal legacies, seven high orc kings, and numerous werewolves lords but all that was still all for nothing, he didn't cause much damage to them, and their fallen were easily replaced.

"Even with all my effort, I didn't even get to see the mastermind behind this endless carnage, hell! all I got to see was just the silhouette."

At this point his hands were already sore from swinging his sword, he stopped and look up and stared at a black silhouette sitting on a throne high up in the sky.

The silhouette was the dark hand behind everything, even hope till this final moment he never personally joined the attack

Leinad raised his hand and shouted maniacally for the whole world to hear "Bastard! all you do is stand behind your army, how can your men trust you to lead them if you don't even dare risk your life in battle, fight me to the death now and prove yourself, if you don't you are a pussy, a Coward, a bi...."


A red broad sword suddenly plunged out from leinad's chest interrupting his curses.

"How dare you, a mere human challenge his highness, you are not worth a hair on his ass, fuck your worthless honor, you are not worthy to bestow it in the likes of him you worthless piece if garbage" following the hit, a sinister laughter came from behind leinad

"Bastard!" Leinad exclaimed in anger ignoring the stabbing pain from his insides

He then turned to look at his attacker with hate-filled eyes,

The owner of the sword stared back at leinad with a cold lifeless look in his one good eye, it was someone leinad knew, a past Comrade who became 'their' dog.

Following the continuous defeat of the alliance many humans, comrades, and strangers sold their souls to 'them' in exchange for their lives and a bit of strength and thus bastard one eyed man was one of them.

"You traitorous scum!!' Leinad roared as he gathered all his strength and stepped forward separating his body from the sword and spattering blood everywhere.

The one eyed man didn't interrupt his actions he just stared at leinad in disdain and said coldly, " futile efforts, just give up already and perhaps I might give you and the remaining ownerless humans a quick death"

Leinad eyes grew reder hearing those words "I might fall today hell the whole world will but not till I take your dog life!"

Saying that his powerful aura erupted causing all the lifeforms around them to tremble and kneel even the one eyed man wasn't left out as his body was forcefully pressed unto the ground by leinads immense pressure.

The one eyed man frowned deeply as he laid on the ground, he struggled to raised his head to look at leinad's red eyes that was locked unto him like a predator looking at his prey

"As expected if the strongest human, too bad my life belongs to the lord now and can't be easily taken" the one eyed man said with great difficulty

"We'll see about that" leinad bellowed and charged forward with thunderous steps.

Seeing leinad rapidly approaching the one eyed man couldn't remain calm anymore and shouted for help, " LORD SAVE ME!"

"Hmph! Worthless trash" A cold snort rang out from the man on the man on the throne as he raised his hands

Swoosh swoosh!

Immediately afterwards two shadows descending from behind him and blocked leinads path.

Leinad looked into the eye of the new arrivals, their auras was retracted but all of leinads senses were screaming in fear from just them nearing standing there

"Human I recognize your zeal far beyond that trash over there, it's commendable that you were able to defeat my generals even if they were realms above you but the truth is you have meagre strength and are nothing in my eyes" the dark silhouette's voice rang out once more

He then took a cup of tea then continued with his majestic tone"You have talent and I have resources join me and I will make you a mountain that the universe will look up to, choose wisely don't think that girl can help you escape this time, i assure you the while world is lockdown this time "

Leinad heard his words while glaring at the two powerhouse in front of him, his killing intent didn't lessen one bit regardless, the gaping hole in his chest brought him a lot of pain as he calculated his chances of killing the one eyed man now.

After some time leinad finally looked up at the silhouette and asked with a firm tone "I'm willing to join you and do whatever..." the he pointed at the one eyed man on the floor and continued slowly "....but I must have that dog's life first"


The one eyed man swallowed in fear hearing leinads words, his pants grew wet as sense of foreboding arose in his heart.

The dark silhouette didn't reply immediately reply as he rest his chin on his hands seemingly in thought and a tense couple if seconds passed by slowly.

Seeing his master was considering sacrificing him the one eyed man shouted "m- master ,lor-d don't trust that bastard, he will never follow you! Hus hatred is too deep. Consider m-"

"Silence how dare you tell me what to do you worthless piece of trash" the dark silhouette harshly berated the one eyed man then he turned to look at leinad and said "I have decided, your talents worth tens of this fool, you can have him"

The one eyed man's face loss all colour hearing the silhouette's decree, he knew his much leinad hated him , he surely wouldnt be granted a quick death,

He valued his life too much, he struggled to get on his knees and began to beg "lord remember all I have done for you, I'm Still useful please don't discard me,you can do whatever you want, I can be your real dog , your footmat whatever please don't let this man get a hold of me "

The dark silhouette remained silent

At this moment leinad resumed walking towards the one eyed man but this time he walked slowly

Thud thud

The closer he got the more pressure the one eyed man felt and the more miserable he became, in no time he began to bleed from all seven orifice.


The one eyed man committed a mouth full of blood and turned to look at leinad's, when their eyes met the one eyed man saw the deep hatred and immediately imagined the countless tortures awaiting him,

He choked on the words he was about to speak and his blood flower backwards, his meridians a ruptured and his insides collapsed, fatally the. Light went out from his good eye and his head fell.

He died, with his pants soiled with piss even before Leinad could reach him.

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