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novel - War



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Earth faces its greatest threat since time immemorial brought on by alien invaders, a powerful force of the invaders with godlike powers and strength far beyond what earth's weapons and technologies could defend against. hellbent on enslaving the habitats of the world and ceasing the 'Heart of the universe hidden' on earth the aliens quickly engulf the world with chaos and bloodshed. On the brink of destruction the Earth will forcefully awaken and with the help of the 'heart of the universe'' it reverses time and grants gifts to life forms on earth to strengthen them to help fight against the invaders Leinad Cirfoel an orphan from modern earth was specially chosen by the earth's will to become its lead protector. After loosing time and time again, he is sent back to of the most bloody chaotic time in earth's history, and he must do all he can to prepare for his destined war against the invaders. Thankfully he was granted the Apocalypse system, With this trump card leinad, Cirfoel battles monsters and demons through time and recruits heroes from all ages of the earth until he can stand up to the invaders. Note some chapters highlighted with [R18] contains some bloody scenes and sexually mature content. The cover photo isn't mine, found it online should the talented artist want it taken down I'll gladly do so