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What if Hikigaya Hachiman had a previous life? And what if, one day, he suddenly remembered his past life? Will his worldview and his ideals towards society change? Read [OreGaIru : New ME!] to see what happens. =========== Note - 1 : -->AU(:Alternative Universe), certain events and timelines have been adjusted. -->No-Harem -->[Yukinoshita Yukino × Hikigaya Hachiman] -->Notably, while the setting remains in Japan, traditional Japanese honorifics such as '-san' and '-kun' are replaced with their English equivalents. Note - 2 : Obviously, the light novel or the anime series -My Teen Romantic Comedy : SNAFU- doesn't belong to me. This is purely fan-fiction of those amazing works. =========== Just a humble request. If you guys like to extend your support, drop by at my Patreon account. p@treon.com/WrightBrothers --> I am planning to constantly have minimum of 15+chapter in advance. 

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Closest Bystander




[Hachiman's POV]

"Why don't you ask her?" I asked.

Yuigahama was still keeping in contact with Yukinoshita, so she would probably answer her if she asks.

But Yukinoshita shook her head weakly. "I won't go that far."

She continued. "If I asked her, she would probably answer that she would come. Even if, perhaps, she did not want to… she would most likely do it anyway."

"Yeah, I guess…" I nodded in understanding, considering Yuigahama's nature.

She would definitely come back if asked by Yukinoshita, regardless of any personal feelings or reservations.

Looks like I have really done it, not like I didn't see it coming.

But the question is - what now?

My gaze shifted to Yukinoshita, who was engrossed in flipping through a magazine, her long hair casting shadows over her face. Despite the heavy atmosphere, I couldn't help but acknowledge her beauty once again.

Yep, no doubt - she really is beautiful.

…*ahem, let's not lose focus.

"...*cough…*cough." Clearing my throat, I faked a cough to get her attention.

She looked at me with those piercing blue eyes, and it was time to initiate the conversation.

"You seemed to be knowledgeable about my accident." I said it carefully.

"??..!!" Her eyes flickered in surprise, but she composed herself quickly. "...I do."

"Um, you do, huh?" I raised an eyebrow in confusion.

"I was wondering if it had slipped your mind, but you caught on." She muttered calmly.

But there was a fleeting expression of disappointment across her features, as if she had secretly hoped that I would never catch on to it.


However, little does she know that it was impossible for me not to notice. Because from day one, I was keenly waiting for any slip-up or mention of my accident, which eventually happened recently.

It was a concerning piece of advice, reminding me of when we parted ways with Komichi after successfully completing our fourth quest.

This was my chance to address the underlying tension and hidden guilt that Yukinoshita held towards me, and finally move forward from it.

So there is now a way I could afford to lose such an opportunity.

…the opportunity that could potentially clear the air between us, making us stand on the same page.

And maybe, you know, pave the way for our relationship to restart from the beginning…

No longer as a couple of random unfortunate factors(:victims) involved and came across in an unintentional accident, but as two unique individuals who share a special connection that is yet to be fully understood.


"I did, huh…" I trailed off in uncertainty. "Anyways, should I assume that you got to know about it from Yuigahama?"

"Not necessarily…" She hesitated, unsure if she should reveal the truth.

"Was it Ms. Hiratsuka, then?" I pressed on.

"I can see why you're specific about them, but surprisingly, it's not either of them." She affirmed cryptically, referring to their loose tongue.

"It sure is a surprise." I replied, matching the skepticism hidden behind her words.

Despite my curiosity, I didn't bother to further question her - How did you find out about my accident then?

"..." - "..." We both returned to our books, and the room fell silent again.

Or at least, it appeared that way on the surface. In reality, my mind was still processing our conversation while my eyes were fixed on the book in front of me.

Judging by the way Yukinoshita's head remained bent over her book, I assumed she was experiencing a similar situation. Or even deeper than mine. So I let her be.

After the much-needed pause, I felt Yukinoshita lift her head and look in my direction.

But, for the first time since our encounter began, I didn't meet her gaze and instead kept my eyes downcast on the book.

"I am present in the car that ran into you that day..." Yukinoshita confessed softly, but clearly.

"...you were?" I repeated, finally raising my head to match her gaze again.

"...Hm-uhm, I was." Without breaking eye contact, she nodded evasively, a hint of guilt in her voice.

"You were, huh…" I once again repeated my earlier words, acting calmly, but my heart was beating so fast as if I had run a marathon.

No. Not because I wasn't aware of this, but because I finally heard it directly from her. I didn't even expect this kind of reaction from myself.

Disregarding my present turmoil, I focus back on Yukinoshita, who is currently bending her head down.

No. Not the previous gesture of simply staring at our books like earlier, but a deep 60-degree slumped posture while her hair strayed away from her ears, covering her eyes and cheeks.

It was almost as if she anticipated me to berate her.

…like, HELL, I would ever do that!!

Instead, I began with a cheeky smile. "So you knew me even before I joined the Service Club, right?"

"..Um…?" Confusion crossed her features as she looked at me with raised eyebrows.

Getting her attention, I continued grinning widely. "Which means your claims of not knowing me beforehand were also false."

"That is what you are thinking right now?" She asked, baffled.

Her sharp gaze locked onto mine, as if trying to warn me if I was simply playing around.

"Should I not?" I replied, surrendering and added. "I mean, I just proved that you lied to me."

"I was expecting a similar reaction from you…" She shook herself dismissively, as if reprimanding herself for her earlier foolish reaction to herself.

She continued with a small smile. "But you're handling it much better than I anticipated, and I even set the bar pretty high."

"That's for sure a compliment, right?" I shrugged my shoulders, seeking confirmation.

It is, right? I mean, it had to be.

"You are not mad at me for lying to you?" Without even bothering to mind my question, she asked it a little seriously.

Again. It is the same question regarding the same incident, but from a completely different individual.

But, unlike before, I put in more effort this time. "Nah!" I reassured her.

I mean, she couldn't exactly come out and say - 'Hey, remember when I was in the car that caused your broken leg?'

Especially when she has nothing to do with the whole incident apart from being inside the car. She was just a bystander, like me, Yuigahama, and like everyone else at the scene.

Well, maybe she and I might be like the 'Closest Bystander.'

Which I am pretty sure she herself understands it to some extent.

I revealed firmly. "And besides, I hid and lied about a lot of things too. So I don't have what it takes to be mad at anyone in that regard."

"Now that makes me wonder how many times you have lied to me and things you are hiding." She said it playfully, a spark of curiosity in her eyes.

"Hit the nail on the head..." I couldn't help but give her a small smile. "But yeah, I am not telling."

Yeah, not now. Not until we officially become something. Of course, not any of the stuff about my past life memories. Let them be buried up to my grave.

"Now, that's rather disappointing." Her expression turned slightly irritated at my evasiveness.

"Don't be…" I chuckled and offered. "If you want, I can tell you a couple of things."

There is an unknown sensation of obligation I felt when asked by Yukinoshita to tell me.

"Like…" Yukinoshita tailed off.

With that, I began. "...me being all cool about my accident. It is kind of a lie."

Her eyebrows rose in surprise, and I continued. "Actually, I wasn't cool at all. Many nights before going to bed, I wondered what I would be like if that accident never happened."

I concluded. "And there is also the fact that I cursed the person driving that car to death, like daily, whenever I had time or was in the mood."

I stated blissfully. "It is to the point now that it is a stress reliever for me."

Yukinoshita looked at me with surprise and amusement.

"S-stress reliever, huh? Puff! Hahaa…!" Her gaze lingered on me for a few moments before bursting into laughter.

"What's so funny?" I asked.

Not that I mind it. In fact, I am quite happy to see her like this. I am just genuinely interested in what I am missing.

"Haha, please don't mind it…" She said it between giggles.

"Yeah, yeah." I replied dismissively, simply enjoying the rare moment in front of me.

…and so our day continued with our occasional chatting.



[-After Half An Hour-]

"Hey, Hikigaya…"


Yukinoshita turned around, her hands held tightly against her own chest. She made astrained noise, as if she was nervous or something.

In an attempt to hide her flushing pink cheeks, she looked at me with her moist, upturned eyes.

Now I was getting nervous too, no thanks to looking her in the eyes.

Yukinoshita's next words came out in a small whisper, as if something was caught in her throat.

"Er, that is… w-would you go out with me?"





[To be continued…]


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