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What if Hikigaya Hachiman had a previous life? And what if, one day, he suddenly remembered his past life? Will his worldview and his ideals towards society change? Read [OreGaIru : New ME!] to see what happens. =========== Note - 1 : -->AU(:Alternative Universe), certain events and timelines have been adjusted. -->No-Harem -->[Yukinoshita Yukino × Hikigaya Hachiman] -->Notably, while the setting remains in Japan, traditional Japanese honorifics such as '-san' and '-kun' are replaced with their English equivalents. Note - 2 : Obviously, the light novel or the anime series -My Teen Romantic Comedy : SNAFU- doesn't belong to me. This is purely fan-fiction of those amazing works. =========== Just a humble request. If you guys like to extend your support, drop by at my Patreon account. p@treon.com/WrightBrothers --> I am planning to constantly have minimum of 15+chapter in advance. 

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Weird Look




[Hachiman's POV]

"What's so funny?" I asked.

Not that I mind it. In fact, I am quite happy to see her like this. I am just genuinely interested in what I am missing.

"Haha, please don't mind it…" She said it between giggles.

"Yeah, yeah." I replied dismissively, simply enjoying the rare moment in front of me.

…and so our day continued with our occasional chatting.



[-After Half An Hour-]

[Hachiman's POV]

"So, what now? How do you plan to fill the vacancy?" I inquired of Yukinoshita, my eyes darting around the empty hallway outside our club room.

Oh, yeah, currently I and Yukinoshita stood outside of our club room as we had been unceremoniously kicked out.

…the audacity to throw out the President and Vice President of our Club on top of locking the clubroom so that we couldn't enter again is only possessed by one and only - Our Service Club advisor, Ms. Hiratsuka.

"I have an idea of 'someone' who might just be interested." Yukinoshita muttered, folding her hands.

"And who is that?" I questioned, rolling my eyes, already aware of the likely candidate.

My tone carried a sense of obviousness.

"It's Yuigahama." She provided clarification, stating the name.

"Oh, what a brilliant idea! As expected of Ms. President." With a touch of exaggerated amazement, I responded.

"...*glare." She shot back, unimpressed by my sarcasm.

Her reaction was immediate, and I found myself on the receiving end of intense glares that could burn holes into my skull.

"If you don't have any constructive input, just keep quiet." Yukinoshita, who is never one to sugarcoat her feelings, responded with less elegance.

"Well, actually, I do have one." I retorted, refusing to yield.

"Is it now?" Her lack of belief was evident.

"Yes, there is Zaimoku–!"

"No." She cut me off abruptly, dismissing the idea without a second thought.

How heartless of her… She could have at least pretended to consider it.

...on second thought, Zaimokuza might indeed be a handful, especially on a daily basis. I supported myself.

"Totsu-..." I began to utter Totsuka's name before halting myself, realizing he was already committed to the Tennis Club.

Well, that leaves only one person.


Oh, heavens, did I almost suggest his name? Thank goodness I paused before uttering it.


Now that was totally unnecessary, Yukinoshita.

Her glare this time was not just a mere disapproval. It was a death stare this time. If I had completed my sentence, surely death would have awaited me.

However, I felt very satisfied for every damn reason I could think of.

More importantly, what have you done, my buddy, Hayato?

It seems in her eyes that your status is lower than that of Zaimokuza. Not that I have any qualms about it.

But man had Zaimokuza find this truth, and he would laugh on Hayato's face until his last breath.

Now, did I simply try to say Hayato's name to get this kind of reaction from Yukinoshita? Hmm, I mean, he is also in a soccer club.

Yet, that wasn't my immediate concern. I couldn't afford to keep Yukinoshita waiting any longer.

Alas, I found myself at a crossroads, having exhausted all possible 'acquaintances' and 'friends' for this quest.

Did I just utter something disheartening to myself?

"Hum.. I don't have any." I admitted with frustration, emitting a small snort.

"What? Speak up, I can't hear you." Yukinoshita taunted, acting like my voice was too quiet to understand.

She sure is having fun, isn't she?

"I said, I don't have anyone else to suggest." I repeated, elevating my voice.

"That's disappointing." Yukinoshita said it with a hurtful voice.

Fu*k, that actually managed to irk me. I was surprised at how easily I was swept away by her words.

"...just get over it. How are you planning to bring her back?" I changed the subject, while also trying to compose myself.

"No, first of all, is it even possible? You know, typically, once someone leaves without a word, they are gone for good." I stated doubtfully.

"So I think it is highly unlikely for that to happen unless you directly ask her to come back. But didn't you say you don't want to corner her by doing that?" I pointed out.

"No, I won't ask her." Yukinoshita stood by her previous commitment.

She said this after a pause. "I will try to come up with a way to get Yuigahama to return to her usual self."

"...well, good luck, I guess." I said and added. "I mean, I am certain that you still have a chance."

"You are confident…" Yukinoshita mentioned her spectacle.

I opened my mouth to explain my reasoning. "Typically, if a person leaves with anger, disappointment, or even resentment, they could eventually return, but on the off chance a person leaves with a smile on their face, coming back is zero."

I add(:warned) with a small pause. "And on the one hand, if they did return, you need to be careful."

"Though I did not clearly state exactly how my conversation with Yuigahama played out, I know you could get the complete picture."

"...So yeah, anyway, good luck."

"You really have a weird way to motivate someone, Hikigaya. Should I be surprised?" Yukinoshita said, but there is a clear effect on her mood due to my words.

"Do I? Well, on the brighter side, Yuigahama does have some serious motivation, whether it is for good or worse." I said, prompting Yukinoshita to smile bitterly at herself. "Indeed."

"..." She was silent for a moment. "I only realised this just now, but I have grown fond of that part of her over the last two months."

She just realised that, huh?

"That is why, even if she never comes back to the Service Club… I would like to thank her properly for everything she has done." She said blushingly, her eyes lowered furtively.

"And how do you plan on doing that?" I asked again.

…but damn, did my tone sound very uninteresting? I hope not.

I thought to myself as I peered sideways at Yukinoshita. Thankfully, she was too focused on her thoughts to notice my sidelong glance.

"The date, June 18th. Ring any bells?" Composing herself, she asked, peering at my face.

"Well, it's not a national holiday, that's for sure." I responded, already aware of the direction the conversation was headed.

Satisfied that I had no idea, Yukinoshita puffed out her chest and announced proudly. "It's Yuigahama's birthday."

"...I think." She added.

"…you think?"

"Yes. Her E-mail address ends with 0618."

"If you say so…" I commented. "But gotta admit those communication skills."

I mean, she could have simply asked Yuigahama about this before the mix-up.

And am I also a little surprised that they went ahead and bought a present for Yuigahama in the story based on this simple fact alone? Not to mention, she even bought a magazine trying to find the latest trends, which was totally not Yukinoshita.

Just so you know, I am not blindly following her plan. I already know that it is indeed her birthday.

And how is that? Well, I have some duties of knowing the well-being of my [Guild mates](:Club mates), unlike my President, which includes their special days like this one.

"...*hump!" Yukinoshita huffed in annoyance.

However, I have a feeling that she simply did it to fake some annoyance and was mostly unbothered by my teasing.

"Hey, Hikigaya…" Suddenly, Yukinoshita turned around to face me fully, her hands held tightly against her chest.


"Er, that is…" She made a strained noise, as if she were nervous or something.

In an attempt to hide her flushing pink cheeks, she looked at me with her moist, upturned blue eyes.

…*gulp, now I was getting nervous too, no thanks to looking her in the eyes.

Yukinoshita's next words came out in a small whisper, as if something were caught in her throat -

"...w-would you go out with me?"


"..I-I mean, I would like to present her with a gift as a form of gratitude and prefer some outside opini–...."

"Sure." But before she could finish her reasoning, my impulsive response came out.

"..huh?" Caught off guard, she turned her head sideways.

"I will 'go out' with you." I said clearly and added cheekily. "Whenever and wherever that is…"

Dismayed by my words, Yukinoshita's face reddened slightly. "W-what? and why do you have that weird look on your face?"

"Oh, nah. It's nothing. And I didn't have a weird look on my face, seriously."

"Yes, you did."

"No, I didn't."

"Allow me to correct myself. You currently have a weird look on your face." Yukinoshita began to walk, as if telling herself to get a move on.

From the side of her face, I could see none of the depression from before, only an expression of utter self assurance.

Yukinoshita Yukino was back.



[To be continued….]


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