[HPxJJK] - Harry Potter and the Supremacy of Cursed Blood

After death, Adam found himself in a world where negative emotions spawned man-devouring monsters—a world governed by blood and power, where magic and horror intertwined in a complex struggle for supremacy. It was a world where evil and good clashed until a finale that promised to be apocalyptic.

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Chapter 63 - Mission (3)

As the car swiftly traversed the empty streets, Asterion inside the car showed a cold smile. Through the Eyes of Darkness, he had successfully located the cursed spirit!


Without caring about the surprised looks from Edward and the driver, he opened the car door and, regardless of the high speed, leaped from the car!


In mid-air, Asterion summoned a kind of huge manta ray and landed on it at high speed. The manta ray flew towards the sky, leaving a white trail behind.


A minute later, above the residential area, the Black heir looked at the humanoid cursed spirit with a cold gaze.


It stood about two meters tall, with gray skin with white stripes. On both shoulders, it had what looked like chimneys exhaling large amounts of smoke. Its oval head had terrifying and ugly features, and it possessed particularly dark claws, resembling weapon holes.


He confirmed, it was a Special Grade cursed spirit!


"I found you, filthy insect," Asterion spoke, smiling coldly. "Are you ready to be enslaved forever?"


"UHA!" The Spirit let out a strange cry, as if responding to Asterion.


Asterion understood what it was saying through the negative magical energy, though it was more emotion than words.


In the next moment, the sound of a whistle similar to that of a steam train echoed throughout the city before a pillar of highly compressed smoke erupted.


"Anger and fury with some traces of hatred," Asterion murmured, causing the manta ray beneath him to fly upside down, swiftly dodging the smoke.


The attack, which missed Asterion, continued to wreak havoc, sending dust and debris flying.


When the dust settled, Asterion looked at the ravine, a kilometer long and fifty meters wide, with a calm gaze.


"UHAUHAHUAHA!" The Special Grade Cursed Spirit seemed to be laughing, a cruel and sadistic laughter.


"You are too proud, insect," Asterion spoke calmly, then disappeared from where he was.


Asterion reappeared suddenly in front of the cursed spirit, his hand gripping the head of the Curse. The Black Heir smiled coldly and forcefully slammed the cursed spirit's head onto the cold asphalt with shocking force, creating a crater the moment it collided with the street.


The cursed spirit still seemed in shock at what had occurred, lying with arms outstretched, looking up at Asterion clad in his armor and gauntlets.


"The game is not over yet; let's play a little more, filthy insect," he said coldly, reinforcing his body with magical energy. Asterion raised his foot and kicked with all his might at the head of the Special Grade Curse.


- Boom!


The entire area within a hundred meters sank with the force, sending dust and debris from houses and asphalt flying into the air!


The massive tremor reverberated throughout the city, shaking buildings within dozens of kilometers from the epicenter of the attack.


In the air, swiftly dodging the high-speed smoke, Asterion floated upside down, looking down at the cursed spirit with a cold and calm gaze.


"UHAUHAHAHAHAUHUAA!!!" Half of the cursed spirit's head was empty, the entire gray brain could be seen grotesquely contracting, but the entire wound regenerated the next instant.


The cursed spirit looked up at Asterion in the air and brought its hands together as if holding a ball.


A large amount of negative magical energy gathered into a large ball of dark blue energy!


Then, the cursed spirit threw it at him!


Asterion remained indifferent, forming a seal with his hands. "Baskerville."


With a sadistic laugh, the head of a huge demonic dog manifested on Asterion's shoulder.


The hundred red eyes stared at the cursed spirit with a hungry gaze and opened its mouth, swallowing the ball of negative magical energy.


Asterion could have dodged the attack, but if that attack hit the city, half of Nottingham would no longer exist.


Drawing his wand, Asterion flicked his wrist and chanted the spell. "Maxima Bombarda!"


From the tip of Asterion's wand, a scarlet glow blossomed, and in the next moment, a massive colorless explosion soared into the sky. The entire residential area in the south of Nottingham vanished before Asterion's spell.


Looking at the huge, empty, and deep crater, Asterion floated in the air and looked at the cursed spirit, or at least what was left of it, a pair of feet.


Not leaving any chance for the cursed spirit to regenerate, Asterion raised his hand, ready to exorcise it.


- Flush!


As he was about to exorcise, a high-speed fragment violently tore through the air towards Asterion.


The Black heir didn't move to dodge; Baskerville appeared and faithfully protected his master, manifesting behind him. Its huge body rose behind Asterion as it growled furiously at the man who attacked its master.


Looking to the side, Asterion saw a man approaching calmly with a gentle smile. He wore a black suit, his features suggesting Middle Eastern origin. He was about forty and appeared to be in good shape.


Asterion tried to recall the Special Grade wizards from that region and found three, two women, and one man.


Seeing a man in front of him, Asterion presumed he was facing Mustafa Al-Husseini, a relatively new Special Grade wizard.


"Lord Al-Husseini?" Asterion asked coldly.


"Perhaps, perhaps not," the man replied with a relaxed smile, his perfect English almost native-like, even carrying a hint of an English accent.


Asterion confirmed that the person before him was not Mustafa, but someone else using his appearance, or in the worst case, his body.


As Asterion focused on the mysterious man, the cursed spirit had just regenerated and stood beside the man.


Asterion was puzzled; humans and cursed spirits were incompatible. It was in the instinct of every cursed spirit to kill and devour. But the scene before him shattered all the logic that this world had maintained for millennia.


"I'll exorcise the cursed spirit and then arrest you, maybe dissect you," Asterion spoke coldly, looking at the man with an indifferent gaze.


The man just shrugged and continued to look at Asterion with an amused gaze.


"I must say, you really resemble Corvinus, even have the same hobby of dissecting people," he said with a playful smile on his lips, his black eyes almost nostalgic as they looked at him.


This time it was Asterion's turn to be surprised. By the man's words, he had known his ancestor, but the man had been dead for over a thousand years. This meant that the man before him was at least a thousand years old!


Of course, all of this assumed that what the man said was true.


"Sorry, I'm more handsome than my ancestor," Asterion replied sarcastically. He looked at the man. "But don't worry, as a good host, I must invite you to spend some time at my mansion."


The man looked at Asterion with a playful gaze, almost nostalgic.


"I must say, even your sarcasm and narcissism are similar. If I didn't believe that reincarnation doesn't exist, I would believe that you are the reincarnation of Corvinus Black," the man said, casually spreading his arms. He looked at Asterion with increasing interest.



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