[BL] Transmigrated Into The Book(Omegaverse) Book

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[BL] Transmigrated Into The Book(Omegaverse)


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Chen Yang was an ordinary trainee in the literature industry not until he was transmigrated inside the book he picked accidentally. He was transmigrated inside the book with different stories and world together with the system author. His mission was to let every leading character experience love,in short he should let them fall in love with him. YANG: E-Excuse me author..but why are they all men? AUTHOR: It’s a BL book idiot! Are you downgrading my masterpiece? YANG: Are you trying to make me sway in that way? I’ve never been in a relationship before,but Im not bothered by same sex relationships. Hello!! Your author Yohan here,please expect some ~Comedy scenes ~some smutty scenes ~different worlds and stories ~exciting story twist ~of course it's an omegaverse YANG: Hey! What is this omegaverse thing?? AUTHOR: It's a surprise!! Let's talk! Discord: @Yohan#6080


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