1 A Curse Book?!

It was a sunny day for Chen Yang, a 22 years old trainee in the literature industry. With the dynamic number of companies he has applied for, he is sure that he will be hired for the interview today. The male was feeling very lucky, his smile was almost touching his ears.

Yang looked at his wrist watch "Damn! I should've woken up earlier today ,the traffic is really a mess" he said in dismay.

The stuck vehicles in front of him is already giving him a headache, his interview is set at 8:00 A.M and the time was already 7:30 A.M. The buses were already full of passengers ,he was also stuck at the bus stop.

"Finally!! " he exclaimed when a bus with few passengers stopped in front of him. He chose the seat at the far end since he is not used to being among the crowd. He was about to sit down when something poked his butt, it caused him to flinch.

He picked it up "What is this? a book?" He looked at it then sat down, it was an old plain book without a name cover and the pages are also empty. "Maybe a student left it unintentionally but how am I going to return this if it doesn't have a name?" he said to himself

"Woahh !!" Yang almost sank into the back of the chair in front of him, the bus suddenly stop when a stray dog crossed the street. "Aha! I got you!" he exclaimed after picking the book, his face startled; the empty book a while ago was changed into a new book and...his name 'CHEN YANG' was written on the cover!!

Yang was still confused until he reached the company, he kept the book in his suitcase. His interview went smoothly, the interviewer told him to wait for their call. He was on his way to the bathroom when a voice suddenly spoke, Yang looked around but no one was there.

He hurriedly rushed to one of those bathroom cubicles after finding out where the voice came from, IT WAS FROM THE BOOK!!

"You shouldn't be afraid, I don't seek any harm, I am the author of the book" a voice said

His fingers are shaking, it was the first time he encountered a moment like that, he did not know what to do with the book he was holding

AUTHOR: I told you don't be afraid..idiot!

Yang almost threw the book "And who's the idiot here popping out of nowhere, are you in some curse or something?" he defend himself

AUTHOR: Excuse me, This was a magical book ! How dare you call it a curse one ?! Enough with the chit chat, you are the new owner of this book, you have no choice.. It's your fault for picking it up anyway

"And now you're blaming me?" his eyebrows twitched "I'm going to leave you here so stop wa---

AUTHOR: Where do you think you're going? Your name was already carved on the cover, you can't get away from this, you need to do the mission or else you want to die

Yang was stunned "Wait? What?! Am I going to die if I ignored you? damn! you're really a cursed one"

AUTHOR: I really want to kill you right now.. I'm not a goddamn curse, now you have to liste--

"Don't wanna"

AUTHOR: I'm going to let you die in vain, maybe a tortured scene or a murd--

"What the bloody hell!! okay! okay! Im doing it.. are you God or something?" Yang almost exclaimed

AUTHOR: Good! Now listen carefully. You are going to be transmigrated inside the book with different worlds and stories, and you need to complete every mission, I'm going to give you a magical pen, It will serve as your love meter, the love meter must reach 100% in order to finish the mission.

"And what is my mission?"

AUTHOR: It's so simple.. Make the MC fall in love with you

Chen Yang almost choke with his own saliva "W-What?!! Inlove?! with me?! Are you pranking me? I can't do that, I haven't even had a lover yet ehh"

AUTHOR: I'm going to let a 10 wheeler truck bumped y--

"Damn! Okay fine! Im going! Im going!"

AUTHOR: Okay now put the book down and stand still, we are now going in..

Chen Yang put the book opened on the ground and then a small magic particles came from it gathering around him, a flashing light blinded his vision.. but before vanishing into thin air. .the author spoke once more

AUTHOR: By the way, my book was an omegaverse


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