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After making his frankly, awfully rushed excuses, which endangered his standing in the 'I read porn and weird shit on my phone in public' community, Jia Hyson quickly left the castle to escape to the privacy of his own room in the Rong Estate. 

The Rong Estate was very close to the castle for convenience given their close relationship with royalty. In fact, the majority of the Rongs who worked there also lived in the castle, almost making the estate redundant. Still, as vampires their speed was incredible and as the coven was well isolated with no humans around, it only took a few minutes to swiftly travel between the two buildings so it wasn't inconvenient at all. 

Once in the safety of his own room, Jia Hyson exhaled heavily. Silas may be lazy but he was incredibly overpowered and Jia Hyson couldn't guarantee he would be caught if he continued to play around on his laptop in the library. While he had the intention of befriending the rather apathetic Silas who would serve as good support should his crossdressing be revealed, they were far from close yet. 

It had only been just under seven months since Jia Hyson had become Alaric Rong. 

Like usual, he had arrived fairly early, about four years before the plot starts to be exact. In less than a year he will be entering St Lailah with Prince Silas and a couple of other vampires and had more or less adjusted to the world.

However, it hadn't been easy.

Just thinking about it made Jia Hyson sigh.

It wasn't the drinking blood thing. Jia Hyson had always been the type to do what the Romans do and had very little hesitation or unwillingness to chug down a glass of freshly extracted warm blood. In fact, he had quickly developed preferences for his blood, preferring diabetics with higher glucose levels in their blood which produce a sweeter taste, and vegans who had very clean and crisp tasting blood.

Jia Hyson: "It's the first time I actively searched out for vegans with such passion hahaha."

Bebe: "…" It sucks how well he has adjusted to drinking blood but at the same time at least Bebe didn't have to deal with the usual whining and complaining. 

To be honest vampires here, at least the noble ones like himself did not hold the typical weaknesses of vampires. They didn't enjoy the sunlight and was a bit easier to blind that was true. But they didn't burn underneath the sun, they could cross through running water, enter places uninvited albeit it was deemed incredibly rude to, and their reflections can be seen through mirrors and cameras. 

Even the blood situation was not that bad. They still needed it to survive of course, and the demand for it was higher when physically and magically exhausted or injured, but generally, if they lived salted fish lives it was fine to drink a few cups every two or three months or so. Besides, it wasn't like every vampire spent their lives being lazy, there were many gourmet vampires and vampires interested in scientific research that had produced blood supplement pills and candy that can also satisfy the cravings to some extent. 

If you were really against drinking human blood, animal blood was an option, and if you wanted to go vegan, coconut water can to some extent mimic the intracellular fluids of blood. However coconut water cannot be substituted for blood plasma and while a good source of calcium, potassium and magnesium as an oral hydration source, it's still not enough for vampires and can only really serve as a way to buy time in emergency situations.

Vampires interested in this though are trying to create fake blood with coconut water as a basis. Unfortunately, the results weren't very optimistic yet. 

Of course, human blood was the most beneficial to vampires, and the amount of animal blood needed to supplement the same amount of human blood was more or less considered too inconvenient so it was not very popular either. Still, it didn't stop vampires from enjoying a good bloody steak, however, it was more like a snack to them with not too much nutritional value. 

Jia Hyson of course was only mildly interested in this. Maybe other hosts would prefer to go with the alternatives or feel ill thinking they're consuming the blood of their fellow man, but Jia Hyson was very happy with the current situation. It's not like he hadn't tasted that stuff before ah, curiosity and a sick euphoria of the taboo and all that, so he would be a bit of a hypocrite if he suddenly felt the whole situation was wrong. 

No, what was the biggest things were probably the vampire politics, re-adjusting his mindset in regards to his new vampire biology and… and….

Alaric's frankly awful taste. 

Now Jia Hyson wants to say he doesn't judge a person's choice to wear women's or men's clothing. But that would be a lie. He judges everything. He's a very judgemental person. And he would especially judge a person's choice to wear bad women's or men's clothing. 

He has aesthetics and he will judge you hard if you don't fit them. Which honestly is quite hard to do because his standards, like his morality, are both flexible and pretty low.

Jia Hyson didn't know if this was because the author god was just a really bigoted piece of shit or Alaric was actually blind but when Jia Hyson first opened the secret closet of clothing according to Alaric's memory he had been appalled by what he saw. 

It was like the ribbon and lace monsters had attacked all the clothes in there, reproducing and spawning until it had become hard to tell if they were shirts, pants, or skirts. 

Not to mention the colour, ugh, it was all pink or white. And that's fine. Pink was fine. Jia Hyson had a bit of a feminine heart and enjoyed wearing soft pastel colours as much as striking and dark colours. But god, there was just so much, it was painful to the eyes.

Not to mention, the garish rhinestone hairpins, large flower accessories, heart shapes… It was so exaggerated it was like Alaric was afraid you couldn't understand that he liked women's clothing and had to steal all the designs of Princess B*rbie's fashion team. 

Ostentatious, exaggerated and flamboyant. Maybe other people enjoyed this style but Jia Hyson really couldn't. 

Looking at the closet of 'treasures' Jia Hyson couldn't help but question: Could it be the aesthetics of this world were different to his own? 

However, the clothing Alaric usually wears is fairly normal if a bit plain. Jia Hyson couldn't understand why it was like this.

This is hypocrisy, he is the first to admit it. Even though he says he's nonchalant and doesn't care what other people do, it seems it's human nature to judge and condemn. Jia Hyson is self-aware of it but what can he do? You can't live without judgement you can only learn to accept it while also trying to be a bit more open-minded to contrasting views too.

Jia Hyson closes his eyes and tried to think of various reasons. Maybe it was a cultural thing. Jia Hyson had felt that deeply when he first saw some of the more western plastic surgery trends with their very full lips and exaggerated implants. While originally he had felt it a bit strange and off-putting he eventually got used to it. 

He still didn't really like it much, and while he didn't really care if you had plastic surgery, he did judge the end result and was always more inclined to a more 'natural' look where you had trouble telling you've had the surgery at all. But would he show that dislike outwardly? Not really if he could help it, he just probably wouldn't sleep with them. 

Bebe: 'Why is it always about sex with you ah?'

Jia Hyson: 'The best way to superficially judge people is whether you would or would not want to potentially have sex with them in my opinion ah. You're not fucking their personality after all.' ╮(╯∀╰)╭

Bebe: 'Awful, you're so awful.'

Jia Hyson: 'God yes, hurt me more baby~♡'

Bebe: (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ Disgusting scum!

Alternatively, it was more likely that Alaric was overcompensating and also was too shy to learn how to style properly. From Jia Hyson's memories of Alaric, he was a very stubborn and frigid character, unwilling to get help unless he really needed it and felt his way was the right way until it goes wrong. And even then when it goes wrong he will not necessarily feel he was wrong. This sort of character was very dislikable honestly. If it wasn't for the whole cross-dressing bigotry, the man would have been absolute cannon fodder. 

Seeing his mind was once again going off-topic, Jia Hyson opens his eyes only to get blinded once again by the sheer pink and glitter. 

Jia Hyson: _(✧ ཀ ✧ 」∠)_    Blargh, it's like looking at a headache. 

In the end, he couldn't make himself accept all of Alaric's fashion choices and began to do some spring cleaning much to his annoyance. If his face wasn't so thin and he wasn't so disgusted at the idea of wearing a frilly frock with rainbow polka with a highlighter pink base, he really didn't want to clean and organize such a big walk-in closet. 

Maybe in Alaric's opinion, these are all pink and sweet clothes, very cute and loveable. But to be honest, picking clothes required more consideration and thought, after all not everything will suit the wearer and not everything will match with anything the same colour. 

There is a difference between pinks, some pinks are very distinct and hard to match with anything, and others can be very versatile and not so prominently eye-watering. The latter must be chosen critically and the former is easier to put aside to keep.

This is the same for lace and ribbons. Clothing with exaggerated and rather cheap-looking accessories can be quite cluttered and wretched, especially when matched with equally 'noisy' accessories. Jia Hyson still kept most of it because, to be honest, his face was good and his body was better, as long as he buys some plainer clothing, jeans, and simple designs, he could mix and match Alaric's collection and balance it out well. However many of the dresses at least had to be directly tossed and burned.

"I don't understand where Alaric had gotten half to these," Jia Hyson sighs emotionally as he slowly goes through the clothes off the racks and shelves and holds them up to himself as he looks in the mirror, "It's like he stole it from Cinderella's ugly stepsisters and forcibly merged it with Little Bo Peep.. it's really… Aiyah." 

The walk-in closet wasn't very big, but by the time Jia Hyson went through most of it, he felt his heart was really exhausted. Looking at the large pile of clothes he had taken out, he frowned, speechless at the sight. 

To be honest the number of rejected clothes wasn't small but the sheer amount of frills in a lot of them had bulked up the volume of the pile making it look more like a small mountain instead. 

"…Even though I have his memory, I still can't believe he managed to smuggle all of these underneath everyone's noses for so long," Jia Hyson almost admired it. You had to know some of those clothes were so floofy and bulky that stuffing these clothes into a backpack was the equivalent of trying to stuff a sleeping bag into a purse. If vampires didn't have naturally enhanced strength it would've been hard to compress it to such an extent.

However, it could also be attributed partially to Alaric Rong's powers.

Yes. All vampires in this world have a somewhat unique ability. It manifests when they are turned or, if they are a born natural vampire, it will manifest at a certain age, usually during puberty but there are cases of it happening younger or older. When the manifestation happens isn't necessarily very important to how strong their power is but generally, those that naturally manifests have better and stronger powers than those who had been 'turned'. 

Alaric's one was a little bit cliche but also fitting and still quite powerful. When Jia Hyson gained the memories of it he had been quite excited. 

Looking at the pile of clothes, he presses his forefinger and middle finger to his lips, blowing gently into them and moving his fingers away, similar to mimicking the act of smoking, however as if connected a small line of light blue mist follows out of his mouth and towards his fingers, still in the same position as before. As his fingers twist and swirl, the mist follows much to Jia Hyson's fascination. 

Then, according to his memory, he does a little swirling motion, making small circles in the air like a little tornado. Like sugar in a candy cane machine, the blue mist follows the spiralling movements and becomes bigger and brighter, from a sweet blue to a dazzling icy white. Once it was at a size roughly the shape of a small melon Jia Hyson slowed his pace a little so the tightly woven ball of mist loosened a little. 

Looking at the clothing pile, Jia Hyson 'threw' the ball of icy white mist at it. Even though he says throw, it was more like he violently flicked his wrist at the clothes, with his forefinger and middle finger in a shooting gesture. He felt very cool as the white ball, like a shooting star, flew quickly and struck the ugly clothing.

At first, nothing happened but quickly a frost began to form, covering the fabrics and rhinestones and ribbons, becoming more and more prominent as the ice grew relentlessly throughout the pile. Jia Hyson could feel the energy much easier now that the power had rooted itself and created the physical form of ice.

Raising both his hands toward the now half-frozen pile of clothes he uses the ice that is currently forming to quickly consume and then constrict the fabric, forcing the large pile of frilly garments into an impossibly small size that could probably be only done through a vacuum sealing. Of course, Jia Hyson didn't care about the safety of the clothes at all so he unhesitatingly clasped his hands together and the frozen garments began to crack and shatter like glass under pressure.

Jia Hyson laughed at the sheer rush of power he felt, it was icy and exhilarating. 

Concentrating further he made a grinding motion with the palms of his hands and the frozen shattered clothing was completely being ground into pink icy dust. Because it was so fine, the ice quickly began to melt and Jia Hyson quickly made a lifting motion with one hand, before grabbing a large garbage bag and shoving the icy sludge inside. 

Once done he quickly tied it up and exhaled. Touching his forehead he found it was actually dripping with sweat and his muscles were quite heavy. 

The manifestation of Alaric's power [Icy Kiss] happened before Jia Hyson entered the body but it was still fairly recent. It was only because Jia Hyson's visualisation skills and theoretical understanding helped him quickly comprehend what to do according to Alaric's memories that he did so well. However, his body was still not used to it and such a feat like what he just did was quite tiring. 

[Icy Kiss] was quite interesting. It was essentially that Alaric held ice magic in his body and once it's fully 'activated' he can control the ice at will until it melts and becomes more water than ice. However, there were conditions. The first, as the name suggests, Alaric needs to 'kiss' something. Of course, that was a bit too inconvenient and useless if it was actually to kiss something, it was more he needed to press his lips against something to release the ice magic in his body in the form of a mist-like substance.

This magic could be said to be in its dormant state, and is quite affectionate with whatever Alaric has kissed and will follow the kissed party- the more active it is the more energy it accumulates and the more powerful it can be. Once the magic is planted somewhere as directed by the kissed party, it will 'activate' and completely consume whatever it's 'planted on' in ice. If the energy isn't very strong it will simply freeze the surface or maybe just cover it in a thin layer of frost, but it was also capable of completely freezing anything. 

It was essentially like manipulating a liquid nitrogen bomb.

What was even more overpowered was once it was 'activated' Alaric can manipulate that ice at will. Alter its appearance so it sprouts ice spikes, levitate it, compress it until it couldn't be physically any smaller, speed up and slow down the freezing process and of course- shatter the frozen party completely. 

Jia Hyson: 'God this is badass and sexy, I want to steal this skill so bad.'

What was even better was it has manifested to be that overpowered at the start, it was just a matter of controlling it, concentrating, and getting your body used to undertaking the stress of it. However, there was really nothing to complain or nitpick about. 

Anyway, since cleaning out the closet, Jia Hyson had the problem of buying new clothing to give him a better range to mix and match. Fortunately, the original Alaric had already arranged a way to get the opportunity to shop which was volunteering fortnightly to patrol the nearby city areas for rogue vampires. 

Because of how big and reputable the Golden Rose Coven was, patrolling nearby human-populated areas was not a very high-risk job and was considered quite a dull chore for many powerful vampires and the older vampires were worried the less powerful and younger vampires would potentially get hurt or abuse the freedom to illegally turn humans. Therefore the responsible and uptight Alaric who had awakened a very strong power was considered a godsend. 

Unfortunately, Alaric was still too young and had to undergo schooling as well as other things so it was decided he could only help out every two weeks. The original Alaric was a bit disappointed, however, that sounded fairly perfect for Jia Hyson. He wanted the majority of nights free to laze around and indulge in his hobbies, not walk around the city searching for criminals that probably weren't there. 

Fortnightly was also enough to slowly handpick and buy clothing for his crossdressing. While Jia Hyson had the intention to continue Alaric's interest, he didn't have the desire to completely follow the other's aesthetic. After all, he was the one living through this, he wanted to enjoy it and wear what he personally thinks is pretty and confirms to his own interests. 

Pastel purples, teals, greens, blues, simple and light colours, flowy and loose clothing, safe and sweet… Jia Hyson shyly bought long skirts and simple shorts, easing himself into the idea. Of course, the kinkier side of him can't help but buy a few more lewd items of clothing that caught his eyes too but generally he tried his best to keep a more platonic and pure frame of mind. 

No matter the era, women's clothing was more varied and unfortunately more expensive. Alaric had a monthly allowance but to be honest he spent the majority of it on those ugly clothes that were annoyingly more expensive than they had a right to be. It was a good thing Jia Hyson and Bebe, who were internet addicted experts, knew the best way to generate passive income from Jia Hyson's online writings so the issue of money was not too much of a problem for them. 

In the end, once he amassed a small collection that Jia Hyson felt was quite pleasing to the eye, he slowly started to experiment and try fully crossdressing for the first time. 

And it was… eye-opening to say the least.

"This is..." Jia Hyson flushed, the shame and embarrassment as well as his vanity was definitely provoking his libido. Touching the intricate lace fabric a little uncomfortably, he turns around and admires himself in the mirror, "Fuck this isn't so bad ah." 

Sefu liked him wearing girly things but it was mainly lingerie and such, he actually had been a bit less interested in full-on outfits. Mainly because the Lolita type shit Sefu really gets off on was just too hard to put on and take off, especially for Prince Farrell's body type which was quite muscular.

Alaric was different though. He was young, slim and petite. And when he grows up a little more physically he will still be quite slender in frame. Though unmistakably a man when crossdressing, it was possible with the right clothing and makeup to convincingly turn him into a tall, masculine woman. 

However, right now it was really hard to tell his gender. Jia Hyson touched the mirror, looking at his reflection, both entranced and aroused. The more he looked the more he felt that he could really, passionately do this. "Fuck," he says vehemently, "I'm so fucking pretty and cute." 

He then absentmindedly touched his face. As a vampire, his skin was obviously quite pale. Of course, it wasn't a big problem. While it looks a bit sickly, his face value was still high enough to ignore it.

Plus, such pale skin goes well with contrasting dark clothes and gives an inhuman fairy-like effect with pastels. Unfortunately in contrast his more vibrant outfits would make him look totally washed out in comparison ah. Jia Hyson felt he looked like a delicate doll, which, given his past experience with dolls… wasn't something he liked but objectively he admitted that beauty was still beauty. 

Still, it would be better if he got some makeup on to give himself some more colour to his face. 

Quickly he reached over for some foundation and stubbornly ignored the fact that he had always disliked women and men who had too much make-up and was always a strong advocate of the 'natural look'. 

This was mainly because he disliked the taste and feel of makeup more than any appearance issue caused by makeup in itself. Though in fairness sometimes it is an appearance issue as well. Still, even if applied to himself he couldn't bear heavy makeup. Just wearing enough makeup to avoid showing a shiny sweaty face in front of the camera was already really stifling to him. 

But, but now for the sake of looking even cuter, he will do it!!! (」,,,> ロ <,,)」♡< p>

Ahhhh he should probably buy more wigs, he would look so good with curly long hair!!!!!

Bebe: '...' Bebe can practically hear a new switch being flipped in that pervert's brain. 

Maybe it was the remnant feelings of the original, or maybe (probably) Jia Hyson's own small crossdressing fetish having evolved thanks to Sefu's past kinks and forced him to more strongly associate the act of dressing like a girl with sexual connotations but Jia Hyson felt more excited the more he looked at how feminized he was ah. 

Ah~♡ it was so embarrassing~♡ but it looked so good~♡

Lifting up his skirt and revealing the bulge in his panties, Jia Hyson panted harshly and almost came right there. 

Bebe: '….Why can't you just try make this come off as tasteful and not make Alaric Rong seem like some depraved pervert?'

Depraved pervert Jia Hyson: 'Look, let's just let me be a closeted pervert and cut the whole character out of the story the best we can okay? Let me enjoy this!' 

The more he thought about it the more he convinced himself that his option of staying out of the story was the best way, not just safest, but it gave him a lot more freedom. It was really easier to just not include something controversial than try to include something controversial and not be hated for it anyway ah. 

Though generally most people are okay and understanding about the intentions behind trying to include more diversity, it is unfortunately the more sensitive and politically correct justice fighters that are much more vocal and more willing to give reviews than real fans. Plus, the author god is a bigot and prejudiced against crossdressing and transgender type issues. Even if the systems do their part there is obviously a higher chance of failure there in comparison to not touching such a sensitive issue at all. 

More importantly… that means he can just fuck off in the background and do whatever! Other than a few manipulations behind the scenes, just the lack of his controversial identity alone would improve the ratings. Meanwhile, he can enjoy the experience of indulging wholeheartedly in crossdressing and occasionally promoting thoughtful and critical thinking to the netizens about gender norms, toxic masculinity and so on with his stories online.

Compared to the last world where he had to do so much and think so hard about maintaining the genre and keeping Tang Muxin's goals in check, this job would become much easier.

Bebe: '…What the fuck are you talking about? Your whole thing was flirting with a fucking rooster.' 

Jia Hyson: 'My ways are eccentric but you can't deny the results oh~.'

Bebe: '…' Bebe really couldn't ah. 

With that tentative new plan made, Jia Hyson begins to focus on pleasuring his femboy self in front of the mirror. 

"Tsk, tsk, I love this feeling of complete taboo while not actually crossing any moral boundaries," Jia Hyson comments as he idly strokes himself over the soft fabric of his underwear that was becoming damp with arousal. 

Seeing his manhood thickening in contrast with his female appearance Jia Hyson, whose body was still young and full of vigour, was so overwhelmed he squeezed his cock hard and the pressure immediately made him spurt copious amounts of cum into his cute panties. Panting, Jia Hyson felt his legs weaken and he stumbled to his coffin and sat on top of it in order to recover some strength.

"Oh, that felt so good," he groans, then he licks his lips as he lifts his skirt again. Stretching his underwear he reveals the mess he made in it, and his legs couldn't help but push against each other, rubbing together in embarrassment and excitement at such an erotic sight. His dick which was still a little overstimulated twitched, eager to start a new round. 

And who was he to deny himself? After all, he was such a cutie, he deserved to be treated well heheh.

Bebe: …Oh my system god. Is this what the entire arc is going to be like?





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Little Theatre:

Jia Hyson: I am going to embrace crossdressing.

Bebe: Ok.

Jia Hyson: I am going to be respectful.

Bebe: Ok.

Jia Hyson: I want to fully try and enjoy it so I will do my best to meet my own crossdressing aesthetic

Bebe: That's fair.

Jia Hyson, puts on full crossdressing for first time: ...

Jia Hyson, puts on full crossdressing for first time: *proceeds to masturbate*

Bebe: (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ Bebe knew it.

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