[BL] Quick Transmigration: Is it Better to be a Beta?

Jia Hyson finds he has hit the jackpot after he dies. He's got a system! He's a transmigrator! So cool! System: "Please help us fix the plot." Jia Hyson: "Of course!" System: "Firstly there are too many love interests." Jia Hyson: "Okay." System: "The main character is too annoying." Jia Hyson: "Um." System: "Needs more world building." Jia Hyson: "..." Oi, is he fixing the plot or is he rewriting the whole damn thing?! (This is not omegaverse, beta stands for beta reader) (This is bl/yaoi/danmei btw. 1v1, 2v1, 3+v1) Lovely Cover by my fanart empress @noc

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Thinking about the first time he experienced the pleasure of fully cross-dressing, then the pleasure of taking photos of himself and sharing them online where many people affirmed his beauty, Jia Hyson felt his vanity being greatly stroked.

Jia Hyson: Aiyah~ The feeling of being loved for my talents is completely different from being loved by my looks~ Look at me more~ Admire me more~♡ 

Bebe: 눈_눈  This narcissistic fuck.

What was even better was that this time period's surveillance was not the best, and it was easier to enter the more suspicious establishments with no one the wiser. Not only did Jia Hyson amass a collection of clothing he liked but he also bought a few sex toys he absolutely loved. 

After all, he would be heading to St Lailah's soon, and it will be more or less like a boarding school, with only every second weekend allowing the students to leave the school grounds to have fun or go home. With Alaric's rule-abiding personality, Jia Hyson couldn't exactly sneak out to have fun outside, and he wasn't sure if it was worth the trouble of flirting with his fellow schoolmates. Therefore, for the sake of the plot, for the sake of not going out of character… Jia Hyson must buy two dildos! A butt plug! And one cute pink vibrating egg!


Jia Hyson: Oh Bebe… at least wait until I unpack my new toy before you dirty talk me like this~♡ (,ಡ w ಡ,,)

Bebe: *vomiting noises*

In fairness, St Lailah's was like a smaller certain magic wizard school castle, where it encompassed a large area and even had a cute little village nearby for students to shop and relax. If one wasn't an incredibly needy old pervert like Jia Hyson, living such a school life would be quite fulfilling. 

After all, it was an academy that served not only vampires but the most renowned humans' children, the young geniuses, the talents, and the descendants of the rich and famous. If the academy could not satisfy them then it would not be worth the prestige. 

To be honest, lack of sex aside, Jia Hyson was looking forward to it. He hadn't experienced much of a proper school life since transmigrating, and the private vampire tutors, and private tutors when he was a prince, did not count. Homeschooling is not the same as actual schooling…. Okay, the vampire tutoring was a bit like actual schooling but that's not the point! Jia Hyson had never gone to what sounded like a really fancy preparatory boarding school before, it was a bit exciting like he was in one of the western television shows.

Giddy for various reasons, Jia Hyson who had locked his bedroom door, immediately put the clunky laptop onto the desk and opened it. The blogging account was still logged in, unlike the rather demure page of ShiningGreenTea which gave a very refreshing and mature, modern feel with its light matcha green and crisp white aesthetic, the blog SweetJasmine was full of a cute floral vibe. 

*Jasmine tea is a type of floral green tea, and winter jasmine is also a very pretty yellow flower that can grow in the frost. 

Seeing that his post was still there and unpublished, Jia Hyson breathes a sigh of relief. It was a bit annoying, Jia Hyson was used to having most things automatically save but now if his laptop goes into sleep mode it was like tossing a coin to see if his computer will refresh and ruin his hard edited work. It was a good thing Bebe was there to retrieve any lost data but it was still annoying. Jia Hyson didn't know how he had lived as a child, thinking such inconvenience was normal and even impressive. 

SweetJasmine, his crossdressing blog, was openly a crossdressing blog. He didn't deny it, or hide it, but he did something even more shameful.

…He put ShiningGreenTea as his favourite author. 

Anyway, if he really doesn't get as many fans as he wants due to his slow and sporadic update schedule he plans to proceed to do something even more shameful than that.

Use his ShiningGreenTea account to plug his SweetJasmine account, praising this cute little fan of his.

Jia Hyson, as a popular writer who never needed to stoop to such desperate tactics, didn't want to do this either! But fuck! There was something about being praised solely for his looks that felt so gratifying! 

Like oh, your writing changed my life and my entire outlook? Your story made me laugh so hard it made my day? Those were great and they undeniably made him smile reading them all but he had been enjoying similar compliments his entire writing career. And sure he gets complimented for his looks when picking someone up or dating, but you don't often get people who straightforwardly say the sort of compliments you can receive online after all. 

So many strangers… affirming his appearance… Looking at him dressed as a girl… calling him beautiful, cute, gorgeous… It felt so good… so satisfying… so arousing…

Biting his lip, he goes through the post again, double-checking all the photos he wants are there and the cute little description was present as well. Finally satisfied, he posts it.

'Today I saw the cutest scarf from Valeria hehe~ UwU♡ I just had to buy it! >~< Fortunately it was at a discount or I wouldn't be able to afford this refreshing ice peach tea. I really like the peach jelly they added inside! Really flavourful and sweet! (∩❛ڡ❛∩)'

One like.

Two likes.

Nine likes.

[Ah! Ah! Jasmine you look so good! I seriously cannot believe you're a boy!]

[Eh? You're a boy?? Ah, my heart is…. still beating really hard? Beauty tell me this isn't true!]

[Heh, upstairs, continue to be in denial. Meanwhile, I will pursue my lovely wife!!!]

[Omg I like the scarf but your outfit compliments it so well?? Where did you get the skirt?]


[You're so pretty!!! I love your hairstyle! Is it new? I like the pink wig better but those chestnut curls are really cute too!]

Seeing the comments Jia Hyson couldn't help but shift his hips on the seat and reach down to cup his hardening length again as he breathes hard. "Ah, it's really so embarrassing…" He groans softly.

It's a pity his style is still too conservative, so the comments were also fairly tame and most of his viewers were actually women with maybe fifteen per cent being males that were attracted to him. However, even if they were in the minority, like most horny men on the internet, they were quite vocal and were on equal footing with the platonic comments in terms of numbers. 

Thinking of his fans who already had been taken by his appearance, now added with a filter of covetous wanton longing and hunger, spurred Jia Hyson's narcissism, ego, and masochism, which never failed in provoking the arousal inside him. 

Ahhhh, if he wasn't so worried about his identity being revealed he really wanted to open a niche 'cam boy' account as well. It was a bit disappointing.

Bebe: '…'

Bebe: '…'

Bebe: '….if you can get enough fans… Bebe can try to set something up."

Jia Hyson completely sobered up and took his hand away from his crotch in shock and pleasant surprise. "For real?! You'll really set up a cam boy website for me?" He narrows his eyes suspiciously, "Why?"

Bebe: 'It's as you said, this world is not too hard you might as well enjoy yourself.' It can't tell its host that it had cried after reading Defining My Brother and wanted to do something for Jia Hyson as a small fan. 

Jia Hyson didn't question it. After all, they may bicker but he knew Bebe well enough that the system wouldn't offer it if he wasn't serious. Besides with Bebe constructing the site and making the arrangements the site's privacy would be secure, stable and they could also hack into the profiles to filter them and make sure there was nobody who would recognize himself! 

"Ah! Ah! Thank you, Bebe!" Jia Hyson hugged himself tightly to try to convey his gratitude and happiness. Thinking it wasn't enough he looked at his wrist and summoned the silver bangle he usually put in the small system space during missions and hugged that. 

'Hehe, no problem~' Bebe says shyly. 

"Ah I'm so excited I'm, nghnmmm-"

Bebe: …And he's touching himself again. 

Just imagining performing all the lewd little things he wanted live to a paying audience made his body heat up almost painfully. Running his hands over his body, brushing at his erect nipples before moving back down to his hard cock straining in his pants, Jia Hyson groans, even more stimulated than before. 

The mental masturbation fodder feeding his dirty mind is now better quality and hence he is more uncontrollably excited than before. 

Pushing his restricting pants down and kicking them off onto the floor, Jia Hyson begins to rub himself through the soft fabric of his underwear with the palm of his hand. His fingers occasionally grazing, cupping and squeezing his dick and his balls. He loves the added feeling of the soft cotton fabric shifting against his sensitive skin, and he couldn't help but repeatedly and firmly massage the top of cock, enjoying the growing wetness of the fabric in response. 

With his free hand, he teasingly continues to touch anywhere he wanted to add to the stimulation, running his fingers through his scalp, massaging his chest and neck as he follows the curves of his body and touching behind his ears. Idly he explores all the sensitive points of his body, the places that feel especially pleasurable he would go back to and focus on further, stroking, lightly pinching and grinding it with his skilled hands.

After being completely worked up, Jia Hyson pushes his damp underwear off and kicks them to the side to join his pants. Feeling the throbbing ache inside him, he suddenly comes up with an amazing idea in his lust-riddled mind.

Pressing his forefinger and middle finger to his lips, he pulls out some ice magic from his mouth before making one quick circular motion and shooting the mist-like magic toward his coffin-side chest of drawers. Because he didn't play with the magic much, the energy isn't very strong, only covering the entire outside of the drawer with frost and not penetrating the wood. Without looking he closes his eyes and concentrates, the hand he had shot the magic out from still facing towards the drawer.

With the hand outstretched he slowly moves his fingers so they touch while moving his wrist back, similar to how one would mime a jellyfish swimming in the sea using one hand. Under the motion, the frost that covered the drawer retreated back, all the ice covering the exterior moving towards the inside of the bottom drawer.

Jia Hyson makes a few awkward hand movements with his eyes closed before he finally makes a triumphant grabbing motion and then impatiently punches the air in front of him.

The bottom drawer bursts out violently with a bang which startles Jia Hyson into swearing. "Fuck! Idiot!" He curses himself, he was too impatient and it was too frustrating to grasp something blindly like that. Fortunately, he got what he wanted and a dildo generously coated in ice flew toward him.

Bebe: '..You know you could have, oh, Bebe doesn't know… Stood up, walked three metres and then grab it before walking back?'

Jia Hyson: 'It's practice to hone my control over my powers ah.'

Bebe: 'To control your powers so you don't have to stand up, walk three metres and grab something easily accessible to you?'

Jia Hyson: 'Yes, well, and hear me out- shut the fuck up.'

Using his finger to beckon the sex toy close, Jia Hyson triumphantly grabs it before immediately letting go with a soft, "Ah!"

…Really cold. 

He could manipulate ice and a vampire's tolerance to coldness was better than humans but to be honest, compared to a lot of animals, humans had a shitty tolerance to the cold anyway. No matter what, Jia Hyson still had more or less the same nervous system as humans albeit somewhat dulled in terms of the pain and cold, still, ice was fucking ice, and his was cold as hell.

Jia Hyson rubbed his cold fingers together, the sudden stinging cold made his fingers feel a bit tingly, and Jia Hyson was more aware of the feeling of friction of his fingers kneading against each other to warm themselves up. He smiles lecherously. 

Temperature play is a way to shock the skin's neuroreceptors, where, through heat or cold, it will give the body a stimulating rush of sensations that can provoke one's arousal. 

As he was just about to melt the ice surrounding the sex toy so it becomes a more bearable temperature Jia Hyson suddenly had another amazing idea.

With the same movements, he summoned a nearby lotion bottle. Thankfully it was on top of the coffin-side drawer so it was not as hard to grasp.

Using the ice to manipulate it he pumps a generous amount onto his hand, rubbing it together to warm it up. Fortunately, the speed was much faster so while the lotion was very cold it wasn't to the point the liquid had crystallized. 

Finally, when the temperature was warm enough Jia Hyson lifted up his legs so his feet were on the edge of the chair, the chair handholds steadying his legs that formed an 'M' position, and he reached down to loosen his hole. The slick sounds and his soft moaning echoed throughout the room. 

His fingers which were gently rubbing his inner walls had started to move at a faster pace, roughly and sloppily digging deeper inside himself making his toes curl in pleasure at his own debasement. "Ah, god, haahh, look at me…" Jia Hyson breathes out shakily to himself. "Fuck, mnnn, so horny…"

He always had a humiliation kink, and honestly, this sort of thing played into it perfectly. 

There was just something about dressing up, being lusted at, being admired- and then the idea of being completely stripped down and exposed completely, that sense of humiliation and embarrassment was indescribable. Awe turning to lust, respectful to sadistic, looking down at his collapsing image to see the obscene side of him and becoming completely overwhelmed by desire, infatuation, domination and a bit of cruel vengefulness. 

He wants to be bullied but also loved and desired. Of course, he also wants to bully with the same sort of passion but so far, there has been no one, in particular, who he wants to bully in this world, meaning he could only bully himself. 

After stretching himself well enough Jia Hyson snaps his fingers and points downwards to his dick, curved up, wet and flushed. The dildo follows obediently, brushing against his erection and making it jolt and tremble while Jia Hyson hisses in pained pleasure before he directs it further down and makes another gesture to manipulate the toy to face his entrance, wet with lubricant. 

As the still icy dildo penetrated him, Jia Hyson threw his head back and gasped loudly, gripping the handles of his seat tightly as he tried to relax to let the cold object enter him. Still, despite being almost painfully cold, his dick betrayed his reactions as it stayed painfully hard, drooling profusely. 

His control over the ice was still not good enough to do much without hand gestures but a simply thrusting movement was enough to do just telepathically. As it slides in and out of him slowly, Jia Hyson who was already quite close already took one hand and began gently playing with his nipples through his shirt while the other hand continued to grip the armrest in earnest. 

The pace of the thrusts quickly pick up, soon almost violently pounding into his ass while Jia Hyson could only give up playing with his chest and hold on tightly as his body rocks against the chair under the movements. What was even better was that the ice was quickly melting, making it hard to control the dildo inside him. The erratic and unpredictable movements made it almost feel like someone else was really fucking him. 

Sometimes he would gain control but due to him using more power it may occasionally push inside him deeply, rubbing forcefully against his prostate, sometimes it will slip up and suddenly twist or try to turn, and sometimes the thrusting was frustratingly shallow and teasing. "Ah! Ah! Mngh! Please!" Jia Hyson's sweat was rolling off him, partly due to the concentration he had to use, partly due to exhaustion and mainly due to the sheer pleasure he was experiencing.

One last, violent thrust was enough to push him over. Thrusting his hips upward and arching his back against the seat he gasps wordlessly as cum splatters across his chest and face, the dildo embedded deeply was clenched tightly inside him as water from the melting ice drips out. 

Collapsing back onto his seat, panting harshly Jia Hyson sleepily relaxes into the seat as if his limbs had melted. Once he caught his breath and his vision was less blurry he wiped his eyes and felt a little disgusted with how sticky he was. Touching the small splatter of cum on his face he absentmindedly licks it up.

Hm, it turns out a diet of blood doesn't change the taste so much. 

Suddenly his ears seemed to pick something up and trembled slightly. Jia Hyson sat up. It felt like he had heard something but at the same time, he isn't sure what he had heard. Feeling a bit hyperaware of things, Jia Hyson stands up, ignoring the wetness dripping from his ass as well as the toy inside him as he looks in the direction where he thought the possible noise might have originated.

Huh, was the window open before?

Jia Hyson's heart thumps and he rushes to slam open the window, his vampiric instincts alarmed and wary as his eyes try and see if there was any signs of someone hiding.

He wasn't stupid, even if he was forgetful often, he is at least confident he didn't open the window. 

After all, what he dislikes the most is when people leave the open letting all sorts of insects, dirt and stray leaves enter the room. The Rong villa was luxurious and beautiful, surrounded by greenery and beautiful plants. But that also meant there were many insects. This is especially so for Jia Hyson's case because his room was facing a big ass beech tree. 

Jia Hyson likes insects. He likes the beech tree and he likes that he can watch the wildlife he can spot with his improved eyesight. But that doesn't mean he wants that shit in his room. 

What if it gets in his coffin? Can you imagine? Sleeping in an enclosed space in the dark and suddenly something with many tiny legs just scuttles across your toes? Fuck! It makes him shudder in horror just thinking about it. He can forget to do a lot of things, he might forget to lock the windows but at the very least, closing the window he is sure of.

And the window isn't light, the hinges are not so easy to move, and there was no way you could say a stray gust of wind could have moved it either.

'Bebe, did you see the window move?'

'Uh, no, Bebe was distracted by the telepathic ice dildo fucking into you while you cried "Harder daddy!" just then.'

Jia Hyson: '…I didn't cry "Harder daddy."'

Bebe: '…But deep down didn't you want daddy to go harder?'

Jia Hyson: '…'

Bebe: '…'

Jia Hyson: 'Moving on-'

No matter how hard he looks he couldn't detect anyone present. Narrowing his eyes, he stretches his head out the window further. 'Then can you scan to see if anyone is nearby?'

Bebe hesitates, 'Bebe will try but the magic in this world is quite a high level, if the user's skill is powerful, or the user is powerful in themselves, Bebe may not be able to detect them unless Bebe upgrades the scanner function.' 

Jia Hyson weighs the pros and cons in his head. Like most things when levelling up, the price increases exponentially each time. To be honest Jia Hyson and Bebe have been going the cheap and lazy route of using the basic functions until it becomes necessary to upgrade. Their missions weren't reliant on them becoming overpowered anyway. "Roughly how high a level do you think you would have to be?"

Bebe didn't answer for a moment, still scanning the immediate area best it could. Finally, it beeped negatively, finding no one in its sensors, before answering Jia Hyson, "The areas near the castle are all for noble vampire families, the rule of this world is that generally, vampires who are naturally born as vampires have stronger and more innate control of their powers… Bebe would estimate needing to upgrade to level 7 at best."

"Tsk," That's a lot of system p, "Never mind if they used technology to record it you would've noticed. Besides homosexuality is not unaccepted here anyway." 

That was true. Vampires lived long, and many still have the habit of cultivating blood slaves and small harems for themselves here. Most of the old fritters around here probably had two or three pretty young men or women servicing them nightly. While the Golden Rose Coven is trying to abolish the whole blood slave things on the light side, there were still many old prestigious vampires who secretly carry on this 'tradition'.

That wasn't really the point. The point was that while being gay was the minority, to be honest, it was more like being bisexual was the majority. Jia Hyson didn't have the statistics or anything, but from what he observed the coven was roughly 50% bisexual or at least experimental, and 47% were straight. To be honest, there were probably more gay vampires but there were so many open marriages and harems and stuff that Jia Hyson really couldn't say. 

Morality was not the highest within the vampire community. As long as you can impregnate or be impregnated by a fellow vampire successfully once in your life everyone is happy. After all, similar to dragons in the last world- the fertility for natural vampires was really bad. That seemed to be the trend for most powerful and long-lived species really.

Which biologically makes sense, trade-offs and all that. 

To be honest it doesn't really make sense that crossdressing was deemed so abnormal in such a setting but upon further thought, it was mainly Jessica Fang who had the worst reaction to the discovery. The ones close to her did agree and showed their own levels of disdain for Alaric, but upon deeper thought, this revelation could just be them mentally adding the final blow to their already poor impressions of the vampire. 

Maybe it was because Jessica was the protagonist therefore her emotions were more emphasized by the author, but there was really not much that was said about the other individual reactions to the crossdressing specifically. Other than a few derisive jokes about how Alaric didn't look like that sort of person and how they couldn't imagine such an image it was mainly them agreeing because 'Jessica said so'.

Personally, Jia Hyson almost disdained that sort of thinking more than Jessica's thoughts. Like, say what you want, even if she was a bigot she expressed her own opinion and stance, not just followed along regardless of your own thoughts just so a cute girl favours you.

And sure, Alaric was outcasted for crossdressing by Jessica, but this could be attributed to various factors happening at the same time that was against him. After all, you could probably strip one of their titles for having their less savoury interests revealed to the world but exile was quite a harsh measure. 

It was a bit like if a CEO was revealed to enjoy BDSM, if it's revealed between friends then the impact is not too big, but if someone posts the CEO's compromising photos online his image and reputation are ruined and it would be a difficult feat to potentially keep his position or continue to work during that time but unless the CEO was doing BDSM to like, an underage child or an endangered tortoise, the company would not take an aggressive initiative to fire him. Alaric was the same, his situation was indeed very scandalous but it wasn't exile worthy, not to mention his power was so good and he was indeed well-trained if unlikeable.

However, these traits that made him an asset also made him a problem for various factions in the coven. Alaric had grown up powerful, strict, and had literally no friends. He was like a conservative rule book who could literally ice you if you stepped out of line, with little to no exceptions. Many people didn't like that for various reasons. 

Jessica Fang's public outing of him gave a lot of vampires the opportunity to step on him and pour dirty water. Even if they were hypocrites who also had similar interests to Alaric, it was no skin off their back, at worst they will just lay low and hide it better until the negative bias against crossdressing dies down.

With such overwhelming public opinion, of course, measures must be done to appease them, besides the sad truth is that Alaric was not the only Rong of his generation and while they weren't as powerful as him, they had more flexible minds and better connections, therefore the loss was large but not large enough for the Rong's to do more than try beg for mercy. 

There are people out there who believe that making useless connections and many friends and acquaintances is a bit of a waste of time, but to be honest, Jia Hyson had always viewed it, while a pain, a necessary skill to survive society. The network you weave is not foolproof protection but it can help in resisting social accusations against your character, and occasionally an opportunity could be caught in that metaphorical web. If Alaric had more friends whose to say it would've been so easy to be overturned like this?

Anyway, Jia Hyson had only been masturbating. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Sure it was embarrassing, and it was a particularly kinky and lewd session. But on the flip side, his cross-dressing hadn't been found out since the laptop faced away from the window. Therefore there was no way to blackmail him unless they took photographic evidence. And Jia Hyson was assured that hadn't happened as Bebe is more sensitive to detecting technology and would have at least noticed such a thing. 

Tsk-ing again, Jia Hyson closes the window and locks it. He considers closing the curtains but he figures, ah, the voyeur saw pretty much all of it anyway, what was the point? 

Thinking such a pervert might still be watching, Jia Hyson bites his lip flushing with shame and shivered with the pleasure of exhibitionism. 

Hiding his lecherous and excited expression, he off his shirt which has clung to his sweat-soaked skin uncomfortably, leaving himself completely naked and exposed in his room. Running his hands through his hair damp with sweat Jia Hyson made sure to curve his chest outwards, highlighting the lines of his body before bending down he picks up his underwear and pants. Then, facing the window, he leans forward on the desk where his computer was placed, and with one hand reaches behind him.

"Ah, ahmhn…" Pushing his fingers gently at the rim and spreading out his slightly puffy hole Jia Hyson groans as he pulls out the toy from inside him. 

It wasn't really that big, only about five inches. He wouldn't deny wanting to go bigger now that he was confident in his vampire healing abilities, but bigger ones required a lot more preparation time and he was unfortunately a busy little vampire… but he plans to get a size up before entering St Lailah's just in case.

Looking at the dripping phallic item, Jia Hyson has another idea. 'Hey Bebe, can you scan this?'

Bebe: '…'

Bebe: 'Doot, doot, doot, this user is not available please leave a message when you're not being disgusting.'

Jia Hyson rolls his eyes. And his system dared call him a drama queen. "I meant bacteria wise? Like can you scan it and assume the contamination rating is 100%?'

'…Bebe can, Bebe supposes.'

Jia Hyson waits for a moment before Bebe tells him it's been done with a disdainful voice. Unhesitatingly Jia Hyson brings the dildo close to him and kisses his wrist before swirling it and planting it on the toy at hand.

Freezing just the surface he uses his other hand, which had been previously holding the clothes to make a few small movements so the ice frost hardened completely before half melting into icy sludge which moved around the toy, with no curve untouched. Finally, Jia Hyson threw the sludge into a small pot plant on his desk and let the ice melt. 

'Check now,' Jia Hyson orders proudly. He knows that while bacteria and germs can mainly only be killed off by heat, freezing germs does slow and stop reproduction. So if he froze the external surface and then used his manipulation powers to move the inner layer of ice with the bacteria to the outermost layer wouldn't it be pretty clean?

Bebe also understood what he had done and it was fairly impressed- by the sheer laziness of its host and how far he was willing to go to not do extra washing. 

After scanning though, Bebe couldn't help but admit that the sex toy was pretty clean. 'It's still better to wash it but Bebe estimates it's at least 97% germ-free.'

'Hehe,' Jia Hyson felt like he was brimming with great ideas today. It was like he had been blessed by the horny god of this world.

Feeling proud of himself he grabs his clothes which he had dumped onto the desk and trotted over to his bathroom, completely ignoring the fact there might be a presence watching him. Egotistically Jia Hyson smiles and touches his lip thoughtfully when he kicks the bathroom door closed behind him.

Hmmm, he gave the other such an erotic show. Who knows, maybe they'll fall in love with him after this? Haha. 

Peering back through the window and seeing Alaric had indeed gone to the bathroom, Prince Silas who had been holding his breath finally exhaled and the feeling of warm water falls onto him, his once invisible appearance now visible to the eye. However, he no longer had the cool, lazy appearance of before and he was wide-eyed and flushed as his hand clutched at his chest where his heart was beating miles per minute.

He had just been a bit irritated, being constantly ditched by the other vampire who was usually quite clingy with him in favour of his computer. Feeling a little uncharacteristically motivated to do something playful to vent out the unhappy feeling, Silas had wanted to play a small prank. Just surprise Alaric a little.

But who knew he would see-

Face heating up, Prince Silas quickly fled the scene. 



Little Theatre:

(Yes it's here because fucking censors on WN would delete this)

Jia Hyson: 'It's a bit of a pity I can't control heat as well or I would have truly mastered the art of temperature play ah.' 

Bebe: '…' This guy is given the ultimate skill of producing and controlling ice and he uses it for kinky shit. Unbelievable. 

Smut is a bit hard for me to write so I'll be a bit slow as I struggle to write through it haha UwU

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