[BL] Capturing my Demon King Costar Book

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[BL] Capturing my Demon King Costar


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[BL - Mature Content] Yao Shen is a struggling actor, virtually anonymous to the public. That is, until the opportunity to star in an anticipated new cultivation drama comes along, and it finally seems like Yao Shen's fate is turning. The only problem? He'll be playing the love interest of 'movie Emperor' Xin Hulei -- the big star responsible for all his difficulties in breaking into the entertainment industry. Things only get worse when a 'Demonic Capture System' is activated after Yao Shen's first audition with Xin Hulei. Worse becomes worrying when Yao Shen realizes the events depicted in the drama might not be so fictional after all, and that maybe there's more to it than the System is telling him... --- Yao Shen: "What do you mean Xin Hulei is one of the Demon Kings? And it's my job to send him back to the demonic realm? I'm just a D-list celebrity, how am I qualified for this?" System: "There are rewards." Yao Shen: "..." Yao Shen: "Tell me more" --- hardworking, down on his luck, determined and witty MC with a short fuse x cold beauty, calculating and sly, blackbellied Demon ML, hellbent on revenge.

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