[ DELETED ] Re: Child again.

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What is [ DELETED ] Re: Child again.

Read ‘[ DELETED ] Re: Child again.’ Online for Free, written by the author Xen_120598, This book is a Realistic Fiction Novel, covering ROMANCE Fiction, SYSTEM Light Novel, SUPERPOWERS Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: A university student returned to his childhood without knowing how or why it even happened. If Truck-kun isn't the one w...


A university student returned to his childhood without knowing how or why it even happened. If Truck-kun isn't the one who pulled strings here, then who? What will he do and how can his return affect the world he's in? Reincarnation + storage ring ( one mile space inside ) + a System. What more can he asked for?! === This story is mostly Slice of Life and will mostly focused on our MC's everyday life especially the Volume 1. The Cover photo wasn't mine. I just downloaded it from the internet. If you owned the photo and you don't like it to be here then please contact me so I can change it. Warning : Leon is a High Human and will become VERY OVERPOWERED when he grow up. C. R. O. S. S.]

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I suggest looking at the tags first before reading this book to avoid complains later . Exp Exp Exp Exp Exp Exp Exp Exp Exp Exp Exp Exp Exp Exp Exp Exp Exp Exp


Oh, damn you're doing slice of life also? Nice the same as me, but not really that slow, writing fantasy sometimes is tiring, I like slice of life and that is the same for fantasy, anyways hope you enjoy writing cause that all it matters. 1+ I'll Support you in this one.


SPOILER Chapter 3 and he already revealed his magic power to his entire kindergarten class plus his teacher. And MC as stupid as that is a big no in my books. Sorry. Dropped. If you delete the review I will post it again. Good luck.


Reveal spoiler


I have rights to vote yoh! Blah blah blah blah blah blah blahblah blah. I enjoyed the book, so I'm rating! 140 140 years in the middle of the states


I'm gonna be honest, couldn't get past chapter 2, grammar is just that horrifying. Not the worst I've seen on this website, but not far. If you're like me, and bad grammar is a turn off for you, then this isn't the novel to read in my humble opinion.


if i have to rate this, i will definately rate 5 stars. this is leagues apart from ordinary novel. puts smile on my face, great work and 👍👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌👌


This book is great. I have read some books with similar plot but most of them either make the mc a pervert or some too mature I don't want friends and want only money kind so this one is quite refreshing to read as the mc seems quite reasonable, so far he has messed up a bit here and there but he seems approachable. I love his interactions with his mother and his friends, they seem natural enough and flow nicely. The strongest point of this novel for me is the sheer relatable-ness(a new word made my me) is astounding. I can reminiscence my own childhood when I read this. The mc doesn't seem like any archetype and seems relatable, I would befriend him if I meet him. There are a few small nitpicks of mine though, sometimes the interactions feel a bit forced especially when things concerning his maturity comes into play and he does seem to show his 'intelligence' a bit to quickly but other than that this is a light hearted read which relieves stress and is a good example of its type.


I love it. Hopefully you cab focus on writing this story cause its too good to be true. It got the nice blend to it and cuteness overload. Hahaha .


I will say this, This novel is BETTER than the other back in time stuff because he has to work hard for his things, and its not shown much at the beginning but he isn't given too much and when you go back in time you use all the early cheats and he lives his life normally but working much harder. This is much more different than all those other back in time stuff which is one of the reasons why its so good compared to other novels




I'm only up to chapter 13 so i can't say anything about the rest of the book, but so far i have enjoyed it quite a lot, even though it is different from my usual action-fantasy books I read, but it's a nice change of pace. - So far the writing quality is very good, few mistakes here and there but nothing major, the writing style is consistent and goes into detail but not to much that it's overwhelming. - I don't have anything to say about the stability of updates, but what i can see it seems pretty consistent. - So far i enjoy the development of the story is peaceful and slow paced which is a nice change from the fast paced action based stories. this book focuses on character detail, but not to a boring state, so far i have found it enjoyable. - I think i summed up the character design basically in the last sentence :) - The world background is simple as it is just based of the real world or a very similar parallel world so nothing much to day 'bout it. overall a great slow paced, slice-of-life story, so if you like that style of are looking for a change of pace, i recommend this to you. :)


Exp Exp Exp Exp Exp Exp Exp Exp Exp Exp Exp Exp Exp Exp Exp Exp Exp Exp Exp Exp Exp Exp Exp Exp Exp Exp Exp Exp Exp Exp Exp Exp Exp Exp Exp Exp Exp


I really like the story so far and i'm interested to see what will happen next. I hope there will be a harem and im curious if pauline and carla might compete for leon...but either way love the story so far :)


very beautiful, and good, the part where the author wants the reader to think Carla will be taken by his father and filled with evil frog stories want to take the little Carla


Até que estou curtindo . .


Great story and thank you for novel.


Real relaxing, great way to end the day at 2am. My sleep is gonna be glorious, I can feel it. Anything that makes me sleep well deserves 5/5. Read for good time


So Um this is not a review but great novel, but when I click on a chapter it says the chapter has been deleted and I’m typing this on my phone rn because my computer can’t get to this page but my phone can, do you know any solutions cause I want to read it and you’re still updating it but When I click on it to read it says it has been deleted


Not much to say other than that this is an amazing book. *Random words to fill up space* One chapter per day will keep the 3 minute boredom away


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