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I Just Want My Peaceful Life

Guan Wei, The third prince of the Wei Empire, but in the eyes of people, Guan Wei is the trash prince. The Cripple Prince. The one who doesn't have a spiritual root. That all is his title, but there is a hidden title that people don't know that is 'Protective Older Brother' and 'Protective Son.' "You dare to touch my beautiful sister? Then taste my Sword. Do you dare to mock my Little Brother? Then here is my fist. No one mocks my family and done with it because I'm the Immortal of mount Chi." That is another title that people don't know. Guan Wei is the Immortal of Mount Chi, the most dangerous place in the entire world, but Guan Wei conquers it with his eye closed.

LuxVonDeux ยท Eastern Fantasy
Not enough ratings