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The Lord Of Spectacle: Starting From Building A Giant Stone Formation

Chen Feng crossed into the world of lords. Others awakened as Elemental Lords, Martial Lords, Fierce Beast Lords, and Plant Lords... Instead, he became a Spectacle Lord. He obtained the spectacle construction map and automatically built the spectacle. "Build [Stone Formation] and recruit the Great Prophet first!" "Build [Sky Garden] and increase all resources ten thousand times!" "Build [Great Library], gaining domestic, diplomatic, military, and technological talents!" "Build [Roman Colosseum], territorial livability is maxed!" "Build [Terracotta Warriors], 100,000 dead Qin soldiers to defend the territory!" "Build [Forbidden City], gaining 3,000 harem beauties!" Others were still struggling to resist the barbarians' attack. Chen Feng had already turned the wasteland into a museum of wonders! Spectacle might not be a good choice, but he was taking culture to the next level!

Civilization56 · War
63 Chs