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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard

Edward was reincarnated into the world of Harry Potter, an act which excites him giving the fact that this was one of his favorite books. So, he embarks on the path of wizardry in the hope of discovering the way it works, the laws or theories that govern it; he wanted to find its essence. When Edward finally uncovers the answers to the question he pondered on, he suddenly thought to himself: "Since the world of Harry Potter is real, what about all the other anime, movies, games, and books that I read from my past life? And if they are indeed real, how I can I get there?" This story is an Infinite Stream novel where the mc travels through different anime and movie worlds acquiring various magical abilities and knowledge in order to become a supreme wizard that stands on the top of countless dimensions and universes. This is a wish-fulfillment and Mary Sue novel so read at your own risk, and stop complaining about it. This is not a villain story, more like a morally gray one. Warnings: The MC will spend a great deal of time in the Harry Potter World before going to other worlds. I have not decided whether the [Curse Child] is canon or not. I do not care what JK Rowling said. Although this fanfic will be a Harem, the mc will not have a thousand women. Most likely, I will write so that he has a certain relationship with some female characters, then he will leave her in her own universe. Only a few will follow him in his journey. Also, a few men will also be in his group. THIS IS NOT A YAOI. If you enjoy my writing, please go read my other novel. [Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor] Although the story is slow in the beginning, it is worth the wait for the later plots. Also published on royalroad.com Go check out my Pa.tr.eon: .https://www.patreon.com/LazySageDao Or just go into the site and search for my author name (LazySageDao). So, go and support me if you can. Discord: https://discord.gg/bnsezTApeY Disclaimer: All the characters in this novel belong to JK Rowling, and I'm just using them to write my own story. If the creator of the cover wants me to remove it, comment so in one of the newest chapters.

LazySageDao · Book&Literature

Tower of God: Opening the Door to the Dawn of the Age of Chaos [Hiatus

Uriel has lived a difficult life. At the age of seven, his father, whom he most admired, suddenly abandoned him. He faced endless taunting and aggression from his schoolmates, until... An unexpected event occurred, which led him to a mysterious and desolate place. A cruel place, where you can be betrayed by the one you trust the most at any moment; where with every passing second, billions of people die; where powerful beasts and ruthless demons run wild. After living a ruthless life in that place for ten years, Uriel returns to his original world - Earth! However, on the very day of his return, he ends up going to another mysterious place with his father's arrangements. What he did not - or perhaps - expect, was that that place was the location of his favorite webtoon - Tower of God! And the surprises were never-ending. 'Urek Mazino?!' Upon entering the Tower, one of the first people he meets is the famous Urek Mazino! *A lot of bloody scenes, really a lot. The MC will not pity anyone, there will be torture, massacre, betrayal, killings, and so on. Discord: https://discord.gg/t5vzVduRdY

Zarathos_Lirbyther · Anime & Comics

Power's Of Redo Of Healer In MHA

"Come with me, dear foolish brother why do you resist" A man with short white hair says with a vicious smile. "Because your wrong, because I can't allow you to do what you want to do Big Brother." A sickly man says with a look of determination permeating along his whole being. "That's a mean thing to say, I'm trying to compromise here is tolerance not part of your justice." The man says with a hurt look on his face pleading his case to his brother. "Right now the world is in chaos, meta powers should not be used to further your own self-interest you're only thinking of gratifying yourself!" The man screams at his older brother reasoning with one of his own gritting his teeth. A man was watching this interaction with a frown watching the displays of both of there ideals trying to be projected onto one another. "Are they retarded?" The man said looking clearly disgruntled at both of the brothers actions. "People always act in there own self-interest isn't one for all also acting in his own self-interest to defeat All For One by manipulating every user to defeat his brother?" The man was confused at One for All's beliefs but then he thought of All For One. "I also don't understand why all for one would give a fucking crazy power like that to a person who loathes his existence." "Furthermore why the fuck wouldn't One For All pretend to get close to all for one getting as much powers as possible then when all for one starts trusting one for all stab him in the back?" 'Where am I?" he thought to himself looking around the endless darkness. "Purgatory." A voice resounded throughout the dark space even resonating in his very soul. Cover image not mine This time I gonna start out with plot then move into smut but don't worry my fellow pervs THERE SHALL BE SMUT and of course the first fix is free no waiting enjoy! Also I will eventually break off of the main plot but going to stick too it with some adjustments before I fully diverged

Siebog · Anime & Comics

Pokemon: Ultimate Generations

Gan was playing his new pokemon Sword Version until an earthquake suddenly shook the area he lived in. Once it stopped, he went to check on his parents, who were alright. Afterward, he went to bed and woke up in the middle of the night to get some water when he saw a strange light coming from his basement. Gan was naturally curious, so he went to check it out. Disclaimer: Based on the Anime and Games, with a twist.

Monster_Paradise · Anime & Comics

cum drink system

Richard was just a loser who dreamed of transmigrating and becoming a king, he succeeded and went to a world of kingdoms and magical empires, but he won the cum system, where he receives sperm from characters and needs to drink to gain powers *you gained 1 liter of sperm from Itachi Uchiha, drink to gain the Uchiha lineage* *you gained a pool of sperm from Alduin(Skyrim), bathe in sperm to activate the Draconic force* *Congratulations you gained 1 special wife; felix argyle your first wife trap, take her sperm regularly and raise your level non-stop* #bisexual #trap #harembi There will be lots of sex in public and lots of fetishes

Marcelinho_Ggazeli · Anime & Comics

Douluo Dalu: Eternal Immortal New Beginning

It's been a long time since Shi Yan beat the Absolute Beginning and became the new God of the Universe, bored and no more challenges, he decides to send a piece of his immortal soul to a space rift. A universe awaits him with many new adventures and many beautiful women to conquer.

Demon_King22 · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings

That time I was reborn as an Uchiha in Naruto

Ordinary kid gets reincarnated into the Naruto world in a not-do-ordinary way. "I can't believe I died... I feel like I died too young." "Well, looking at this place, I think that I'll get reincarnated soon enough. Great! I'll think of some wishes. Be op from the start!" Just then, a cough broke his thoughts. Standing in front of him was an old bearded guy with a cane. "Boy, you have good karma. I'll reincarnate you into a world of my choice." "Great! I choose to be reincarnated in... wait what?" "You shall be reincarnated in Naruto!" "Well, not my first choice but meh, I can work with it. So, my wishes are..." "Alright! Good luck mortal, off you go!!" "Hey! What about my wishes, my insta-op cheat!!" The old man ignored him. Instead, he raised his cane. "Oi Oi, what are you..." In a single swift motion, he smashed the kid on his head. Poor kid never stood a chance.

Narutotsutsuki7109 · Anime & Comics
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The SCP Experience.

Jason Chao. In his previous life, he was a hardened and experienced assassin (Sort of childish though). Well, that part isn't really that important. Anyway. He was reincarnated in this familiar fun genocidal universe, the place where the SCP Mythos took place. As a D-Class Personnel of the SCP Foundation. Good thing he came with a handy object of much power. A really handy thing. Warning: Contains quite a lot of cursing. Grammar is garbage. The reasoning is garbage. No Plot. English is my first language, but it's still garbage. Disclaimer: Besides OC, nothing belongs to me. Some SCP Slang In The Story: D-Class Personnel: D-Boys (Regardless Of Gender) SCP-173: Peanut. SCP-939: Dog. SCP-096: The Shy Guy (Duh.) SCP-106: Larry. SCP-018: The Ball. The SCP Foundation: Stupid Careless Pushovers. I play SCP: Secret Laboratory too much. Lol. Writer: S.

ImRacistXD · Book&Literature
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