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A Spy for an Heir

Haley Butcher has another identity: Heather Parker, relative to one of the three ruling packs of New Day City. While Haley comes from a poor district, Heather is rich, allowing her to mingle with high society. Her mission is simple— expose the wrongdoings happening in the city. However, falling in love wasn’t part of that plan. Unfortunately, life isn’t a smooth ride and things turn bumpy when secrets start to surface. Can Haley stay undercover? — “Is this not private enough?” Remus’s hands glided up to her cheek. He didn’t try to kiss her, but the want was there. Haley tried to convince herself that she didn’t want this, but she couldn't lie to herself. It scared her; how fast she was falling. Yet, she couldn’t stop herself from leaning forward and connecting lips. A Spy for an Heir is created by Tina Freemoon, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

Tina Freemoon · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
20 Chs