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Billionaire's Marriage Of In-Convenience

From "can I borrow a kiss for bet" to "It was nice sleeping with you" Ethan and Esmeralda entered the most inconvenient marriage of the century. _______ A commitment-phobic and emotionally unavailable Billionaire. That is the reputation that precedes Ethan Westbury. The words cold and distant don't even begin to describe him. An unwarned kiss made him cross his path with Esmeralda Fox, the eccentric actress. She is sure that the billionaire who has more money than emotions is the devil in disguise. Now, the story gets spicy here. Ethan's grandfather's will inheritance clause had posed a great threat to everything he had achieved so far in his life. Get married before his thirty-fourth birthday or lose everything to his Asshole cousin who would stop at nothing to defeat him. Marrying the emerald-eyed curvy beauty is the only option he had. The problem? He is unable to keep up his distant and cold appeal before the devilish beauty. She is everything he hadn't expected. She is like a typhoon, breaking all of his fences and walls and creeping into his heart like a clawing vine. Suddenly, it's impossible for him to keep up with this marriage of convenience when his contractual wife is nothing but an inconvenience with a capital I.

tanu_sam · Urban
Not enough ratings
240 Chs

The Wedding Planner's Romance

Marriage first. Then, love. Yun Shu is a wedding planner, who was busy planning others' weddings while having a nonexistent romantic life. Meanwhile, her grandmother was urging her to be in a relationship and get married fast. “Grandma, choosing a boyfriend is not as easy as choosing a cabbage.” This was how Yun Shu had answered when her grandma urged her to find a boyfriend again. Who would have thought that her grandmother would walk over to the handsome man at the vegetable aisle and introduce her as her granddaughter and that, she was looking for a boyfriend? Just like Yun Shu, Qi Zheng’s family was also urging him to get married fast. The next time he see her again, it was at a blind dating event. Qi Zheng had mistakenly thought that Yun Shu was a participant in this event as well. He walked over and directly asked, “Do you want to come with me and get a marriage certificate? Your grandmother would stop urging you to get a boyfriend, and I can stop my family from doing the same.” Yun Shu looked at the agreement in front of her and decided to sign it. The man looked at her signature and smiled. "Miss Yun, let's try to get along with each other within this one-year period." --- Slow romance. --- Entering WPC 299 - Contract Marriage --- Cover Illustration commission by kirinlukis 1. Loving You Too Much 2. True Love and Other Lies 3. A Lifetime with You 4. You're My Only Star 5. The Dragon Beside Me 6. Love So Sweet 7. Commander Qi's Runaway Wife 8. The Author Must Die

zetsubouaichan · Urban
353 Chs

Trial Marriage Husband : I Am CEO's Plaything

“You bastard! Because of your behavior now I'm getting drunk!" After broke up with her previous boyfriend who had runaway with her all moneys, Lisa, an employee at a multinational company, had to fight tooth and nail to support her sick mother and her sister who was still in college. Fed up with endless life and sad financial conditions, Lisa decides to have a one night love affair with a handsome man of European descent who turns out to be her own boss, a CEO at the company where she works. For the sake of dwindling savings and the scorn of those who make fun of her, Lisa was forced to be willing to satisfy the CEO's wild appetite. Even Lisa began to think about agreeing to give herself up to be the wife of a wild man in order to maintain the financial stability of her family's life. What kind of marriage would Lisa have living with a wild CEO who never stops toying with her body? What did the CEO mean to ask Lisa to marry him? Is it just to satisfy his fantasy? Or…

Renata99 · Urban
820 Chs

My Three Husbands - A Reverse Harem Story

Why drown in love when you can have so much fun swimming in lust? Lust is a tool, desire a trap. Wield the first, and you can take someone's soul. Fall into the second, and they can take yours. ..... Charla, a budding model enters the new metro city and is hardly able to sustain in her new life. In one of her ramp shows, she is spotted by three men who are indeed co- partners of the company Charla works for. Soon, her circumsatnces bring her to a situation where the girl has to sign a contract with the three men, each one being her husband. The girl decides to sign the contract, and makes up her mind to not fall for any of the three men. But what happens, when all three fall for her and she has to choose between them..... Thus starts a journey of love, lust, seduction and revenge..... What will the three men do with one common wife? warning : Adult content

Alaheeza · Urban
29 Chs

After Turning Down the Proposal, The Whole World Waits For Me to Remarry

In the Civil Affairs Bureau, her stepsister and fiancé secretly signed their marriage certificate, and she happened to see it. Therefore, Xiao Yu was publicly annulled in front of everyone. Outside the Civil Affairs Bureau, she looked at the man who shared the same fate as her and smiled as she approached him. "Sir, since we're in the same boat, why don't we make do and get our marriage certificate too? We can't let the idiots get ahead of themselves, right?" "Sure, but we have to fulfill all obligations as husband and wife. I'm not interested in a fake marriage." The man's eyes were filled with the overbearingness and anger of a man who just got dumped. When the woman heard that, she laughed coldly and said, "Of course, I'm not interested in a fake marriage either. After we get married, we'll be just any typical husband and wife." Hence, the couple bonded by such a ludicrous marriage started working together to torture those who wronged them. The two of them held the grandest wedding of the century. They were both talented and beautiful, like a match made in heaven. In public, he doted on her to the heavens, stirring up people's envy. Behind public scrutiny, he often acted indifferently toward her like she was a stranger. He was akin to an actor who performed his role as a man seeking revenge so perfectly. Xiao Yu did not blame her husband for not loving her because they agreed to this union to have their revenge on their exes after all. Moreover, she was ready to go through a divorce anytime. After all, all shows would come to an end. After their divorce, Xiao Yu forwent everything and was about to start her life anew. Never did she expect that the strong-headed, cruel man in her previous marriage grew so distraught due to his inability to let her go. You Cheng, "Wifey, come home with me! Let's remarry!" Xiao Yu, "Haven't we agreed to stay out of each other's sight forever?" You Cheng, "Then, you have to return what you've stolen from me." Xiao Yu replied somewhat nervously, "What is it?" You Cheng said in a voice that was dripping with love, "My heart. You stole my heart." Xiao Yu patted her chest in relief, "You nearly killed me with the suspense. I thought you're here for your son! Your heart, right? That's nothing important. Here, I've returned it to you." You Cheng, "..."

JQK · Urban
40 Chs

Matched to A Demon

Born on Ethem, Ava is a human in a world where there are 10 women for every man. Not wanting to be one of many or a marriage of convenience she is left with only one choice. Matchmaker. The problem since human men are so few she'll have to look at more out of the box for husband. More like out of her world.

Tala_Kellie · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings
50 Chs

Contract Marriage: Love At Last

Ruby is trapped in a contract marriage, all because she needed money for her mother's treatment. All hope was lost for her. She got separated from the one who truly loves her to settle with a cruel billionaire's son because of his money. But the truth is that her marriage is a ploy by a family member to get back at her because of an accident in the past. Now she has to settle down with a man who doesn't love her and navigate the stormy waters of marriage with him. Aidan is stuck with a woman he has no interest in, all just to get access to his inheritance. Knowing she married him for his wealth made things easier because the both of them knew their boundaries. But then what if this wife of his is so much more than he thought? Would his view about her change? Was there even a chance for love to grow between them? Or would the challenges from the outside kill their love before it even began? Well, read to find out! _______ "So you are my new puppet?” he asked as he studied my body from the top of my hair to my toe.

Ebest · Urban
134 Chs


UPDATE four day a week. Arra Maharani and Tyo Hermawan. People said, Love comes from getting used to. Arra's real love for Tyo came because Arra loved Tyo because of the heart and heart that compromised together to make Arra who was shy and didn't talk much turned into Arra who humiliated himself. Arra is a high school girl, where she is seventeen years old and is in her first year of school. There were no problems at first, she had good friends, although in the end Arra thought about staying away from her best friend. Arra's boyfriend likes Arra, Arra's girlfriend likes Arra's boyfriend, Arra doesn't like Arra's boyfriend. Feeling hot and uncomfortable, Arra finally accidentally met a man who she wasn't sure would also be a bigger problem than what Arra had previously wanted to stay away from. The man was his own brother's friend. Giral Anoval. "Bro Giral, Bro Giral's friend is very handsome, can Bro Giral introduce him to me?"

sakasaf_story · Urban
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179 Chs