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Abysmal fleet

After being reborn as a space craft powered by dark matter the mc seeks to wreak havoc on the universe seeing as no other alternative, corrupting other life forms and turning them into abysmal air crafts. I post every other day, or if I have time.

tantrichell · Magical Realism
Not enough ratings

Strongest level 1

A 17 year old boy named Gerry found himself in a different version of "Earth" when he was walking and got killed by a running car in an accident. While he continues to walk and didn't know that he is already dead and got transported into this look a like Earth a sudden bright light appeared in front of him and there is a letter carved in a middle of it saying "welcome to the Earth's magical place" and the letter disappeared but there is a following letter appeared and said "you are now lvl 1".

Gairo · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

I'm a common folk, please let me rest!

Humans in general wants to be a someone. Someone who is rich. Someone who is powerful. Someone who is smart. Someone who is influential. They want to break the equilibrium that was set to them and reach for something greater. Humans will keep their heads up looking at the sky. Reaching up their hands wanting to be that someone, that something that changes their whole dynamics and set equilibrium. Humans have their aspirations, hopes, and dreams. They always look up and even if they fail to have the one they set on the first place. They will always keep reaching up their hands grabbing to the next big thing they want to become. Humans are constantly moving, ever changing, and non-stop. They will always keep looking up even on the top. For Jamie, he does not necessarily understand as to why humans are like this. They always strive for something. Change is inevitable. No one can deny that, not even Jamie. For him, he just wants to look forward. Not up, not down, but forward. Everyone is reaching up their hands when he just continues to go forward. With the equilibrium he has and someone who he is. He regards himself as the common. Everything would change, but he is the same. He might be moved with the currents, but he will be the same. He would always go on to his life, just going and doing life as set as it is. Be born, live, then die. Strings were pulled, not for someone, but for him. Jamie's fate started moving on the direction he least expected and did not want. "You're our son now and we will love you and give you everything we have!" said the Archduchess weeping as he held Jamie.

jiujiu · Fantasy
Not enough ratings