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The World of Cards

War! Strange Abilities! Mystery! Our story follows Arne, a boy with fairly simple beginnings and his discovery of power and the fantastical World of Cards. He is born in a small village in the Kingdom of Swords, trapped between warring kingdoms, he must make himself stronger to protect himself and discover his meaning in the world! From the almighty Major Arcana, the life-changing Minor Arcana, to the Beast and Weapon cards. Making use of ancient practices, modern society seals every item they can into cards! Many mysteries remain unsolved and many stones unturned. Follow Arne as he ventures through the world collecting cards, and discovering their history, battling influential and powerful foes along the way. I'm a new writer, so give me lots of ideas, and let me know if there are grammar problems that are major. Drop some power stones if you feel like it, I plan to write 400+ chaps anyway. Check out my other novel: Serpent's Age Discord Server: https://discord.gg/cr4yqX3m3k

TheWoodsman · Fantasy


After losing a battle of wits to retain his title as CEO, feeling nothing to lose he opted to commit suicide, but then transmigrates to a world where magic exists and learned he was sold as a slave by his father in this new world. With a fickle system and a cruel disposition, what would he accomplish this time?

Quickjade · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

The Magical Demon

Not to be replicated in any shape or form without the author's permission. Archfiend. A term for a powerful demon. This one, well, he was powerful, but not in the way of the others. Most demons have no abilities, except for special traits and some increased stats, but this one seemed to be able to produce anything. He called this system "Magic". This is the story of Nibiru, a magical demon with the power to do anything, within reason. This is my first time writing a book. If you are looking for an overpowered MC story, then this is one for you. I made this because I wanted to be able to do whatever I wanted, with nobody in real life hindering me. I hope you enjoy the book :)

ShadowAmeratsu · Martial Arts
Not enough ratings

So, You Wanna Learn To Cultivate?

As an avid gamer of cultivation simulation games, Chyou falls through a portal and ends up in the game she was playing. But she ends up with a cursed body with no cultivation! But all hope is not lost as Chyou discovers a secret manual hidden deep in the crystal caves.

Kaede_Toyama · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings