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DxD: Ink and summoning

After dying in a hospital, our Mc wants to enjoy his new life to the fullest. What can you do with the Longinus Annihilation maker, a great imagination, the legacy of a certain painter and a system that lets you summon characters you knew in you past life? Carrying problems from the past, finding new ones on this world or summoning them from another world What changes would he bring to this new world? I do not own the cover. Dxd or any of the summoned characters. English is not my main lenguage.

LaYEn · Anime & Comics

Eternal Harem

(Note1: For those who are curious about which world I have written till now, see the chapter list I always mention the name of the world in the chapter title. Note2: I'm not a professional writing nor I want to be, don't expect relationship development, my grammar and spelling mistakes might give you headache, I'm writing this on mobile and it's really pain in the ass. Those who are hardcore harem fans this may be treasure for you I guess hehe. Mc will visit many worlds but there will be only few chapters for each world. This ff is fully focused on waifu collection you have been warned.) This is the story of a man who died and finds him self in the void and he could not remember about him self he only remembered all the fictional work that he read and the games that he played. Then he meets One Above All. Find out how our mc Arch Elrod visits various fictional worlds and games to collect wifus and to have adventures. Mc will be manipulative he will steal wifus that he likes even from death. If mc likes a wifu but she have wrong personality or background he will change it as he see fit.(ex- Freya from danmachi) and yeah gender bland will be there too. Mc or me doesn't care about plot we only care about wifus. so those who likes plots or the original protagonists sorry there will be many changes you have been warned. Mc will be the doom of many male characters. Note: Manipulative and netori tags are not just for show you have been warned. Note2: I only own mc and maybe some oc, others characters are not mine. Note3: Those who likes and enjoy reading my ff thanks, if you don't give positive comments it's up to you but those who doesn't like it you can stop reading but please keep those negative comments to your self cause I want to keep my motivation to keep writing.

Jake_Makvana · Anime & Comics

Second Chance: Summon System

A man from modern day earth gets killed by Truck-sama and his soul transmigrates to another world. His soul merges with the second prince of the Fortis Kingdom. A summoning system appears to help him survive this dangerous new world. Summons can be anything from tvshows, movies, books, comics, manga, anime, novels, etc. feel free to give me summon ideas in the discord https://discord.gg/JhVeZn5 If you like my writing consider supporting on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/AlienWarlord

AlienWarlord · Anime & Comics

GOT : The Prince That Was Promised

Fan-Fic of Game of Thrones. 22 years old student died and reincarnates in Game of Thrones with wishes. Updates will be slow, Usually on Sunday. Just doing it for fun. The Front Cover is not mine, just found on Professor Google.

DaRk_AngeL · TV

DxD: King of Summoning

ALTERNATIVE TITLE: [ DxD: Rey of the Summoning, DxD: Rey The Summoner ] ×÷×÷×÷×÷×÷×÷×÷×÷×÷×÷×÷×÷×÷×÷×÷×÷×÷×÷× SYNOPSIS: [ Rey, a half devil-human boy from the hidden Devil family, Rofocale. One day, his Mother was killed. But, he who's just a little boy was too weak to avenge her, and so he was almost killed too and dying. But then.... ] ×÷×÷×÷×÷×÷×÷×÷×÷×÷×÷×÷×÷×÷×÷×÷×÷×÷×÷× AUTHOR'S NOTE: [ This is not a DxD fanfic with a reincarnated or transmigrated MC! MC is original character born and raised in the DxD World! And there is no OP System-thing too! ] [ Sorry if my grammar not really good. English is not my first language, so please forgive. Even so, I will try my best! Thank you! ]

rtlps_360 · Anime & Comics

All-Powerful : Summoning System

Nathan Storm's life has been boring as of late. He has no aspirations and little to no goals. Most of his time is spent at his computer in his room. His family and friend believe him to be lazy and unmotivated. Nathans believes their delusion. All he wants to do is spend his time relaxing. But unfortunately, Nathan doesn't have a choice. A mysterious questionnaire and a night of darkness sends him into a completely different world. A world of fantasy, magic, warriors, and kingdoms, both great and small. A dangerous world for someone without a weapon or some form of defense. It's a good thing then, that Nathans got a weapon of his own. [Transmigation and Integration Complete] [System transplant successful] [Congratulations Host. You have been transmigrated to a different world and have been given a unique gift. The All-Powerful Summoning System] ............................................ [Art is not mine]

I_S_Rift · Anime & Comics

Starting From Naruto To Explode Weapons

T/N: Reincarnating into the World of Naruto, and waking up finding yourself participating in the Battle of Kikyo Pass isn't exactly a good experience. Naturally, our MC, Uchiha Makoto began to panic. Fortunately, his Goldfinger, a System arrived shortly after, saving his life, he then begins his journey of exploding equipment by killing Ninja and obtaining Gold Coins and other loot from their corpses. This is a translation ..... He begins training later on and reaches a level such that he can keep the Eight Inner Gates open permanently with no drawback or strain. How can he NOT dominate the World of Naruto with such strength??!!! Please do go and support the original author of this Novel: Sugar Coated Haws Sugar (this is his english pen name, he has a chinese pen name, after all he is a Chinese author.) For those who want to support me and read ahead, please go to: www.p@treon.com/abyssalmonarch

Exalted_Rogue · Anime & Comics

King of Yunkai GOT Human Hero Summon System

A man dies and is reborn as one of Yunkai's wise masters, he has a system of summoning human heroes from real history like genghis khan, Alexander III of Macedonia, Bai Qi, only people who really existed are now taken to the world of GOT (poorly written)

Marcelinho_Ggazeli · TV