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Reborn in Jujutsu Kaisen World with THREE wishes

MC died an unfortunate death and a god offers her to reborn in Jujutsu kaisen world! And she had THREE WISHES! Innate technique? Cursed energy? She can have EVERYTHING !!! Follow MC's journey as she goes to Tokyo Jujutsu High, messes with people, toying with curses and getting stronger. MC x Gojo Satoru I've decided to go with Gojo anyway so it'll technically be steacher-student relationship. MC is NOT UNDERAGE btw If you have triggers, please do not read this. SPOILER ALERT IF YOU DON'T READ MANGA SOME EVENTS AND INFO FROM MANGA IN VOL 2!!

Clara_4252 · Anime & Comics

Just Like Flowers

A studxstud book

Itsbribri_okay · others
Not enough ratings