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Master Gu's Boundless Love

Three years ago, because she was announced as the heir of the family, her step-sister was jealous and blinded her, abandoning her in the wilderness! She had thought that she would die there, but someone had rescued her and brought her to another country. On the day that she saw the light again, she was told that she was the second miss of the Gu family. After her memories were restored, she would focus on getting revenge. Three years later, she changed her appearance and returned powerful, determined to get back everything she had lost. Father: "It must be hard on you to remember this family." Stepmother: "Remember your place. Never fight with your sister." Step-sister: "You're really lucky you didn’t die outside!" Ming Qu, the previously unknown second daughter of the Ming family whom no one had a good opinion of then got into a limited-edition luxury car. The next day, Ming Qu left the Ming family and started trending on the Internet as Mrs. Gu. Aside from the Ming family, the entire Tong City was flabbergasted. Throughout the rest of the month, Ming Qu attended all kinds of high-end banquets in grand outfits, with a handsome and noble man by her side. Someone recognized him as the most mysterious tycoon in the business world. Looking at the person who had bullied her in the past, begging for mercy on the ground like a dog, the man pulled her into his arms lovingly. "Little one, how does it feel to take revenge?" She curled her lips into a vicious smile. “Yes, it feels good, but I should share the pain that eats away at my bones with my sister. Otherwise, how could I possibly get rid of the hatred in my heart?”

Female Young Master Zhou · Contemporary Romance