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Douluo Dalu: Alchemy Douluo- Marrying Ning Rongrong At The Start!

Awakening his past life’s memories, Yun Lianjin found out that he was in the world of Douluo Dalu! He even became the fiance of Ning Rongrong and the son-in-law of Ning Fengzhi! With Triplet Martial Soul, Innate Full Spirit Power 90, and meta-knowledge, will Yun Lianjin successfully unify the mainland and become the strongest in the entire multiverse while enjoying his life as a young master? He will do whatever it takes to achieve his goal! Even if he becomes the villain to others, he will always be a hero to those he holds dear in his heart! *** NOTICE: I don’t like harem so… NO Harem! Ning Rongrong would be the love interest if that wasn’t obvious. MC won’t bootlick and follow Tang San and Yu Xiaogang. He will kill them because he finds the two of them a hindrance to his plan. MC is OVERPOWERED so he won’t need to bootlick Tang San. And for those who will be triggered, then to warn you all, MC might kill Xiao Wu depending on the situation so that he could obtain her spirit ring and spirit bone. (Or I might NOT make MC do that and instead, use his alchemy to create beast transformation pills for Da Ming and Er Ming so that Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan will have two Titled Douluo. I will hold a poll for that but that will be for future events.) And, I’m a teenager so I don’t like MILFs unlike you adults since they are too mature and older than me. MILFs aren’t my type. Because of that, Bibi Dong will never be a love interest and if that triggers you, then don’t read this. Spirit Hall is the enemy of MC since they will be a hindrance to his clan so he won’t hesitate to kill Bibi Dong and Qian Renxue. So for those who will be triggered by that, don’t read this. This is a side project and I mainly write original novels so updates for this will depend on its popularity. If you guys shower this with love and powerstones, then it's a given that I will also reciprocate by showering updates. Aren’t I kind enough to warn you all about that? So do me a favor and don’t read this if the above-mentioned warnings triggered you since it’s too bothersome to deal with idiots who can’t read words. LMAO! This notice has more words than the synopsis.

ShadowKatake · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings
9 Chs

To Love Ru: With Mashiro Shiina

This story takes place in [To Love Ru] background with Yuki Rito, whose soul was replaced by an unknown shinobi from Naruto world. Since the reincarnation of that person takes place at the age of 5. The character of Rito will be a little different, it will still take place at the high school entrance. When Rito will pick up Mashiro Shinna from [The Pet Girl of Sakurasou] anime. Our character will not be overpowered, just being a calm personality of shinobi. Our protagonist, being a Naruto fan, due to which, Our character will have a righteous personality. He will work in different stores, with the cool-looking style of shinobi. He will be wearing the headband, similar to the shinobi style. So those who still wanted to continue to read, then go ahead and read. It will bring a lot of fun for you guys to read. Though R-18 scene, will not be there in the beginning. If you guy like my fanfiction. I hope, in the future, you will help me in making my youtube channel. I am planning to create an AMV of to love Ru with Indian Hindi songs.

Newblwe · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings
8 Chs

powerful lover

Karma_Stegall · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings
5 Chs