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Dimensional Descent

The Third Dimension is collapsing. The Fourth Dimension is descending. First it seemed that only technology would evolve, but who knew the world itself could too? It wasn’t as simple as climate change or tectonic movement. No, the fundamental laws of physics that governed everything were changing. Leonel was fairly lucky. His family was decently well off, his father loved him enough to brew vomit inducing nutrient rich smoothies every morning, and this was both the day of the National Championship and his 521st confession to his dream girl, Aina. As his father always said, nothing was more important than respect and persistence. Unfortunately, everything changed that night. At the after party of ages, the world reached a saturation point and an apocalypse descended. Abilities awakened. Sub-Dimensional Zones opened. Invalids rampaged through the Earth like a virus... Those who could evolve would have a slim chance for survival. Those who couldn’t would die. This novel will be a unique spin on the dungeon/system genre. Dungeons won't be dungeons and the system won't be a system... Take a look to find out what I mean :) -------- For Updates - @Awespec on twitter or https://discord.gg/awespec for discord https://www.instagram.com/awespec_/ https://dimensional-descent.fandom.com/wiki/Aina_Brazinger

Awespec · Fantasy

Esoteric War

A seemingly normal high school boy sits on the roof contemplating whether or not to just end it all from all the bullying he's received over his fascination with being a powerful sorcerer like Abe no Seimei. With a small doll in hand he went near the edge, but was grabbed by someone and hugged. That's when he made a couple of new friends, and formed a club together. But forces have begun to encroach on the world, and they made it their official business to banish them all.

Ya_Boi_GamerDouji · Martial Arts
Not enough ratings

The dangerous clap

Agbeta2018 · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings

Spark up

David Hills a final year student in Lautner high. After years of no contact between him and his assumed cousin Sarah,they finally met when Sarah came to spend the holiday with the hills . David a young boy who wasn't really used to falling in love will find himself falling for a girl no one could resist. With time,he will have to decide to either follow his heart or stay put with the life he seemed to be living.

DaoistcgpNNC · Competitive Sports
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Eldritch Creature's Guide

"Welcome to the Cosmos of Madness!" Said a man with long red hair and piercing golden eyes as he descended from the stars. "You have been chosen for a great purpose! Task! Mission! Destiny!" He shouted dramatically as countless worlds heard his every word, from the lowest peasants to the mighty entities in the lofty palaces of their bastions. "All of you accept your destiny as a sacrifice to Daemon Sultan, Blind Idiot God, Primordial Demiurge, Azathoth!" And then Apocalypse descended. *** Follow the journey of self-named Samiel Zentaur, a half-mad worshipper of the Outer Gods, on the Path of Transcendence and in his path to find himself. This is story of wars, power, romance, realization and even more. *** Disclaimer: No Alpha MC, and no MC is not a fanatical worshipper right from the start... try to give it a shot more than reading the first chapters... female lead could be unlikable in the start... similarly like Weiss from RWBY in first volumes... *** Release rate: Daily Release. Min word count of each chapter: 2k words. 1 Super Gift = 1 Bonus Chapter 1,000 Power Stones = 1 Bonus Chapter 250 Golden Tickets = 1 Bonus Chapter *** Tags: Anti-Hero, Evil Protagonist, Outer Gods, Church Building, Army Building, Game Elements, Necromancer, Ice User, Magician / Wizard / Arcanist / Sorcerer / Warlock, Slow Romance, Single Female Lead, Mythology, Apocalypse, Gods, Demons, Dragons, Vampires, Ruthless Protagonist, Romantic Subplot, World Building Weak to Strong, Strong to Stronger, Overpowered Protagonist, Sword and Magic, Grinding, Tower, Climbing, Special Abilities, Strength-based Social Hierarchy, Wars, Conquest, Dark, Gore, Poor to Rich, Money Grubber, Greedy Protagonist, Strong Female Lead, Power Couple, Levels, Familiars, Monsters, Magical Beasts, Selfish Protagonist, World Hopping, Evolution, Race Change, Non-Human Protagonist, World Travel, Interdimensional Travel... *** So support and read! Thank you very much.

Trafford · Fantasy

Strongest Businessman of the Cultivation World

"Damn it! I transmigrated! They don't even have bathing soaps here! What kind of shitty Cultivation World is this? Never mind. I will become the richest person to enjoy all the luxuries. What? To become the richest person you need to be the strongest? Okay! I will become the Strongest Businessman of this Cultivation world!" Under Corporate Social Responsibility, I will build Schools and Hospitals! I will uplift the commoners by bringing Democracy to this world! What will I do while my business empire grows? I will be enjoying the best milk tea in the continent while watching the sunset from the tallest skyscraper! Power Stone Goals! 200 PS for 2 extra Chapters. Released on Sunday. Want to make sure I am writing? Join me on discord. https://discord.gg/8dc65cGzmD Cover by Blue Roses. If you want me to take it down, just leave a comment.

Wise_Weed · Eastern Fantasy

I Receive Directions To Become The Supreme Demon In My Sister's Novel

When Lin Yu woke up, he was shocked to learn that he was transmigrated to the fantasy novel his younger sister had written. To make matters worse, his character was a stepping stone for the main protagonist. Not only did his childhood friend would marry the main protagonist, but he would eventually become a demon in the end and get decapitated by the main protagonist. Fortunately, the notebook that he had received from his sister on his birthday had arrived at the new fantasy world with him. It allowed him to communicate with his sister. “That’s right! Go to the hill behind the village and look for a tree that has been struck by lightning. Walk around the tree clockwise three times, and you’ll enter and secret dungeon! You can learn a God-tier Martial Art there!” “What? Pills? Look for a Mr. Xu at the East Market! Buy the ring he’s selling. There are a lot of different pills in it, enough for you to eat as many as you want!” “Oh! Don’t forget to locate the Moonlight Treasure! It’s a Divine Item that allows you to move through dimensions. I want to go to that world for a holiday too!” After being given all the information, Lin Yu only had one question in his mind. “Sis, where is your future sister-in-law?”

Younger Sister · Eastern Fantasy

Aiding My Queen With My System

Chu Feng transmigrates to a fantasy world only to realize that he’s a handsome but useless man who’s marrying into the family of Ji Rui, a capable woman of very high cultivation level. He quickly falls for his beautiful fiancee only to find out that she just wants to maintain a fake marriage to appease her powerful father, Ji Zheng. He finally finds himself in a situation that he would usually find in novels upon getting married—he is blessed with the Divine-level Son-in-law Freeloader System. The irreverent system rewards him with mysterious gift packs and rare treasures for his efforts in completing missions, resulting in him quickly advancing from an ordinary person to a cultivator. Ironically, Ji Zheng becomes more powerful due to a treasure Chu Feng receives from the system, which culminates in Ji Rui becoming the supreme leader of the four major sects in the world. However, opposing forces remain lurking in the shadows and Ji Zheng decides that a special treasure is required to aid Ji Rui in her ultimate advancement in cultivation. In her search for this rare treasure, a stranger from afar comes with information of a cryptic ravine that splits the Purgatory Sea into two. She decides to follow the stranger and brings Chu Feng with her on the dangerous trip to the faraway Purgatory Sea which teems with itinerant cultivators, demonic beasts, and valuable treasures. When they run into a life-threatening situation, Chu Feng says to Ji Rui, "My instinct is to protect you." She is amazed with this man in front of her. Why would this weak and useless man want to save her when he knows that their marriage is only a sham? What should she do with this husband of hers? What would happen to their relationship when they find the special treasure?

Spirit Caster · Eastern Fantasy