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ARRANGED DEAL ; [jeongcheol]

Choi Seungcheol is the son of the owner of Pledis University. However, he came back from States and he was chased by his ex girlfriend. He needs someone to pretend as his fake boyfriend, so that his ex girlfriend would stop, because he knows girls would just get scared of his ex. Then, he found his match, Yoon Jeonghan. The President of the Student Council. Their first meeting was unexpected. Seungcheol offered him a Deal later on, and Jeonghan agreed. Both of them agreed, and now, they don't know how to end it. But I'm not talking about the deal. [Further infos, read the story]

shanihae · Music & Bands
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Ties of Destiny

Gadis bernama Park Hana berkorban demi sahabat karibnya..

Dyah_Story20 · Fan-fic RPS
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