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One Sword Binds Your Heart

Walking the earth with a sword in hand Love and hate freely without a plan Stray into the red dust and grievances rise Emotions become the hero’s demise A bloodstained dress is the emperor’s dream The battlefield is not what it seems One sword may bind or break the heart Next life we’ll stay forever apart ----- When a twist of fate causes high school junior Wang Jingyuan to transmigrate into an alternate universe—one where Wuxia and palace struggles play out in real life—she promptly finds herself deeply entangled in power schemes, war, and heartbreak. Left with only her wits, modern knowledge, and all the dramas she’s ever watched, she must navigate this new world and become the smart and strong protagonist of her own story—without losing herself. As the worlds collide and fates intertwine, will Wang Jingyuan find her happily ever after, or will reality shatter every beautiful daydream? ----- Note: This is an ORIGINAL story, not a translation! All rights reserved. Warning: There will be minor cursing in the story.

SkyEmpress · Historical Romance

The Good-For-Nothing Cultivator

Is he just a good-for-nothing cultivator or a monstrous-genius-cultivator? He will soon find out. This is a romantic reincarnation story between two ill-fated lovers. She is now his master and he is now her disciple. Can they ever be together in this lifetime? Do you know that when you had left me… You have left behind a void that is in my heart… At that time when you had left me forever… My heart has been in solitary ever since… Ever since that my heart had always been sorrowful… My melancholy heart bears the loneliness for your return… He used to be one of the most OP immortal before his immortal life was ended by another powerful immortal. Now he is the good-for-nothing cultivator or is he? Will he regain the memories of his past? Unfortunately, there are many that do not want him to regain his past memories and wish that he will be a good-for-nothing cultivator forever. There are a total of seven celestial levels in order to cultivate as a celestial cultivator; Practitioner, Master Practitioner, Enlighten Celestial, Immortal Celestial, Golden Celestial, Golden Supremacy and Sacred Saint.

Avidfan · Eastern Fantasy