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Anime is an Outer God's Playground

CURRENT WORLD: Danmachi (Part 2) *Warning: Is wish fulfillment with a huge pokemon harem, there will be slow pace and development at need and MC bangs every girl in harem* Want a break from the ads— I mean... Want a description of this fic ? Fine. Akira, a normal human gets reincarnated into an Anime World with three wishes, thanks to the ROB. "If I can't wish for Omnipotence, then I'll create a scenario where I become absurdly OP in day one !" He said. And that's what happened, "I got you homie!" The ROB laughed. Day 1- "It's only being one day— It feels like a thousand centuries... The power of [Boundless Records] is forcefully changing my personality..." Corrupted by the power of infinite knowledge, Akira becomes an Outer God with the ability to travel worlds and seduce any women he wants throughout the vast multiverse! "This is the birth of a new Outer God!" A####### shouted. ―――――― [ Three/ Fours Chapters a week in WN. 20 Daily Chapters Ahead in my Patreon: Patreon.com/skyfall12 ] NO NTR OR FORCED IN ANY KIND! This is a wish fulfillment fic with cruel characters and twisted beings that don't flinch at death or torture. MC is an anti-hero (Not too evil, reasonable, generous but not a nice person) You can expect: • ABSURDLY OVERPOWERED MC ! • POKEMON MULTIVERSAL HAREM ! • REGULAR R18 AND AROUSING CONTENT ! • SLOW-PACED ROMANCE AT NEED ! And most importantly... CONSTANT UPLOAD!! ――Worlds―― Tensura/ DxD/ Overlord/ HOTD/ Akame Ga Kill/ Overgeared/ Chainsaw Man/ Outer Realm/ Danmachi... ――Additional Tags―― Evil mc, cruel characters, antihero mc, cruel mc, wish fulfillment, Isekai, outer god, multiverse, Omniverse, harem, pokemon harem, big harem, Tensura, slime anime, highschool dxd, DxD, anime, animeverse, nsfw, R18 story, Dragonball, Danmachi, helltaker, fate, fate grand order, yandere, invincible, overpowered, Multiverse fanfiction, Crossover, Multiverse fic, multiverse-travelling, multiverse traveling with wish fulfillment, multiverse-travelling, anime worlds, sandbox, playground, evil mc, devil mc, demon mc, killer mc, serial killer mc, wicked mc, psychopathic mc, evil characters, slavery

LXVE_MuRdxR69 · Anime & Comics
139 Chs

A Light Within Darkness

It is the 41st Millennium. For more than a hundred centuries the Emperor of Mankind has sat immobile on the Golden Throne of Earth. He is the master of mankind by the will of the gods and master of a million worlds by the might of his inexhaustible armies. Now since the golden dick bag can't get out of his wheelchair, I am going to fix this literally God forsaken universe even if I have to smash it together in a new Big Bang if I have too.

Azazyel · Video Games
88 Chs

MHA:UA’s Ghoul

All it took was one date for Izukus world to be turned upside down and changed forever. Desperately trying to hold onto his dreams of becoming a hero while balancing out his life as an infamous yet reluctant villain. Follow Izuku Midoriya as he struggles with the two sides of hero society, the good and the bad while trying his best to stick to where he wants to belong.

Mr_copy_your_story · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings
50 Chs

DC Vengeance Requiem

** will be posting on Royal road too.** ** will be posting on scribble hub too.** universe's balance is at stake. chaos has become order and order has become chaos. villains run unhindered because of the heroes double standards and their hypocrisy. their rule of not punishing the evil the way it was meant to, has brought this universe to the sage where the creator himself wishes to see it erased. But he is still the creator. he decides to give the universe another chance and choose a warrior whose whole life can be described in one line " I was strong so I protect the weak and collect the justice in their stead. " A hero who works as a villain. A hero who tore the world apart to make sure that the weak can be protected and can become strong. A hero who just received Hate for his work but never ceases to stop. so beware bewitched and double standard heroes cause the very God of justice is here to make sure the bewitched get their due punishment. there will be no redemption just pure punishment, call him a villain, call him a hero, slander his name but He will not stop. I just found the pic on internet and liked it. If you are the maker of This pic then just tell me i will take it down.

Edgelord666 · Movies
25 Chs

An Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint

Ethan Nakamura was sleeping peacefully when the Star Stream system was introduced. Faced with the struggles of surviving in a ruined world, he fights for the characters he once read, but who have now emerged from the pages and into his life. Knowledge of TWSA aids him, but due to a late encounter with the author, he receives something else. Short stories specific to the U.S. scenarios he fights in. Short stories centered around Anna Croft, shortened to ACSS. With the culmination of this knowledge, Ethan seeks to survive and save the people he loves in this ruined world, and make it to the end of the scenarios. He only has one wish; to make it to the end of this world and see what is beyond. ------------------------------------------------------------------- I rate this story for 14+ and older. Do not let anyone under this age read this story.

EnderGolem997 · Book&Literature
91 Chs

Harry Potter and the Child Of Calamity.

After dying from drowning in a river, Liam found himself turned into a baby. Thinking 'What worse could happen now' He found himself abandoned in an orphanage. "God, What sins are you punishing me for" The sweet girl next door is Hermione!!!. What did you say I got accepted into Hogwarts!!!!! This new life doesn't seem so bad now. Liam shouted, " Magic is magnificent!!, Magic is mysterious!!, Magic is miracle!!". Author's words of wisdom: - The suspense is terrible. I hope it lasts. When you will be half way through this book and come a to a plot twist at 1 am... you won't need sleep you will need answers. please read at least 10 chapters before judging.

Novelenthusisat · Movies
60 Chs

Different #BDSM stories

Anonymous_MAN · Others
Not enough ratings
133 Chs

Diabolical [DC Comics/Harry Potter]

-Year 1937, Irish Free State, Province of Leinster, City of Dublin- It's been ten years since Arthur Webb's reincarnation, but he had no recollection of how it happened. He didn't meet God, spend time in an empty void or feel his sould leaving his body. By some unknown means, he found himself occupying the body of a baby boy. 'I've been isekaid.' He thought. However, as time passed, it became clear that there was nothing extraordinary about the world he found himself in, aside from the time period. He discovered that his birth corresponded with the advent of the great depression. An unwelcome surprise, to say the least. He resolved to be a dutiful son, not wanting to add to his parents' struggle. As a child, there wasn't much he could do to allieviate their situation. Before he knew it, his tenth birthday had come and gone. He played the cards he'd been dealt as best he could, living a peaceful, ordinary life. Sure, he was poor, but his new family was kind and he never had to go hungry. That all changed when his father, Benjamin Webb, suddenly lost his job. His relationship with Arthur's mother, Jane Webb, rapidly deteriorated. Their personal disagreements, which they'd kept under wraps on behalf of their son, finally surfaced. Their unfortunate situation escalated until Jane'd had enough. Resolved, she decided to return to her familty, The Grimms, taking Arthur with her. They were wealthy enough to care for them both, after all. However, all was not as it seemed with his new family. What Arthur had secretly been wishing for, an extraordinary life, would finally be fulfilled. To his great dismay, the results of that wish were like that of a monkey's paw, far more horrible and terrifying than he could've imagined.

f0Ri5 · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings
19 Chs