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A Rough Man and His Beautiful Wife

When Jiang Ju was in university, her parents died in an accident. They left her with a three-story house, and she rented out the lower floors. Although she didn't earn a lot from the rent, it was more than enough for her now that she lived alone. After all, she was timid and had a fear of socializing. She was happy with a peaceful life like this. However, all this was ruined when she met a team of engineers. More specifically, it was because of the tall foreman on the engineering team, Du Xi. Du Xi was in charge of developing a piece of land, and he noticed a young lady in the small building next to the construction site on the first day. She looked like a sweet girl, and he observed her for several days. Finally, he couldn't help but mess with her house's air-conditioner while working. He originally wanted to use fixing her air-conditioner as an excuse to take a closer look at her. Who'd have guessed that he'd fall for her even harder?While Du Xi looked at Jiang Ju's pretty face and small eyes, he began thinking to himself, 'She looks like a very obedient girl. I should marry her and pamper her. 'Hence, Du Xi went on the offensive to woo Jiang Ju.' He's such a tall, strong man who makes me feel safe. With him around, I won't have to worry about leaving the house...' Jiang Ju thought to herself.

King Lu · General
40 Chs