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Gentle Touch||Kakucho x Reader

Y/N was Kakucho's best buddy since middle school but Y/N had to take a different path that made their friendship breaks apart. However,as time goes by,Y/N found herself seeking for help silently.She was too broken to be heard by anyone else but Kakucho still manages to hear her;to go back making Y/N feels his gentle touch;a touch that's more than enough to comfort her.But what if that touch might be the reason for Y/N and Kakucho to be apart again?Would they be able to heal themselves without asking for each other's help?

syn0_0 · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings

love novel ,m

I love your name I love your feelings I don't have you I still love your memory You may have missed me too I love these moments to meet you I take a dream Loved waiting for you

Osama_Syed · Book&Literature
Not enough ratings