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The Bloodline System

In a future timeline, the earth was visited by a species known as the Slarkovs. Having lost their home planet and in search of a new one, the Earth was the next habitable planet for them. Humans and Slarkovs made a deal with each other in return for the Slarkovs living on Earth. The Slarkovs traded their technology and knowledge for a new home. They were similar to humans except for some of them who had slight differences, so fitting into society wasn't a problem. Over the years, Slarkovs and humans began to mate with one another and reproduce offspring. This, in turn, created new species known as the mixedblood. Centuries later, mixedbloods could tap into their bloodline and perform unimaginable feats. Gustav was born into an age where bloodline determines everything and struggles to fit in with a useless bloodline. His bloodline only grants him the ability to change his hair colour, destroying his hopes and dreams for a great future. His fate is turned around when an unexpected situation leads to him finding a system that grants him the power to unlock and upgrade bloodlines by completing quests, but he's baffled by two quests with a five-year deadline. Success will grant him unimaginable rewards... But only one thing awaits him if he fails... Death! Follow Gustav on his interesting journey filled with unprecedented adventures, danger, and death, maybe? PS: The MC's character growth happens more than once in this story. Join my discord server » https://discord.gg/up6VHdMJZc

TimVic · Fantasy

King of Gods

His will is tough and unwilling to be normal. However, being born in a small family branch his pathway was destined to be this way. One day his left eye merges with the eye of an Ancient God in an accident. From that moment onwards, he turns from a fish into a dragon. He rises like a star, and walks the path of a legendary cultivator. From being a tiny, small ant at the bottom of the world, he rises step by step, into a place full of powerful sects, strong ancient clans and countless geniuses. This is an era of legends.

Fast Food Restaurant · Eastern Fantasy

Master of none

Everyone has a system they just need to meet hidden conditions to unlock it. A blacksmith system may unlock after a human walks by a forge. A master mage may unlock a system after attempting to control the mana in their body. Even something as simple as kicking a rock at a bucket can unlock the marksman system a unique system allowing for perfect accuracy. But what happens when someone reaches the age of fifteen and hasn’t unlocked their system? Walker is about to find out, time is ticking and he doesn’t want to live out his life as an ordinary human; he has dreams you know! ****** My first ever story please leave plenty of comments so I can adapt and learn as I write The first chapters may be shorter but the length is improving as I write. Editing is in progress To see recent updates remember to clear que regularly

1King_Rep1 · Fantasy

Abyssal Lord of the Magi World

I, Zatiel, Abyssal Lord, Ruler of Death and Destruction, Nightmare of Dys, have AWOKEN!!!!!. His life contains events that can shake the universe: -Fighting against Tiamat, Creator of Evil Dragonkind, in the first circle of hell, while billions of demons and devils butcher each other beneath them -Start a World War against the Heavenly Race, and transform himself into a Golden Sun while he slaughters their greatest warriors, the Archangel. -Enter the Final Gate and fight against the Outer Gods. -Tearing the nine levels of Baator during his battles against the Prince of Evil, Asmodeus. With his memories as a ruler of the Abyss and a Universal Existence, Zatiel will rise again. English is not my first language. Critics are well received. I don't own the cover image. If the author wants me to remove it, contact me. Discord link: https://discord.gg/DEscDar

Redsunworld · Fantasy


Jack is a loner surviving within the streets of Avalon City. A city filled with bullies and lowlifes always making his life miserable and forcing him to have thoughts of giving on his life. The hand of fate played itself and his life was turned around by a surprise encounter with a wounded super-human. An artifact was provided and the saint's bloodline was inherited. What does life hold for him in the future? Check out my other books: 1) Martial Research Master: https://www.webnovel.com/book/martial-research-master_16569084105417005 2) AIGIS: https://www.webnovel.com/book/aigis_20450378706584105 3) Legacy of the fallen family: https://www.webnovel.com/book/legacy-of-the-fallen-family_24970845306699505 4) Train-sys: https://www.webnovel.com/book/train-sys_16156814106150405

Debasish_padhi · Fantasy

The Invincible Dragon Emperor

On the Great Land of China, forces clashed for the sake of supremacy and Bloodline Warriors ran amok; the conflict of the strong threatened to shatter heaven and earth. A young man named Lu Li—nothing more than a humble Coffin Carrier from the Northern Desert—came along with Lu Ling, his sister. The two were regarded as puny insects and bullied, but little did people know that Lu Li had the strongest Bloodline in him of them all. He mounted the most handsome of horses and drank the strongest of wines; He bedded the most beautiful of ladies and murdered the most hated of people; He told a huge lie and carried with him an ill-reputation undeserved; He traveled all by his lonesome and danced with devils; He had given his word that he would come back, that he would be strong. And it was because of this that she was still waiting in the city—alone.

Yao Ye · Eastern Fantasy

Omnipotent Sage

Invincible fists, unrivaled hammers! Junior Leopard, who traveled through time and space, takes what he earns and does only what he needs to do, never undertaking too much responsibility nor being so chivalrous as to do every good deed. His so-called ambitions from his past life to change the world were cast aside. However, when a forbidden bloodline awakens in his body and his eternal eyes begin to shine once again, he discovers that his iron fists give him the power to force others to follow the truth and to reforge justice! This is a cultivation legend about a modern man that was thrust into an amazing martial arts world.

Snake swallows whale · Eastern Fantasy

The Tales Of Divine Sun Dragon

Sun and Moon continent is know as a cultivation world,here strength is matter more!Its where the strong eat the weak! In the Sun and Moon continent is also where our mc,Xiao Long was born.Xiao Long is the Young master of the Xiao Clan who was born with special ability and a great fate waiting for him. Xiao Long also was born on a great day and at the moment he was born, the Sun and Moon world fall into silent,powerful martial artist,godly beast and other living beings faint except several peoples and one of them will be a great help to Xiao Long! 50 Golden Tickets=1 Bonus Chapter 500 Power Stones=1 Bonus Chapter 100 Coins=1 Bonus Chapter 500 Coins=2 Bonus Chapters *Each chapters contain around 1100 words ~ 3000 words *Warning:In the early chapters, there are a lot of grammars mistakes but as the chapter progress, the grammars will become better. .......... (The DP is not mine so if the owner want me to take it off,please tell me) (Hey guys this is my first novel! I actually a great fan to a Xianxia,Xuanhua and Wuxia novel and because of that,I tried to make my own novel after reading a lot of books and fanfic and this is the result:) In this novel I got a lot of ideas from other Xianxia and Xuanhua novels so there will be a little similarities with other novels that you have read. My mc also will have his own lucky chance since his birth but the things he got will grow stronger with him and thats mean, my mc will not be op from the start. My mc will only have one or two girls and there also will have a dual cultivate scene and one more thing that i want to said is, english is not my native language so don't be mad if you found some or a lot of wrong verbs in my novel.)

Eclipse_Moon25 · Eastern Fantasy