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Reborn in Jujutsu Kaisen World with THREE wishes

(Action / Romance) MC died an unfortunate death and a god offers her to reborn in Jujutsu kaisen world! And she had THREE WISHES! Innate technique? Cursed energy? She can have EVERYTHING !!! Follow MC's journey as she goes to Tokyo Jujutsu High, messes with people, toying with curses and getting stronger all the while facing strong, unexpected enemies. Will she overcome the obstacles and uncover the truth of her rebirth to get a happy ending for herself? Or will she get consumed in her own emotions and darkness? OC x Gojo Satoru Fluff/ Angst/ Smut/ Romance (Eventual Happy Ending) So, for the male ML, I decided to go with Gojo anyway so it'll technically be Student-Teacher relationship. MC is NOT UNDERAGE. However you have triggers, please do not read this. Warning - Violence, Death, Self-harm, Explicit Sex scenes, Extremely Possessive Behavior SPOILER ALERT IF YOU DON'T READ MANGA SOME EVENTS AND INFO FROM MANGA STARTING FROM VOL 2!! (Bookcover is an art I commissioned an artist san ^.^)

Chaotic_Clara · Anime & Comics
70 Chs


Hela698 · TV
33 Chs

Married to a What?!

Uchiha Sasuke, younger brother of the last Uchiha heirs to a billion-dollar empire, is a normal University student. By a stroke of luck, he winds up saving an injured animal of what he thought was a dog. Meet Naruto, the youngest son of Hagoromo Gitsune. In debt to his saviour, Naruto offers to pay back the debt through one request. A misunderstanding occurs when Sasuke says "Be my lover." What happens when the naïve fox takes it literally? Warning: Boys love and ratings may go up (if not already). Don't like don't read.

Destiny_Aitsuji · Anime & Comics
66 Chs


After the fall of Voldemort, Rogue Death Eaters that have escaped the noose and Azkaban have targeted The Golden Trio, The Malfoys, and a certain Potions Professor. In the ensuing mayhem, Severus Snape was badly injured and defenseless against a future attack. Enter Albus Dumbledore with a plan to keep The Potions Master safe, meanwhile a new student has arrived at Hogwarts.

Knight_Wind · Movies
Not enough ratings
95 Chs

Sex with dad

"Dad am pregnant" Kelly said with her head down avoiding the gaze of her father. "what did you say?" "I...I...I said I am pregnant". Xander raised her chin up, he looked at her like he was ready to devour her, she wish the earth would open up and swallow her right there and then." for who?" her father asked. "yo...you". Expecting something bad to happen, she closed her eyes maybe waiting for a slap but it never came, what came was a warm kiss from her father on her lips, it was slow and passionate, she felt butterfly in her stomach again, she kissed him back. He withdraw from the kiss and smiled at her.

Nezuko_channn · Others
Not enough ratings
45 Chs

Harry Potter : Occurrit Luna Lumen

AU:After suffering from an attack at the hands of DADA Professor Remus Lupin, newly infected with Lycanthropy, Severus Snape finds himself struggling to co-exist with his animal nature and continue his work as a spy for the order within The Dark Lord Voldemort's ranks, The Potions Master finds an unexpected ally in the most insufferable know-it-all with bushy hair. (Snape and Hermione love story)

Knight_Wind · Movies
Not enough ratings
100 Chs

Demon Academy! Reincarnated in a manga!

I died and found myself reincarnated as a newborn demoness in the manga I was reading, the manga was called "Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun". I thought it would be a happy and safe world as shown in the manga but I was very wrong, I was born in dark slums to a poor mother. The Netherworld was nothing like that in the manga, I was introduced to the dark reality of the Netherworld. Magic and martial arts, Nobles with bloodlines were not as good as shown in the manga. But, good luck didnt leave me yet as I discovered my bloodline magic... [Devour]. To survive the Netherworld, I will also enroll in the Demon Academy, the one where the main character will go, I will not interfere with the plotline... I will become strong and rich with my human world knowledge. The demons were cruel, savage and... thirsty? But first, I will need to get out of this hell-hole. ... And why do I feel Noel is being sadisticly obssessed... -------------- [This story will be dark as it would depict the dark side of Hell, there will be unhealthy obssessions, sadism and torture, there won't be fluff. Story might start as normal but it will be on the dark side, warnings will be added to specefic R-18 chapters as well. Novel will include mature content.] {This story although is a fanfiction, It will have many changes and the plot will be entirely different as well, don't expect the exact plotline... I have tried to include original characters more and plot characters less.... I needed an already made world background people are familiar with or could become familiar with by reading manga but even if you didn't read the manga, you will be still able to understand most things as I provide explainations sooner or later.} [The cover image does not belong to me, if you are the owner and need it to be taken down, you can message me, I will take it down] (Keep checking synopsis from time to time if you want to keep up with story as I will modify it as story progresses)

Pastry_6049 · Anime & Comics
18 Chs

Dimensional Chat Group: The Ordinary in Extraordinary

I was an ordinary person with simple dreams and pleasures. [You are being invited to a Dimensional Chat Group!] [Accept invitation: Y/N?] But one invitation, one completely out of this world, had opened mine and introduced me to the world of extraordinary people. My dreams began to get bigger, goals becoming far from ordinary, and me? No matter what, I won't ever regret my decision. ----- Involved Dimensional Chat Group Characters are from: -Nier: Automata -RWBY -Kim Possible -Tokyo Ghoul ---- Disclaimer: The cover image isn't mine, same as with the animes, video games, and T.V. Series.

JazmineShyly · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings
20 Chs