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Expositionary Discourse. The target is levity, but my aim might not be reliable. Please leave me kind reviews! This series will update with no advance schedule.

Cynk_Napp · Sci-fi

The Fatesealer

Would you love to travel to a world of magic and adventure? Would you wish to save a princess and the world from certain doom? Would you gladly abandon everything to go where nobody knows who you are and get superpowers in return? Well think again, because there's surely a darker side of the deal, or at least that's what our hero will go out of his way to find out, will he seal the fate of the world and his own, in a way or the other by doing so? Or manage to break the invisible shackles of fate that bound him to that situation he was thrown in?

Corneria1985 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

You were always mine

Amy is returning home after finishing culinary school. She hoped that she would spend her days helping her uncle with his bakery. She has changed since the days of high school. She has gone from fat to Wow. She now has five men chasing her each with their own history with her.

Ghaadha · Magical Realism
Not enough ratings

Steal You

She's Vyper Tan who is known as 'boyfriend stealer' because she can easily steal your boyfriend, untill she meet this guy who named Jouash Tamayo. He's a playboy and can make you fall for him in just a snap. The guy she wants to steal from her former best friend.

Jeires_Cia · Teen
Not enough ratings