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Percy Jackson: The God of Magic

One moment I was dying on a really uncomfortable hospital bed and the next... well, I’m alive... though this time, I'm not even human anymore... but who cares. If you want to read ahead! https://w w w.patreón.com/cornbringer

CORNBRINGER · Book&Literature


Hades, the father of the rich night, is not just the Zeus of the Underworld, he is a reincarnator, free of the shackles of fate. He won't follow those fools of Olympus, his rise onto power will be unstoppable, immortals will be killed, unreachable will be reached and the impossible done. Posted on W*bn*vel and W*ttpad and Scrib*leh*ub, f*nfiction.n*t under the same name (Author name should also be the same: SnowApathie I don't own the riordanverse, this story is a fan fiction which is based on the universe created by Rick Riordan I don't own the cover and found it on Pinterest

SnowApathie · Book&Literature

Athos Apsifoun : The Son Of Herakles

Athos, a broken man, who regularly drinks himself to sleep, finds himself in the world of Percy Jackson as the son of Herakles. Filled with great ambition and new purpose, he seeks the greatest gift of all, Godhood. . . . . . . . . I do not own the cover. The artist can contact me if they want me to take it down. *** Support me on P@treon if you like the story, or are just feeling exceedingly generous. I won't be holding chapters hostage because that's a mean thing to do. The P@treon is just there if you wish to support me because you enjoy my work. You are in no way obligated to provide me with anything. patreon.com/Marine0IQ *** Will be posted on RR ( Royal Road ) too. WARNING: NO HAREM

Marine0IQ · Book&Literature

One Piece: The Rising Tide

No Harem, No System, No Op Protagonist Caspian Maverick lived his entire life bound to a wheelchair, but he didn’t let that stop him from sailing the world, or from getting a masters degree in engineering. He never resented his lot in life and did his best to make the most of his circumstances. After dying in a violent storm while at sea he was lucky enough to be granted an audience with an Elder God. This is where Caspian was given the opportunity of a lifetime; a second chance at life in another world. Not only was he given his legs back, but he was given abilities beyond his wildest dreams and the chance to explore a world 10 times the size of earth. With his knowledge of the future and the gifts he was bestowed, Caspian may just take the world of One Piece by Storm. The MC will grow to be quite powerful as the story progresses, but he’ll never be able to one shot an Emperor, or curb stomp an Admiral. This isn’t that kind of story. His power may give him an edge against most Devil Fruit users, but it’s not like he can strait up cancel their abilities. And as stated recently in the One Piece Manga by Kaido, powers alone can’t help one conquer the sea. In other words, I’ll do my best to make his abilities fit into the world of One Piece without messing up the power balance. He also won’t be following Luffy, Ace or Sabo. He will form his own crew and be an adventurer. I do not own the cover photo. I found it at Http://amarevia.deviant art.com If the creator would like me to take it down I will.

Professor_Zzyzx · Anime & Comics

Percy Jackson : Revert The Clock

patreon Link : https://www.patreon.com/Moonhorse { After Achieving everything you have ever want... The same time realizing that life was full of mistakes and regrets... " I am not afraid of making mistakes. But some mistakes were those that I could afford But there are some that I couldn't " Percy is granted one wish by Chaos herself. His only wish is to have his friends back. There's only one way Chaos can full-fill his wish and that is by sending him back in time to do everything again. } I don't own Percy Jackson or anything related to him. All I own are the plotlines and the Original Characters. Enjoy reading!

Moonhorse · Book&Literature

Son of The Night

After death, he didn't stay dead, no, he was selected. After his death, all he saw was a screen: [Welcome to the RRS, Random Reincarnation System! I will reincarnate you into a random world with random powers. Why? Because I want to! Well, good luck!] Soon, a single and empty [ ] appeared in front of him, several names of several words started to scroll down at extremely fast speeds. Soon, a single word stopped: [Percy Jackson and The Olympians] -Author Notes- This book's protagonist is Pansexual. No gender, just ass. However, his love interests will be male. So this is a very gay book, if you feel uncomfortable about it, don't read it. This book is completed. 200+ Chapters, 261,428 words, views: 1.3M, collections: 2.3K

DaoOfGay · Book&Literature

Percy Jackson: Greek god of nature

Child of Rhea, the golden haired God the 4th of the big four, the ruler of Nature! , Riches, glory, the throne?, Nah I don't need them to troublesome.... What...i... really.. want.... is... a..... Family.. This is a work of fanfiction based on the books of Rick riordan author of the Percy Jackson series. don't expect it to be better then cornbringers God of magic my story is less exciting and has some grammar mistakes at most my goal is just 1m views this is none harem btw btw the book cover is pretty bad I'm not much of a artist but I have enough creativity and skill to change the clothes and hair style tho j rarely do hair style changes unless the mc"s hair style changes to

DaoistyNyxQ4 · Book&Literature

The Mortal God of Olympus

Born to an Archangel and a God, I always knew my story wasn't going to be simple. Especially in a world full of rival gods, scheming Devils, vengeful Angels, and monsters who would love nothing more than to chew upon my bones. But hey, atleast I had a trusty Gamer system by my side. I was literally born to be overpowered, what could possibly go wrong? Dark Mc, Gamer Mc/OC Mc *This is a crossover fic between Percy Jackson series and highschool Dxd. I'm also posting this on fanfiction site under the same name.

Robs511 · Book&Literature