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The Chubby Rich Daughter's Counterattack

She choked to death after drinking a mouthful of cold water. Was there anything more unlucky than this? Of course, there was! When she reopened her eyes, she found herself transmigrated into a three-hundred-pound fatty. Not only was she fat and round, but she also had a palm-sized black spot on her body. She looked down at the layers of swimming floats on her body and swore to exercise and lose weight. She had just lifted her leg when she collapsed to the ground. This time, she was prepared to go on a diet and lose weight. When she heard the earth-shattering rumbles from her stomach, she held herself back. She had not eaten for three days, but she realized that she had only lost one tael. She instantly broke down. Sensing that something was wrong, she checked and realized that she had been poisoned. As a descendant of a family that practiced traditional Chinese medicine, this was a small matter. With acupuncture techniques in her hands, why would she be afraid of a little poison? Before she could succeed in losing weight, the scumbag canceled their engagement and her stepsister came to provoke her. 'It's fine. Staying calm is more important. What? Does he dare to call me an ugly pig, a fat woman, a fatty? This is intolerable!' With her acupuncture skills, she was able to detoxify the poison and become beautiful. Using her competence, she managed to face-slap everyone and lose weight while torturing scum. After accidentally rescuing a chronically ill uncle, he turned out to be her scumbag ex-fiance's uncle. She smiled maliciously and said, "Uncle, you should give yourself to me in return for rescuing your life!" When she saw the scumbag again, she said warmly, "My good nephew, call me Auntie." Persona: Song Jiaren: Vengeful for the smallest grievance, naughty, and cheeky. Yan Cheng: Two-faced, strong, patient, and cunning.

hTuSbI · Contemporary Romance

A Female Forensic Doctor Transmigrates into a Book as the Female Supporting Character

Yin Tao, a modern forensic doctor, transmigrated into a book and became the female lead's older sister. At the same time, she was also the female supporting character for the female lead.After reincarnating, the female lead helped to grow the family's business and married a handsome, talented man. Ever since then, her career and love life began to prosper.However, Yin Tao, who lived with her grandparents in the book, had always been jealous of the female lead because everyone in the family favored her over Yin Tao. Yin Tao grew up and became a forensic doctor. However, due to the nature of her work, she was shunned by her family. In the end, after much pressure from her family, she quit her job and married a man from a rich family.Ever since then, she has had to become a people-pleaser. She could only stand firmly on her feet thanks to her own family and children. Yin Tao was not interested in living such a sorrowful life. All she wanted was to escape from the original storyline and live the simple life she desired.Hence, Yin Tao moved out of the house almost instantly. She moved into a dormitory and buried herself in her work as a criminal investigator. She dealt with corpses every day. She also made use of her knowledge of the book's storyline to earn some money. Just as Yin Tao's life was beginning to get better, and just when she thought she had escaped from the original storyline, a murder crime linked her to the male supporting character who was infatuated with the female lead.Feng Jing became her direct superior! Fortunately, he didn't seem interested in her in the least bit. One day, Yin Tao and Feng Jing found themselves standing before a bloated cadaver that was salvaged from the river. Feng Jing's eyes widened while he looked at her. There was a glimmer in his eyes that could not quite be explained. Yin Tao started speaking hastily. "Don't fall in love with me. I'm only a myth.""..." Feng Jing was speechless.

Mountain Spring · Romance