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Are They Really Human?

Aiden Thomas' heart raced with excitement. After six months of dating, his girlfriend finally agreed to spend a night together at a hotel. As they prepared to indulge in their passion, his world was shattered when she transformed into a grotesque creature, hungering for human flesh. Barely escaping with his life, Aiden uncovered a chilling secret about the world he lived in. Hidden amongst humanity, one in every 10,000 people was a genuine human, while the rest were anthropomorphic beasts masquerading as humans. These creatures were nearly indistinguishable from their human counterparts, save for a few subtle telltale signs. Now, Aiden must confront the terrifying reality of living in a world where trust is a luxury he can no longer afford. As Aiden navigates the world with this newfound knowledge, he is forced to constantly ask the question: Are they really human?

Lucky Boy · Urban
40 Chs