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I became the Prime Minister's Adored Wife after Transmigrating

Ji Zhao, the heir of the royal chef transmigrated into a book... and became the cannon fodder ex-wife of the male lead, of a novel which she wrote harsh article about! Conceited, vulgar and toxic! Cucking the male lead, bullying her family, and ending up crazy! Having known the plot, Ji Zhao did not have to panic! With skewers, grills and other gourmet cooking, she turned the tables! Her luck was outstanding! Catching fat fish, wild pheasants and gathering duck eggs! Life was beautiful! She bought houses, mansions and start businesses! Smiling as she earned endless money to goof off, the future prime minister seemed to get closer to her..."You! Why are you getting so close?" "I'm your husband, silly!" "Ex-husband!" Ji Zhao snapped."Oh, really?"On the next day, Ji Zhao was crying and begging for mercy."I'm so sorry, my lord!" "Call me darling!"

Cheng Yi · General
363 Chs

The Real Rich Daughter Who Was Replaced

Bai Su and Yun Jin were both orphans who grew up in an orphanage, but they didn’t have a good relationship with each other. When they were young, Yun Jin stole the only item that could verify Bai Su’s identity, a silver pendant. When she heard that the empire military family’s eldest granddaughter had a silver pendant on her before she went missing, Yun Jin secretly switched the Bai Su’s DNA sample. She wanted to replace Bai Su and become the empire military family’s princess. However, this didn’t stop Bai Su from becoming an excellent international sniper. Her family’s genes seem to have decided everything for her, and that made Yun Jin made with jealousy. Then, Bai Su signed a fake marriage agreement with the empire’s CEO because she saved him. However, Yun Jin didn’t plan on letting Bai Su go. She risked taking Bai Su’s place again, and made the CEO think he had gotten the wrong person. After the CEO and Bai Su had a flash marriage, they quickly divorced due to Yun Jin’s replacement. This news made Bai Su the laughing stock of the city. However, the CEO had fallen deeply for Bai Su before he knew it. He was so in love that he never expected she would one day aim her gun at his heart.

Dream Coffee · Urban
40 Chs