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The Prince Regent Is Powerful, And My Mommy Is Expecting Again!

# two-faced # followers After transmigrating, medical expert Gu Qingxue became a widow with three small babies waiting to be fed. Armed with a Miracle Doctor System, she used the needles in her hands to snatch people from the god of hell, raised the craziest children possible, and abused the scum of all scums! But, no one could have expected her to accidentally provoke a famous war god from the frontier region! The man had looks, money, and status. He pulled her back to his place to become his regent consort. Gu Qingxue told him frankly that she was already married and had children, so it was a no! But then… Who can tell her why all her children looked like him?! Her second baby, Xiao Daimao, faced his father and said to everyone, “My mommy is very knowledgeable, so why would we need a father?!” Her third baby, Xiao Mian’ao, would boast whenever he saw people, “My mommy has a beautiful, sweet voice. It’s enough that I have my mommy!” Only her eldest child was mature, remaining calm and unaffected. Then, her fourth child shouted, “Brother! Dad is climbing the walls again!” Her eldest child, who had been unruffled a moment ago, picked up a big stick and rushed out immediately. He would guard his mother till the end!

Endless Stars · General
1043 Chs

Endless Fall

# 1V1 # HAPPYENDING # THERAPEUTIC # SWEETANDCOOL Lin Jiao and Gu Quan have been in a relationship for two years. For his sake, she played the good and obedient little lady, willing to be as humble as possible. She thought that Gu Quan loved her as much as she did.But at a party, she heard him say to someone, “Lin Jiao is very nice, but she’s not her.”It was only then that Lin Jiao realized how ridiculous she must seem to others. She left behind all the resentment and obsession and sadly exited the stage as he had a sweetheart he could not forget.***Later, Gu Quan was remorseful, and managed to find Lin Jiao. He grabbed her hand tightly and said in a hoarse, pained voice, “Jiaojiao, forgive me, okay?” He was hoping that she would forgive him easily as she had always done. However, he was alarmed when a certain figure walked into his line of sight.“Darling,” he said as he pulled Lin Jiao backward, giving Gu Quan a smug look. He leaned over to Lin Jiao, touching her face softly. “Let’s continue?”

Difficult to reach Galaxy · General
253 Chs

She Doesn't Want Kids After Seeing The Future

"Chu Wei and Chen Ji had been engaged since they were young, but she knew that Chen Ji only treated her as a younger sister. Who would have thought that Chen Ji would suddenly propose to her? Marriage, wedding ceremony, consummation… Three days after the wedding, Chen Ji left silently to join the army. There was no news from then on. Six years later, Chu Wei was waiting for her twin daughters to finish school at the school gate. At the same time, she received news that Chen Ji had won and was about to return to the city. It was obviously good news, but Chu Wei did not have a smile on her face because she had a dream. In the dream, she was a supporting role in a book, and Chen Ji was the main character in the book. He was an iron-blooded and proud military general, the biggest backer of the female lead's family, and the stepfather of the female lead's children. In the book, she would die from childbirth. Her cute twin daughters would die early as cannon fodder. Her existence with her daughters was only to show how outstanding the female lead and the female lead's children were. Everything that happened in the dream was too real, and Chu Wei had no choice but to believe it. She decided that she would definitely not give birth to a son. As long as she did not die from childbirth, she would be able to protect her two daughters well. After six years of separation and reuniting, Chen Ji realized that his wife was different from before. She avoided being close to him and kept asking some strange questions. Chu Wei said, ""Do you think Commander Xu's child is better or our child is better?"" Chen Ji said, ""Of course, our child is better."" Chu Wei said, ""Do you want a son? I don't really want one for the time being. So perhaps we can only share a room when we want a son?"" Chen Ji, who finally coaxed his two daughters to sleep in the next room, was speechless. ""…??"" He could choose not to have a son, but he had to sleep with his wife! "

Amber · Urban
40 Chs

Three Rings From The Mystery Billionaire

He leaned in and kissed me gently, with a hint of the desire restrained within him. “I would do anything for you,” he whispered. “Anything.” *** Suzanne is a simple girl from a small coastal town. When she finds a handsome man washed up on the beach, half-drowned, she generously takes him in. The man, who she nicknames “Charlie,” has total memory loss. He has no choice but to start a new life in her little town. A sweet, gentle love blooms between them. But then “Charlie’s” old life comes back for him. It turns out that “Charlie” is really “Xander,” an extremely powerful and extremely dangerous man known for his heart of stone. Can Suzanne save her “Charlie” from “Xander’s” ruthless world? Or will her love for this monster of a man destroy her? *** “I just need to know the truth,” I said. “Was this past summer real, or were you playing a rich man’s game?” He looked right at me with the strangest look in his eye. “Do I know you?” Three Rings From The Mystery Billionaire is created by Beckie Carline, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

Beckie Carline · Urban
Not enough ratings
40 Chs

Handsome Young Master, Mad Wife

She was secretly the queen of mercenaries whose name would stun the world. But on the surface, she was only An Zhiyan, the first young lady of the An family. After being summoned home urgently by her parents, she was told that she was only an adopted daughter who was switched at birth, and that their poor real daughter would be coming home tomorrow. The real daughter kept up a pitiful act, causing the upper class society to mock and berate An Zhiyan. An Zhiyan didn’t care and was ready to leave the An family, but was then manipulated by the real daughter! She was even forced to marry a disabled man. On the day of her wedding, she escaped by getting into a strange man’s car. “Bro, do you feel like ruining a wedding?” To her surprise, the man helped her, and then she realized that he was a cripple. Since then, she was being latched on by this lunatic. An Zhiyan was furious and exposed the real daughter’s hypocritical facade. She even publicized all her outrageous actions, causing the An family to give up on her completely. After her revenge, An Zhiyan was ready to leave, but the crippled man pulled her into his embrace. She said angrily, “Weren’t you a cripple?” The man smiled devilishly. “I just can’t help myself from touching you, so I’m healed now.” Characters: An Zhiyan: Mercenary queen, indifferent, powerful Huo Zui: Dignified, aloof, domineering, stubborn

Qiao Wei'an · Urban
40 Chs

When I Was About To Jump Out Of A Window To Escape A Marriage, I Was Reborn!

#wifespoiling When Xiao Li, a third-year medical student, is forced into an arranged marriage to an older man, two scenarios take place. In one, she jumps from her room window the night before the wedding and ends up crippled and disfigured. In the other, she finds herself reborn at the moment when she sits on the windowsill, ready to jump. She changes her mind, takes a good night’s sleep, and follows through with the wedding the next day.  In the first scenario, the fateful jump sets off a series of unfortunate events. Xiao Li despises her doting husband and grows miserable. In the second, she gradually warms up to him even as her life takes on unexpected detours. But whether in the previous or current life, she is unable to shake off her evil cousin, Xiao Yan, who seems hell-bent on wrecking her happiness.

Little Li BX · General
40 Chs