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Killer..... That's what he'd been called since that day... Having just got out of prison (ok more like juvenile detention), 16 year old Killer is faced with the task of finding his sister in a world where gangs and gang fighting have become a legal sport that every school district participates in. He finds out that the only way to find his lost sister is by joining or creating a local gang and participating in the biggest gang tournament of the year, Brawlhalla. Luckily prison and an abusive father have his fight training covered.

Dio_Lyracist333 · Magical Realism
Not enough ratings

My True Story

It's about a man from the past goes into a body of a little boy from then on he starts his life in a modern world.

KiLlEr · Martial Arts
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Secret Killer

[Best psychological, thriller, and superpowers novel on this platform!] [Mature Content!] [Contains psychological romance. Crazy Love interests!] --- When Leon was eight years old, he lost his parents and younger brother in a terrorist attack. Fortunately, he and his older sister survived. Their custody was given to their uncle, who was the only available relative. However, their uncle was a thug, and he would often chain Leon and his sister and beat them mercilessly. That continued for ten long years. One night, when his uncle was beating him up, there was an announcement on the television. [Today's date- 12th September 20XX. Time- 18:18. Due to the increasing population and advanced technology, thousands of homeless, uneducated, unemployed, and criminals roaming in the country are a useless burden to the world. So the government has come to a solution that on every 13th of the month, from 12 AM to 6 AM, all the crimes, including murders, would be legal.] After hearing that announcement, something awakened inside Leon. One month later, he live-streamed the murder of a bigshot and became the world-famous— Secret Killer. Note- This is a psychological genre novel, so expect the unexpected. If you have a weak heart and you can't digest dark stories, then this novel is not for you. ==== Warning: MC is (experimented) superhuman. He is Evil and an egoist, with little to no emotions for anyone other than his sister. Disclaimer- The book cover is not mine.

NoWoRRyMaN · Magical Realism

A Husband For Killer Mom

Blurp: What kind of husband punishes his wife by spanking her ass? An insane and sadistic husband! "How long are you going to punish me?!" "I'm done with your punishment a while ago." Qiao Anxia jerked in a fury and immediately rose to her feet while tidying up her one-piece dress. Her hands touched her buttocks without realizing it, feeling the heat from the man's punishment. She didn't know if this burning feeling was from Richard's unpainful spanking or for another reason... How she wished she could kill this man! ~~~~~ One is a HERO, and the other is an ASSASSIN! The HERO tries to seduce his wife at every opportunity while the ASSASSIN wants to run away and if necessary… kill her husband to get all his fortune! Qiao Anxia is an assassin with a dark past. One day she plots her revenge by intending to ruin someone's marriage by sleeping with her husband. Lost the first night just for revenge, but... the one she slept with was her target's playful twin brother!?? Richard Calvin, a well-known man who is a hero for the victims of the injustice of the politicians, becomes Qiao Anxia's most priority target. After trying to forget the most memorable night with the beautiful girl who set him up, a lovely little girl came into his life and calls him... Papa!? What happens when these two contradictory natures get married only just because an inevitably cute and amusing genius baby girl wants to marry them off? And that baby girl was the result of their intercourse on that unforgettable, passionate hot night!

VorstinStory · Contemporary Romance

Killer: I can shapeshift infinitely

Lin Neng had traveled to a parallel world and became a D-class killer in a killer organization. He had activated the Crazy Transformation System when he was having issues with carrying out his assassination mission. He would be rewarded with points after completing an assassination mission, which could be traded for Shapeshifting ability from the system. He could even power up his existing ability. Carlos, the A-class criminal on the loose, was staring at this strange fly in front of him. Before he could react, that fly had slit through his throat. Johnson, the head of a human trafficking organization, had petted the head of a stray cat beside him, but that stray cat jumped up suddenly and slashed his head in half. Lucas, the leader of a mafia group, had just sat down, a sharp blade stuck out from the chair he was sitting on suddenly and impaled him... Hence, a frightening name emerged in this world - the shapeshifter!

Drink And Play · Magical Realism


The world is bright, even brighter than what I imagined. The first seventeen years were dull, spending all my time touching all things, pretending to be satisfied with the texture of it. Mom whispered, "The world is cruel, it's better for you not to see it." Dad uttered, "Secrets are meant to be secrets. If you heard that "access denied" don't ever cross it." The confrontation lacks weight as they try to intoxicate me with various information as I grow up. Let me ask you, what's essential? Is it your sense of smell, your privilege to hear things, your ability to taste everything, or is it your hands? Ever considered living without your sight, who are you? You define yourself as to what people tell you. You dress yourself the way they wanted too coz after all, it's their satisfaction that matter. You touch things to feel it, hoping your brain can understand what's behind a rough or a fine surface. From the start, you are seeing things differently to what they see for your eyes are their mouth and they only tell lies. Grandma said, "Be contented Lucy. You are denied of something for you are gifted about something. Isn't it fair?" Grandpa said, "You'll realize it as you grow older. You'll realize in time how having no sight is more of a fortune than a disgrace." Until I get older and my egocentric psyche grows with me, holding my hand and even taking over me. I wanted what's theirs, I wanted to have those. Let me have it please. Let me have a chance to see until I regret it. Regret seeing my mother cried in your hands, you cruel beast. You deserve to die. Let her live. Discord server: https://discord.gg/7vRstbtw

Phantoms_are_true · Horror&Thriller

Women Killer and Doctor

Dyanra adalah sosok gadis berparas cantik berumur 18 tahun yang harus kehilangan orang tuanya akibat sebuah kecelakaan tragis yang menimpa dirinya dan keluarga dan lebih parahnya kecelakaan itu sengaja di lakukan oleh keluarganya sendiri, karena perebutan harta warisan. Dyanra yang mengetahui kejahatan pamannya berencana untuk membalas semua dendamnya. sehingga memunculkan dua kepribadian dalam dirinya, yang tidak akan segan membunuh siapa saja yang menghalangi jalannya. Untuk melancarkan rencananya, Dyanra terpaksa berbohong dan memanfaatkan seorang dokter yang merawatnya saat dirinya berada di rumah sakit. Dokter itu bernama Raihan, dokter muda yan berusia 30 tahun, yang pada saat pandangan pertama telah menyukai Dyanra. Dokter itu bertekad akan menjadikan Dyanra miliknya.

Marssky · Romansa Fiksi Ilmiah

The Villainous Apostle: The Killer's Second Chance

The book isn't working like i thought, if you want you can read my main book, it has about 200 chapters and still going strong... What happens when a psycho killer and assassin is given a second shot in life with a system that can potentially make him stronger? Will he begin his new life for the better? Absolutely Fucking Not! Cary Smith, a 56-year-old psychopath killer, and assassin died of blood loss in some backway alley after being shot by police. He awoke in a dark area and witnessed the craziest thing he could have imagined. [System initializing...] …" [Getting information…] “What!” [Cary Smith…] [Transmigrating the soul to a parallel universe] [Generating a new identity] Apostle of the Demon Lord “Lucifer” System name: Urith Message from Lord Lucifer: Bring carnage wherever you go; your body and age will never hold you back now] hihihehehehahahahah....I can't wait to fuck some women and kill some in this new world. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Targets - 50 power stones (1 bonus Chapter) Golden Tickets- help me to reach ranking for more bonus chapters Castle- 2 bonus chapter Warning: The story will have strong language, Violence, and sex. Extra Tags: Pure Evil, Ruthless, Fantasy, 18+ This novel is entering in WSA, help me to get this novel on top :) Instagram: mahaksh7 (you can chat with me, official illustration and concept art will also be uploaded here very soon) Read my other novel: The Moonlight Swordsman Discord: https://discord.gg/yMQcQRwYe7 (for my main novel for now, you chat and discuss here, or even make suggestions) Cover- midjourney

Mahaksh · Fantasy
Not enough ratings