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Lack of a God's Blessing - (R-18) - Side Stories

╭─────────────────────╮ ┊Full Title: ╰─────────────────────╯ ┊Lack of a God's Blessing on This Not So Wonderful Parallel World Baothien - (R-18) - Side Stories └─────────────────────┘ ╭─────────────────────╮ ┊About Book: ╰─────────────────────╯ ┊This book gives you the R-18 content that isn't in the main book. ┊ ┊This is for people of culture. └─────────────────────┘ ╭─────────────────────╮ ┊Disclaimer: ╰─────────────────────╯ ┊Story contains graphic sexual content. ┊ ┊Read at your own risk. └─────────────────────┘ ╭─────────────────────╮ ┊Tags: ╰─────────────────────╯ ┊[R-18] ● [Smut] ● [Incest=Wincest] ● [Twincest] ● [Incest] ● [Wincest] └─────────────────────┘

KuroganeOfBaothien · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Loving The Beast

He is incapable of developing human connection to another being. He is only good at one thing. Killing. The cruelest Original Werewolf in in the world. The supreme leader, Jaroslav Tacin. His pack is living by the rule that was unheard of in the werewolf community. They kill their mates as soon as they are born. No exceptions have been made in the last two hundred years. When the word is spread about a girl imprisoned since birth and kept captive for 18 years in inhuman conditions, rumors start spreading. Who is she and why is he keeping her alive? And most importantly how far is he willing to go for girl he never showed any care and affection for.

White_Foxyy99 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings


Nope suckas

Bebe_writez · Horror&Thriller
Not enough ratings